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  • Hilarious British sitcom where a group of 6 friends live life and share feelings of love, hate, and other emotions.

    At first sight, this show looks like the American show "Friends," but that is an ignorant thing to think! This British Sitcom is hilarious in every way! It has humour that is too risky for the USA, which is why the American version failed miserably. They should have imported the UK version directly, and it would have been a success. The actors play their roles perfectly in this show, and it keeps you laughing for quite a while! Check out this show if you understand a higher class of humour. You won't regret it!!!
  • that's was the best show that was about the relationship between man and woman.

    that's was the best show that was about the realationships between man and woman it was well balanced cuz it tells the story both man's and woman's side. The episodes like "the end of the line" could be classic for tv shows. I think it must be back with the character Jeff . The fourth season had a gap without him.
  • The best british sitcom ever. Good, funny stories, and a lovable cast. The brittish humor is anything but dry. If you want to see a British comedy, this, or Monty Python...

    The best british sitcom. The episodes are both comical, and there is a story. Very funny moments like the stripping... It is kind of like british friends meets seinfeld. Great show, especially on BBC, and it is not for the young. See this at night!!!!! Bring it back soon BBC!
  • People compare it to Friends asking which is better. One isn't better than the other. One is full of English wit and the other is full of American comebacks. Both are amazing and both are true classics. They're equals.

    I am a big fan of English wit so clearly Coupling is a favorite of mine. I really hope it comes back because the way the fourth season ended doesn't really wrap up the story. It's sad to see Jeff go since I found him the most hysterical part of the show. People shouldn't compare this show to Friends or Sex in the City because they're very different. All three are amazingly great shows and all of them have their own perks. Different strokes for different folks. There needs to be at least a fifth season so they can finish the story and continue the great times we've enjoyed so far.
  • This is by far the best show I have ever seen. Simple in its genre. But just very good. Talk about the relationship we all have experienced. The dialogues are just brilliant. Some british humor adds to the flavor.

    This is by far the best show I have ever seen. Simple in its genre. But just very good. Talk about the relationship we all have experienced. The dialogues are just brilliant. Some british humor adds to the flavor. From the first episodes we can easily see the special aspects of eac individual character. Hard to tell which is best. Too bad Jeff leaves after season 3. I think he was my favorit. Oliver however is quite good. Thanks good they did not keep the same character with different actor. Steve, is brilliant. Some of the best monologues in the history of TV. Thanks for that. Patrick is the man's man, the best man a friend can hope for, the perfect pal. But keep him away from your sister!
    Susan is perfect, the kinda woman you want to marry. Jane is just the kinda women I want to work with. Would definitly spice up the coffee brakes but would be unbearable at home. As for Sally, too insecure, she would make me wobble.

    Over all the scripts are just magic. Cunning with the right amount of details, talks about all the little tabous we dont dare speak the name off. Its just good. Love it. I recommend it.
  • Think a cross between Friends, Seinfeld and Sex in the City...but funnier

    Personally I am partial to british comedy, there something always a bit funnier out of the mouth of a Brit. Even with that, this is a show that is well timed, well written and well acted. Richard Coyle's portrayal of Jeff Murdoch is, well, brilliant! This is an ensemble that seem to read each other's minds and the timing makes my head spin with laughter.
  • A genius of subtelty- one of the best

    Coupling (UK) is in my opinion one of the greatest comedies ever to come out of the British isles. It stands proudly with classics like Fawlty Towers and Blackadder and should be considered the best british comedy of the last decade. Some people have said that the show is a mix of Friends and Sex and the City with englishmen and they would have a point but Coupling is much more. In addition to side splitting comedy the show always manages to emphasize a subtle problem/misunderstanding between him and her and many times i have wondered how the hell i missed that. One great example is Steve`s monologue about lounge pillows- why the hell do we need them?
    The last season has been a bit sub-par for this show but still above most others especially the hilarious birth episode ( i dont remember any other show that made childbirth so funny).
    Anyway even though Olivers a nice guy he is definately no Jeff! Jeff please come back!
    So if u havent seen this show yet make sure u do and do not!!! watch the american version.
  • I think this British comedy is hilarious. I was extremely upset when the American version failed.

    I see this as the British, risque version of Friends (which is my favorite show). The topics the characters discuss are either so real that you see the humor in that way, or they're so off the wall that it's hard to do anything but laugh hilariously. The characters are likeable and the plot keeps the audience interested. A truly remarkable show...
  • Smarter then Friends, more realistic then Sex and the City, better characters then Arrested Developement, and a much better looking pub crowd then Cheers. If only there were more episodes!

    I agree bring it back, it was truely the most original sitcom i have seen, and i would hate for it to end on an off series. Series 1-3 were far superior then series 4 and not just because of the Jeff factor. In a way i wish it was an american studio behind it, because they would throw money untill the next series was made, afterall it is a certified hit.
  • Excellent show!!!!

    Ok so recently I have just gotten into coupling. I can't get over how many times I can watch each episode. I never get tired of them and I always laugh my head off. Kudos to the writers for there wonderful scripts and to the actors for delivering the lines with unmatchable hilarity.
    In my opinion this show is one of the funniest I have ever seen. The show has a lasting quality that people will be able to enjoy for years to come. I also think one of the reasons that the show works so well is that the writing is so open and not afraid to talk about things that actually happen in real life.
  • Please, please, bring it back. Just one more series. Please.

    Faced with the vast wasteland that is American television comedy I somehow one night stumbled across this gem on the PBS station of all places. I'd like to say that I was taking in by the sharp writing and spot-on acting but it was either amazement that PBS would air something this bawdy or my instant crush on Susan Walker/Sarah Alexander.

    A few minutes into the show I found myself laughing out loud - something I don't remember doing at an American comedy for at least a decade - and I was hooked.

    I patiently waited for over a year until BBC America finally got around to airing series 3 and 4 only to be heartbroken when I found out that the last episode I watched was likely the last episode ever. Sure it's not the same without Jeff/Richard Coyle but it's still far better than anything we have at home.

    I've never been one for petitions or letter writing campaigns - knowing about about how the industry works I know they're almost always futile. And I know that Coupling likely won't be back for the simple reason that the cast is too busy doing other things. So, no, I don't expect that my begging here will get me another series of the best comedy in years. But maybe it's better than doing nothing at all.
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