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  • Without a doubt 1 of the best comedies ever made.

    Personally i have watch a lot of comedies, some are just nice to watch, some really make you laugh, but no other comedy makes me laugh so hard that it gives me a headache.
    This show truely is a masterpiece, the writing is excellent, the acting is very well done and there is never a dull moment.

    Ofcourse 1 of the best things about the show is that it's from the UK, which means that unlike most American shows, they actually talk about whatever they want, and not worry wether the viewers will get upset about the language.

    Overall anyone who likes comedies should watch this, because if you don't watch this, then you are very possibly missing the best comedy ever.
  • Easily one of the funniest shows ever.

    No matter how often you see it, you can't help but laugh. Jeff and Jane are supremely hilarious, but the others have plenty of moments of their own.

    I cannot emphasize enough how cleverly the episodes are formed, especially the ones which don't proceed in the usual 'normal' manner, such as "The End of the Line", "Remember This" and "Nine and a Half Minutes".

    The hardest thing to deal with at times is watching Oliver feebly try to make up for Jeff's absence. On retrospect, he was as good as any of the others, but to lose Jeff in the 4th season was such a disappointment. Never again would we hear comments such as "I've forgotten how to understand English" and "I've got too many legs."
  • Great Cast!

    Thankfully we are talking about the British version of this show (the Americanized version SUCKED).

    This show was a treat to watch with a great cast of loonies that worked so well together. It was hard sometimes as an American getting some the in-joke references given the British culture but that's the charm of British comedy.

    The scripts were well crafted giving each character great things to do. Characters were WELL defined and played so well. It's too bad that it didn't make it across the pond longer for us to watch. We had to suffer with an bastardized version that used the exact same scripts as the British version altered to inject American gags and references.

    Great show. Buy the DVD's!
  • Coupling is a show great in fact it is based off the life of the writer and producer steven and sue. Also it is a show about there past and there friends from that past. And it all comes together just like that.

    This show is built on greatness the first episode I have ever seen was the girl with two breasts. After that I was hooked I love the characters and hate the fact that Richared Coyle left the show I miss Jeff. Not a big fan of Olver Moriss It has nothing to do with the actor it just seems like they try to replace Jeff with a character that is the same but more toned down. Love the show want them to bring it back! Steven and Sue thank you for sharing some glimpses into your life. I love this series got me in to british televison when it was still new and fresh.
  • I Love Jeff! He's So Funny!

    I Love Jeff! He's So Funny!

    I Love all the random stuff he says, and the things he comes up with:

    The giggle Loop

    8000 words for breasts (and counting)

    "I got the keys to Heaven, and I've got one too many legs!"

    "I can't turn off the naked people!"

    "I Love the word Naked!"

    Steve (twoards Jeff): Everyday I wake up glad I'm not you.

    (wearing Spiderman outfits)
    Steve: I just wanted to make it perfectly clear that I was against the costume part.
    Jeff: I wasn't!
    Steve: I was also against the dancing.
    Jeff: I invented this dance!
    Steve: He wrote it down.
    Jeff: I did.
    Steve: He's planning to present you with the early sketches.
    Jeff: Come on Steve, you know you want to.
    Steve: This is a romantic moment Jeff, your sudden death might kill the mood.

    See how funny he is!!!!!!
  • The smartest comedy series I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Those who enjoy innuendos and word plays will absolutely adore the script. Intelligent and very well-delivered by the fabulous cast. Jeff was a very important part of the

    This is one comedy series you would want to watch over and over again. The script is witty and the acting very much spot-on.

    The comedy is non-slapstick most of the times. The laughs comes from the innuendos, puns and various other word plays. It is a bit like Arrested Development, only far superior.

    The first three seasons are the best as the original cast of six thrill us with their insane and inane banter. The numerous hilarious situations that Jeff, in particular, finds himself in is off the wall.

    You should get hold of the DVDs to gain an insight into the minds of the husband and wife duo responsible for this delightful gem - Steven and Sue Moffat.

    Unfortunately, Richard Coyle did not return to reprise his role in Season 4. Needless to say, his absence was very much felt. The loyal viewers have been clamouring for his return.

    Nonetheless, we await with bated breath the screening of the fifth season - with or without Jeff.
  • Funniest show ever!

