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  • So really, I have to admit I have not seen that many of these.

    But I still have to admit that the ones i have saw are funny and entertaining. Although the recent ones from the new series seems to have lost it's charm

    I am not a great fan of these types of dramas. they remind me of cold feet and that hairdressing thing. or sky high..

    This is generally funny though with lovable characters and the odd nutter.

    Favourite character has to be.. Patrick probably. Not really sure why but again I say some characters are really lovable.

    All in All i think this show is enjoyable, funny and entertaining but i wouldnt say it was a favourite.
  • Watch it!

    I happened to drop on this series in the middle of the first run of the second series last year, and can only regret missing the first series. In my admittedly humble opinion 'Coupling' is one of the funniest sitcoms I have seen in many years. I agree with other reviewers in that the show can be compared to 'Friends', but is this necessarily a bad thing? I think 'Coupling' is almost unique in it's blend of adult orientated humour and traditional sitcom situations. The writing is little short of inspired and the acting superb. Only one criticism in that the storylines tend to have a common element, that of one character or other finding him or herself presented with a once-in-a-lifetime sexual opportunity and something going horribly wrong. But this is a very minor criticism and in no way detracts from my enjoyment of the show. Please please please BBC. Give us a third series!
  • Great Cast!

    Thankfully we are talking about the British version of this show (the Americanized version SUCKED).

    This show was a treat to watch with a great cast of loonies that worked so well together. It was hard sometimes as an American getting some the in-joke references given the British culture but that's the charm of British comedy.

    The scripts were well crafted giving each character great things to do. Characters were WELL defined and played so well. It's too bad that it didn't make it across the pond longer for us to watch. We had to suffer with an bastardized version that used the exact same scripts as the British version altered to inject American gags and references.

    Great show. Buy the DVD's!
  • British comedy at it's best. An erotic version of the comedy Friends. It is a 'laugh your pants off' sitcom.

    British comedy at it's best. An erotic version of the comedy, Friends. It is a 'laugh your pants off' sitcom.
    It's about a group of friends, made up of 3 guys and 3 gals. Who get together daily at a coffee bar for R&R, meet guys and gals, and to talk about their sex lives and fantasies.
  • Sometimes 1st Impressions are not lasting impressions

    When I first started watching "Coupling" I thought that it was a UK/Friends ripoff. Silly old me.

    It was a rather witty look at the lives of a group of thirty-somethings who were navigating life and love in modern London.

    This was one of the first times that I was exposed to work of Steven Moffatt, whose work I continue to follow until this day. What he was able to do was give each of his 6 main characters their own unique voice and unique perspectives.

    The saddest part for me was having to see my characters part without substantial resolution to their character arcs. Unfortunately that was not meant to be. Mr. Moffatt's synopsis posted on a Doctor Who online forum was a nice touch from a showrunner as a tribute to his loyal fans.
  • I can't believe there's no more Coupling to look forward too. Bring it back, and bring Jeff back too.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.
  • One of the funniest and charming British comedies.

    Ok so it misses out on a ten rating because I missed Jeff so much in S4 and Oliver just wasn't the same. But saying that I'll give it credit where credit is due, it survives losing Jeff just because Sally and Patrick, in my opinion, shine in S4. I am a huge fan of the Sally/Patrick dynamic anyway, I just love how different they are and yet how perfect for each other they are. The scene when she finds the ring and the elf song are just two of the reasons Season four can hold its own.
    Anyway enough of the Sally and Patrick loving, there are more than just the two of them that make this show hilarious. Steve's rants are just one of the many reasons I laugh my head off at this show, I love the one he does about women and throw pillows and teddies. I also, like everyone else, love Jeff and his odd ball little quirky beliefs and ideas. I guess I can't put my finger on exactly what this show does that makes me love it so - yes it makes me laugh, yes I love their friendships, yes I ADORE Patrick and Sally, but there is something more, something subtle I love about - I don't know maybe it is just something British that it has and that is why it never took off in America, and maybe it is how well casted the characters are, and how well each actor bounces off the other, but whatever it is 'Coupling' is one of my favourite things to watch when I really need a pick me up as it never loses its magic.
  • Brilliant, showed once again the British can be extremely funny and produce a quality show. We just don't do it enough, up there with the likes of Men Behaving badly and The Office, but never received enough attention.

