Season 3 Episode 4

Remember This

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 2002 on BBC Three

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  • Very Funny! *spoilers*

    Patrick comes to Sallys rescue in the middle of the night because he had a dream she needed him to kill a spider. (he was obviously half awak when he arrived) She calls him spiderman and then starts to wonder why. In her wondering, she thinks back to when they first met. Its shown in different perspectives so makes for some great laughs. Sally was drunk, but you wouldnt know from her story. Patrick can only see the beautiful people. Steve has girlfriend problems (Jane). And you find out tha Patrick was originally attracted to Sally and not Susan. A great episode with lots of laughs!
  • A childhood show now has a new meaning…

    I will never hear the theme to the old Spiderman series the same way again.

    This episode, for me, was cleverly executed. By having the two groups - guys vs. gals (a common ploy for the series, but why fix what’s not broken) discussing the past really showed how each storyteller saw the same thing two totally different ways.

    As the episode progressed, we were shown how these vignettes played into the contemporary situation between Sally and Patrick - especially when it they start to piece things together.

    I am now humming the following and looking for my husband :D

    To him, life is a great big bang-up
    Wherever there's a hang-up
    You'll find the Spider-man!