    Well written, funny, smart and very british. The characters are hillarious, even better than friends, and I love Friends.
    I couldn't stop laughing at the gigaloop theory, the reservoir dogs impersonation... oh and the fake leg story... Jeff comes up with the craziest stuff sometimes. Anyway, I could go on and on... but simply it's a must see for everyone!
  • You\'re dumb if you don\'t LOVE this show!

    My friends introduced me to this british comedy as an \"If you like \'Sex and the City\' you\'ll love...\" And they were absolutely correct. Although this show lends a distinctly male, and hilariously British, edge to the old plotline of friends sitting around discussing their bedroom mishaps. Even though it was sorely lacking Jeff in Season 4, I wish they would bring it back with Oliver. I own all four seasons, and would dearly love to see a fifth!
  • This show is quite simply fantastic, i have a major crush on sarah alexander, , but even if i didn't it would be my favorite show of the moment, can't get enough of it :)

    This show is quite simply fantastic, i have a major crush on sarah alexander, , but even if i didn't it would be my favorite show of the moment, can't get enough of it :)

    british humour is the one thing the world needs more off, for those who like the show, i recommend watching green wing
  • I can never get enough of this.

    Absolutely amazing. Very well-written, with an excellent cast. I can watch this forever and just go on laughing... the gags never seem to get old! Each character is just amazing in his/her own way, making sure that every episode is never boring because you just don't know what would happen!
  • Pure Brilliance that is totally understated

    The most underappreciated show on tv (that is if you can call it on tv with the lousy airtime it used to get). Hilarious british comedy with 3 girls and 3 guys. Its not the British version of friends, dont know how many times I've heard that, in fact its better than friends just less commercial humour as its much more risque. Few episodes made, I think its around 30/35 episodes, and definately went downhill with the loss of Jeff in the 4th series. But still an amazing show, the credit has to go to the very talented writers, the plots are clever and incredably funny. You wont understand how funny until you've seen an episode, unmissable if you get the rare chance to see one.
  • Thinking persons 'Friends', and it's British!

    If you haven't seen this show, I recommend getting it out DVD and watch all 24 episodes back-to-back! This rates as one of the best contemporary sitcoms to come out of the UK in a very long time.

    The show involves 3 guys and 3 girls in their late 20s/ early 30s, some complicated relationships, some pretty adult humour, and a good dose of reality when it comes to the differences between the sexes.

    Jack Davenport will be the most recognisable face to US viewers (Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Norrington, suitor of Elizabeth) and unlike Friends, the show hangs mainly on his character (Steve) and personality. Steve's monologues on various subjects from pornography to men's bathroom habits are sharply and superbly delivered, and his utter inability to understand his girlfriend's various character traits strike a chord in any man who's at the start of a relationship.

    He is ably matched by his girlfriend Susan, the sexy coquettish (look it up) Sarah Alexander, who's proud of her sexuality and knows what she wants, which freaks out the reserved Steve on more than one occasion.

    Any reader of my previous reviews knows what I'll say next - a series will stand or fall depending on its supporting characters, and each of the supporting cast are filled in superbly. Richard Coyle (Jeff) is a particular standout as he is plainly quite useless with the opposite sex. Witness during the first series how he gets so nervous in front of a naked woman he faints, and when unable to deliver a pick-up line to a woman on the train, informs her that he has only one leg.

    Admittedly the support act are a little two-dimensional compared to the leading two, but that is not so surprising given that the writer Steven Moffat and his wife Sue are the inspiration for these two.

    Check it out and be amused!
  • A naughty comedy about sex.

    This show is often called a British "Friends". While it does revolve around the personal lives of 6 people (3 guys & 3 girls), that is pretty much the only major similiarity.

    I had never heard of this show until I heard the news for the US version. I didn't have high expectations since I'm not a huge fan of British comedy, and other similarly inspired shows didn't last long. I then stumbled upon the first season at my video store and decided to risk it, so I could compare the two when the US version finally aired.

    By the end of the first episode I was laughing hysterically, and by the time all 6 episodes were over I was in love. I rushed out and bought it, and anxiously waited for the eventual releases of 2 & 3. The show is always hilarious and every person I have introduced to it have ended up loving it too. This show is always guaranteed laughs and immensley entertaing.