    Classic comedy / sitcom. Apologies for this analegy but it's apt, Coupling is sort of like the English version of friends. Six main characters, three male and three female. Get into some brilliantly scripted hijinks, sexual trysts, and unbelievably funny situations. Sarah Alexander (Susan Walker) plays the lead female role to perfection, her comic timing and believability in the role left her permanently endered to myself, well that and those strangly piercing eyes. Steve Taylor (Jack Davenport) the lead male role also played his character of the slightly dull, wet boyfriend to perfection. But the person who stole the show (Until he left and was replaced for season four was Richard Coyle (Jeff Murdock). He single handedly was responsibile for me waking up the whole house on numerous occasions laughing at his antics, the episode where he turns up at the pub forgetting he's wearing a gimps mask particularly sticks out in my mind. In fact the only bad thing I have to say about coupling is that in the last episode they have a very poor storyline invlving a Character "Jeffina" which I have to admit left a bad taste in my mouth for a while as I thought it was a particularly bad way to end the show. The rest of the cast are spot on, whoever assembled the cast knew what they were doing as they all gel perfectly. I just wish more episodes had been made.
  • Very funny show! shame Jeff wasnt in series 4 though!

    I saw this on tv once when i was flicking through the channels and i instantly took a liking to it, so i went out and bought series 1-4 on DVD!

    There are elements of the show that viewers can actually relate to, from Jeff's shyness around women to the basic strange conversation the male characters have when down the pub! everyone has stupid conversations like that when they are having a drink with friends!

    The only thing that let the show down in my opinion, and the reason i only gave it a 9/10 is the fact that Jeff was not in series 4! it kinda ruined the show for me, as he was such a good character! shame really!

    Love the show though and recommend it to anyone who likes a good comedy!
  • hilarious

    it is absolutely hilarious. it is somewhat like a british version of friends. its really really cool and funny didnt expect it to end so soon. i particularly liked the episode with the chaos of who was Gisele in the end of season 2. i wish it is brought back.
  • I love it. (but it didn't quite survive without Jeff)

    Lovely show. Absolutely fabulous.

    Steve and Susan
    Patrick and Sally
    Jeff and Jane

    That's the ultimate character list. But noo, they had to take away Jeff and put in someone like Oliver. Talk about a nerköp.

    Ja, ni har rätt, jag försöker bara få till femtio ord. I'm a bad person. Fyra ord till. Så ja!
  • First 3 seasons a must-see, the 4th a not-so-must...

    I really loved the first 3 seasons, they were incredibly funny. So I gotta say it was a bit of a disappointment when I put my hands on the 4th season... Jeff's no longer there (undoubtedly the funniest character) and the storyline just seems a little boring and revolving around the same stuff all the time. Having this said, the first 3 seasons are totally and utterly worth it. It's just a shame the 4th one doesn't quite keep up...
  • very, Very funny!

    Steve Moffat has created a rare thing. A rude sitcom which is actually funny. Most people will say that Richard Coyle steals the show with his fantastical character Geoff, but I personally believe that most of the credit should go to Ben Miles for his interpretation of the character Patrick. When Miles produces just one funny line he steals the show, and the other actors and actresses aren't bad either. Each person who has seen it has their favourite character whether it be statistical Sally, mad Jane, sensible Susan or paranoid Steve. It is virtually impossible not to like this show. I love this show, and I recommend that you should see it today for you will fall in love with it too.
  • Smarter then Friends, more realistic then Sex and the City, better characters then Arrested Developement, and a much better looking pub crowd then Cheers. If only there were more episodes!

    I agree bring it back, it was truely the most original sitcom i have seen, and i would hate for it to end on an off series. Series 1-3 were far superior then series 4 and not just because of the Jeff factor. In a way i wish it was an american studio behind it, because they would throw money untill the next series was made, afterall it is a certified hit.
  • an English version of Friends but 516 times better!!!

    four series of pure brilliance. Stephen Moffat writes with complete understanding of both the male and female minds. his subtlety is excellent. unfortunately Richard Coyle who plays Jeff Murdoch dropped out and did not do the fourth series. he was the one who made the other three so great. the fourth series is perhaps a no no but watch the other three and laugh till you can't breathe.
  • Coupling is a brilliant and well written comedy, i love the British humour that we have over here and it works well with this comedy, i recomend it to anyone....Sad that Jeff isn't in it at the moment.

