Season 3 Episode 4

Remember This

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 2002 on BBC Three



  • Trivia

    • Jeff has 8,000 words for breasts and counting. During the flashbacks to the office-party which was estimately 5 years ago it is stated that Jeff has 3000 words for breasts (In episode 4 season 4 it is mentioned that 5 years before Patrick and Susan were going out, they met at this party and weren't going out together for more than a year, hence the estimation). This means Jeff managed to collect 5000 words for breasts in approximately 5 years which is about 3 words per day.

  • Quotes

    • Sally: (drunk) You're just too nice. You've got a face like a doorknob. I wish I was a lesbian and you were a man.

    • Sally: Susan's right? Men always want Susan's number. It's her tiny little bottom isn't it? Tiniest little bottom in the world. It's like two tiny puppies in a tiny little sack. That's why she bounces when she walks. Her little bottom is just so happy with all the tiny littleness in the world. Probably sings in the shower. It's the Walt Disney bottom.

    • (How Patrick says he got to the party.)
      Patrick: BMW M3 Midnight blue, goes to 60 in 5 seconds on to 100 in another 6, sequential semiautomatic gear box, traction control and black leather seats.

    • Sally: Be honest with me, OK? In this dress do I have a hint of vastness?
      Susan: No.
      Sally: Seriously? Below the waist, does it say "Look what's washed up on the beach boys. The settlement is saved."

    • Jane: The first snog is so important. It tells you so much: what they're like in bed, what they like to eat...

    • Patrick: I don't have an agenda. That's a bit offensive, actually. I'm perfectly capable of being friends with women without any kind of agenda.
      Steve: For how long?
      Patrick: As long as it takes.

    • Sally: I don't want to look great. I want to look thin.

    • Susan: You know, I've never really thought of Patrick as dreaming. It's not as if his mind's that active during the day.

    • Sally: Looks like a starter handle; acts like an off switch.

    • Jeff: Steve, do you realize what I've just invented? Porn Jelly! The human race's two most favorite things meet at last in dessert form. There's a lot of lonely people out there, and what do lonely people enjoy? Puddings and porn! It's a girlfriend in a jar, except its jelly!

    • Jeff: You know jelly-wrestling... which is basically jelly with women wrestling in it... OK, well, think about this. Afterwards, after the wrestling, what happens to the jelly? Because you could sell that. That is a missed opportunity. You could bottle it and sell it... You take the women out first, obviously.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title references the line from the song As Time Goes By- "You must remember this."

      It also references the memories coming back to Patrick about THE Office Party, as well as Sally's drunken recollection.

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