    I was uneasy about the loss of Jeff in Season 4, but I quickly liked Oliver. Because like the other 5, he had more normal problems than the overly neurotic Jeff.

    This show needs to return in some form because like any good show it left us wanting to see more: Steve & Susan adjusting to parenthood, Patrick & Sally's wedding, Jane finally finding her soulmate in Oliver, and the eventual return of Jeff from Lesbos.
  • A must to see for all adults

    One of the best and most original shows since Frasier and Will and Grace. Although the show theme is about adult relationships (SEX), everyone can relate to some of the embarrassing situations featured. The cast is absolutely perfect and way the episodes were directed was like a breath of fresh air. Like episodes “The Girl with Two Breasts” where the scenes were repeated with the different translations, “Nine and a Half Minutes” when the same nine and a half minutes was repeated from three different views and “Bed Time” where the plot was linked to a medieval game of chess.
  • A bloody brillant show.

    Sex Sex Sex from every possible angle. That is Coupling. Jeff, if for no other reason, makes the show worth watching. His theories may superficially seem far fetched and crazy, but there is quite a bit of comical truth to them. Sure some of the time the acting isn't the greatest, but the plot, if there really is one, masks those minor imperfections in the show. There is something about British comedy that appeals to certain Americans, but this show will appeal to all Americans. The American version, unfortunately, is a waste of time. Go out and buy this box set, you won't be disappointed, especially if your special someone is watching it too.
  • hilarious

    it is absolutely hilarious. it is somewhat like a british version of friends. its really really cool and funny didnt expect it to end so soon. i particularly liked the episode with the chaos of who was Gisele in the end of season 2. i wish it is brought back.
  • an English version of Friends but 516 times better!!!

    four series of pure brilliance. Stephen Moffat writes with complete understanding of both the male and female minds. his subtlety is excellent. unfortunately Richard Coyle who plays Jeff Murdoch dropped out and did not do the fourth series. he was the one who made the other three so great. the fourth series is perhaps a no no but watch the other three and laugh till you can't breathe.
  • I love it. (but it didn't quite survive without Jeff)

    Lovely show. Absolutely fabulous.

    Steve and Susan
    Patrick and Sally
    Jeff and Jane

    That's the ultimate character list. But noo, they had to take away Jeff and put in someone like Oliver. Talk about a nerköp.

    Ja, ni har rätt, jag försöker bara få till femtio ord. I'm a bad person. Fyra ord till. Så ja!
  • Funniest tv show ever!

    I would just like to say that Coupling is a hilarious tv show. Living in Australia, it is only on late at night on Tuesdays, but it always leaves me and my best mate in fits of laughter. It is so real and raw and is classic for its one liners. Quality 100%
  • Probably the best sitcom ever produced in the U.K.

    Focused on sex, it never goes down in terms of humour, elegance, situations, originality and cynism. Some would be misled by the six member team and would think it has something to do with the "Friends" idea. Not at all. No loose ends here, no place for easy sentimentalism or soap opera hints, just English Humour, full of double sided intentions and funny embarrassment. No sitcom in the U.S. matches this kind of excellence made in the most classical comedy format. Brilliant.
  • A show 6 people and their friendship, hardships, and SEX that came between them

    In short this show is awesome. I have to say I loved every minute of it and wish for new episodes. It was very funny and I was very disappointed in the Americanized version but that is beside the point. Like I said a very funny show thta makes you wonder if maybe the world is a very small place.
  • "Coupling" is a appealing show that i cannot get bored despite watching the series for a couple of times.

    "Coupling" is a appealing show that i cannot get bored despite watching the series for a couple of times. It is about relationships between people and it will always end up in sex if people relate like these 6 wacko characters!

    If anyone like quality humour about sex and relationships, this show must be watched and you really don't regret it! The character, "Jeff" was a headliner for the show but he gave up the show after three seasons, however the other characters are as funny as him but the show lost some blood after his departure! Susan is "apparently" "a control freak", Steve is "whistling" ordinary English man, Sally is a woman obsessed with her butt and her neck, Patrick is a neat "big boy", Jeff is a pervert man with a "bucket of ears" and Jane is a "bisexual" woman with her total wackiness!
  • Clever and very funny! Bring it back!!!