    Coupling see the relationship between three men and three women in England, even though it sounds much like 'Friends' this show offers a different approach to this type of comedy. One aspect of the show that i haven't seen in many comedies is the two point perspective of different situation in thier daily relationships. For instance you would get the girls idea of the perfect man and then it would switch to the man's perspective of the perfect women. Very well written and a great laugh. For me though it has one of the best comedy characters to have come on British television, Jeff. Theres been Trotters from 'Only Fools and horses' theres been the Ricky Gervais in 'The Office' and of course so many more but when Jeff starts going on about 'boobs' it can be one of the funniest things you will hear...i promise you that.

    Anyway to finish my review of the show, well what can I say. If your Brittish you MUST what this fact if your any nationality you MUST watch this show....

    True believer is the stand-up stickmen
  • Susan and Steven just started their relationship, so what happens when Steve's ex, Jane Susan's ex, Patrick and their best friends Jeff and Sally crash the party, watch to find out.

    A hilarious show from Steven Moffat, of Doctor Who fame, this British comedy is everything that you could ask for. Often compared to Friends, this show blows friends out of the water. Since this show is from BBC, there is a bit more adult language and themes than American shows, but this makes the situations seem more real. You'll fall in love with the characters and keep coming back for more. The only problem with this show is its whacky season and episode numbers, but hey that's the BBC for you. Just track this show down and watch it you won't be disappointed.
  • Giggle loops, Melty man and the nudity buffer!!!

    Coupling' is the new sensation in my friends circle. Its a 30 minute show originally telecast in BBC America. Almost all of my friends feel that its better than 'Friends'. Why wouldn't you laugh if they come up with terms like 'giggle loop', 'nudity buffer' and 'melty-man'. I don't recall laughing this much when I first saw friends. I can keep on raving about this show, but trust me, its that good.

    Sad, the show lasted only 28 episodes. The show is all about six friends- and they discuss nothing other than sex....
    Its worth a watch and certainly one of the best British comedies.
  • Perhaps the greatest television comedy. Ever.

    I've just spent the weekend watching seasons 1 and 3, and this is about the funniest show that I've ever seen. People compare it to Friends (the only real similarity is that there are 6 people involved, Coupling, however, is actually really funny instead of kinda funny.) but I'd say the show reminds me of Seinfeld, or Arrested Development in the sense that a variety of completely separate plots come together in an unexpected way in the end. It's flawless in its execution. Jeff really steals the show for me. I'd give a list of suggested episodes, but that list would essentially be a list of the entire running.

    My sides are still sore from laughing so hard. If you live in America, you can either get it on BBC America or get the DVD's. And you should. Seriously.
  • Love it, Love it, Love it

    This was a great show. I have the complete series on dvd and find myself frequently watching them. I have turned many friends onto this British show. If you like British humor you should check this out. My friend describes it as Friends meets Sex and The City. Jeff is by far my favorite character. The last season he wasnt in it though and they replaced him with another guy (who is also funny but just not Jeff). A great Jeffisms is, Porn Buddies: In the event of one buddy's death, the surviving buddy goes immediately to the dead bud's house and removes all porn before the deceased's parents find it. He says stuff like this all the time. And Patrick and his Cupboard of Love! Classic! I love it! A Must See!
  • I just recently discovered this gem and would have given it a 10 except for the departure of Richard Coyle in the fourth season.

    This show is a frank, funny and disarming study of what relationships are like in the 21st century. The entire cast is brilliant, however my two standout favorites are Jane (Gina Bellmen) and Jeff (Richard Coyle). Jane stumbles through both her real and imagined relationships with total self absorption which borders on being pathological. Jeff, on the other hand, is a perpetual adolescent with all its nervous, awkward energy and an almost total inability to relate to the opposite sex on any level. The comedic timing of both Ms. Bellmen and Mr. Coyle cannot be ignored when looking at this show's success as well as the silent star of all successful shows of any type: the writing. Steven Moffat delivers on the show's concept with constantly funny, inventive situations and crisp, witty dialog. I found this show because I was so taken with Mr. Moffat's latest venture: "Jekyll" that I search for other things he had written. I can honestly say "Coupling" blew me away. The breath of Mr. Moffat's range is obvious when looking at both shows side by side. Here is a writer of wide scope and talent, who is very at home in both serious drama as well as comedy. I'll definitely be looking for more of his future offerings. If you've not seen either of these shows check them out. Either will reward you whatever mood you're in.
  • You will love this super funny show. 100% Sure . The UK have great Shows. Yeahhhh

    In this comedy 6 really different characters, live an extraordinary life and they are all the time in new relationships, where the sex is a very important part. And all are worried about when they are going to met the person to spend the rest of their life. Is Incredible funny all the bad luck that they have you will not believe it. Watch it is the best. Goos Bye.
  • Misses out on a perfect 10 because of season 4.