    I was never a fan of Friends and when I heard that Coupling was based on Friends I was hesitant to watch it. Eventually I watched it and I laughed my a** off!!!

    The writing and the actors performances (especially Richard Coyle) are sensational.

    The first 3 seasons deserve a score of ten, the 4th was below its best, but I still want it to be brought back!
  • Cross between sex and the city and friends. with a great british twist

    With all theres american sitcoms running for way to long (everybody loves raymond, king of queens ect) its good to know that the Brits still have it. Each episode is so well made and a master piece in there own right, Each character worked so well with each other. That was until Richard (Jeff) left. I found each episode was like a puzzle where all the pieces fit perfectly to give the episode a great ending.
  • The best sitcom EVER. DO NOT watch it with someone sleeping in the next room... They will wake up from your loud laughs (it actualy happened to me).

    The best sitcom EVER. DO NOT watch it with someone sleeping in the next room... They will wake up from your loud laughs (it actualy happened to me - it was that eps with the b/j after the break-up with Susan grinding her teeth at Jane's voice). It was so funny...
    It's a pity if it does not go on... even 1 more season (and then another, and then another...).
  • First 3 seasons a must-see, the 4th a not-so-must...

    I really loved the first 3 seasons, they were incredibly funny. So I gotta say it was a bit of a disappointment when I put my hands on the 4th season... Jeff's no longer there (undoubtedly the funniest character) and the storyline just seems a little boring and revolving around the same stuff all the time. Having this said, the first 3 seasons are totally and utterly worth it. It's just a shame the 4th one doesn't quite keep up...
  • very, Very funny!

    Steve Moffat has created a rare thing. A rude sitcom which is actually funny. Most people will say that Richard Coyle steals the show with his fantastical character Geoff, but I personally believe that most of the credit should go to Ben Miles for his interpretation of the character Patrick. When Miles produces just one funny line he steals the show, and the other actors and actresses aren't bad either. Each person who has seen it has their favourite character whether it be statistical Sally, mad Jane, sensible Susan or paranoid Steve. It is virtually impossible not to like this show. I love this show, and I recommend that you should see it today for you will fall in love with it too.
  • Hilarious, one of the best shows ever to grace the television screen

    Coupling is one of my absolute favourite shows, Steven Moffatt, the writer and creator, is an absolutely genius.

    the cast are one of the main reasons this show works so well, each actor/actress brings something entirely different to the show and every character is believable.

    Sarah Alexander is probably the best of the three actresses, with her evil stare when Steve (Jack Davenport) does something wrong.

    The show went downhill a tiny bit when Richard Coyle left and Richard Mylan joined. Although the character Oliver wasn't replacing Jeff, he was still hard to like.

    Coupling is an amazing show, it's just a shame it's ended.
  • Coupling is a brilliant and well written comedy, i love the British humour that we have over here and it works well with this comedy, i recomend it to anyone....Sad that Jeff isn't in it at the moment.

    Coupling see the relationship between three men and three women in England, even though it sounds much like 'Friends' this show offers a different approach to this type of comedy. One aspect of the show that i haven't seen in many comedies is the two point perspective of different situation in thier daily relationships. For instance you would get the girls idea of the perfect man and then it would switch to the man's perspective of the perfect women. Very well written and a great laugh. For me though it has one of the best comedy characters to have come on British television, Jeff. Theres been Trotters from 'Only Fools and horses' theres been the Ricky Gervais in 'The Office' and of course so many more but when Jeff starts going on about 'boobs' it can be one of the funniest things you will hear...i promise you that.

    Anyway to finish my review of the show, well what can I say. If your Brittish you MUST what this fact if your any nationality you MUST watch this show....

    True believer is the stand-up stickmen
  • British comedy at it's best. An erotic version of the comedy Friends. It is a 'laugh your pants off' sitcom.

    British comedy at it's best. An erotic version of the comedy, Friends. It is a 'laugh your pants off' sitcom.
    It's about a group of friends, made up of 3 guys and 3 gals. Who get together daily at a coffee bar for R&R, meet guys and gals, and to talk about their sex lives and fantasies.
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