    This show is just so wonderful. The comedy is written in such a great way, with Jeff being one of the funniest characters ever in a TV-show. In his absence, the show never really reached the high standards of the first three seasons, even though it still was great fun.

    The giggle loop, the one-leg, the "how can you say thigh to a person with an interview", and everything else Jeff did in this show is pure genious. I am even smiling while writing this, thinking about all the great times I had with this show.

    I can recommend Coupling (UK)to anyone.
  • Without a doubt 1 of the best comedies ever made.

    Personally i have watch a lot of comedies, some are just nice to watch, some really make you laugh, but no other comedy makes me laugh so hard that it gives me a headache.
    This show truely is a masterpiece, the writing is excellent, the acting is very well done and there is never a dull moment.

    Ofcourse 1 of the best things about the show is that it's from the UK, which means that unlike most American shows, they actually talk about whatever they want, and not worry wether the viewers will get upset about the language.

    Overall anyone who likes comedies should watch this, because if you don't watch this, then you are very possibly missing the best comedy ever.
  • A show 6 people and their friendship, hardships, and SEX that came between them

    In short this show is awesome. I have to say I loved every minute of it and wish for new episodes. It was very funny and I was very disappointed in the Americanized version but that is beside the point. Like I said a very funny show thta makes you wonder if maybe the world is a very small place.
  • A bloody brillant show.

    Sex Sex Sex from every possible angle. That is Coupling. Jeff, if for no other reason, makes the show worth watching. His theories may superficially seem far fetched and crazy, but there is quite a bit of comical truth to them. Sure some of the time the acting isn't the greatest, but the plot, if there really is one, masks those minor imperfections in the show. There is something about British comedy that appeals to certain Americans, but this show will appeal to all Americans. The American version, unfortunately, is a waste of time. Go out and buy this box set, you won't be disappointed, especially if your special someone is watching it too.
  • Clever and very funny! Bring it back!!!

    I was never a fan of Friends and when I heard that Coupling was based on Friends I was hesitant to watch it. Eventually I watched it and I laughed my a** off!!!

    The writing and the actors performances (especially Richard Coyle) are sensational.

    The first 3 seasons deserve a score of ten, the 4th was below its best, but I still want it to be brought back!
  • Is is a show about six friends that come together.It's about sex,friendship,relationships,and much more.

    This show is just funny there is always something new and there is all ways something to laugh about.Some of the guys in this show come-up with the funniest things that is stupid.But, i love it shows how real friends are and i like that. The only thing that kills it is that it end after the fist season.this show other than funny it shows how they all take care of each other and how they really care for one and others.It is so cool to be able to see how they trust on each other for them all to each others secrets.
  • A brilliantly funny sitcom about a group of friend's who hang out

    I've seen people say this is the British version of "Friends", and a lot of people who disagree. I actually think it's a good place to start. There are (excluding Season 4 anyway) 6 friends, 3 male and 3 female. They hang out together in a bar near to where they live, and there is a reasonable amount on "in-dating" so to speak. So the general setup is similar.

    Now, onto the best bit. Coupling is pure comic genious. I defy anyone to watch the first 3 seasons and not say that Geoff is the most brilliant character ever written. If you're drinking anything when he starts talking about "The giggle loop", "Porn jelly", or "Captain subtext", be prepared for it to come shooting through your noise in fits of laughter.

    Such a shame it finished so soon.
  • The best sitcom EVER. DO NOT watch it with someone sleeping in the next room... They will wake up from your loud laughs (it actualy happened to me).

    The best sitcom EVER. DO NOT watch it with someone sleeping in the next room... They will wake up from your loud laughs (it actualy happened to me - it was that eps with the b/j after the break-up with Susan grinding her teeth at Jane's voice). It was so funny...
    It's a pity if it does not go on... even 1 more season (and then another, and then another...).
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