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  • Please, please, bring it back. Just one more series. Please.

    Faced with the vast wasteland that is American television comedy I somehow one night stumbled across this gem on the PBS station of all places. I'd like to say that I was taking in by the sharp writing and spot-on acting but it was either amazement that PBS would air something this bawdy or my instant crush on Susan Walker/Sarah Alexander.

    A few minutes into the show I found myself laughing out loud - something I don't remember doing at an American comedy for at least a decade - and I was hooked.

    I patiently waited for over a year until BBC America finally got around to airing series 3 and 4 only to be heartbroken when I found out that the last episode I watched was likely the last episode ever. Sure it's not the same without Jeff/Richard Coyle but it's still far better than anything we have at home.

    I've never been one for petitions or letter writing campaigns - knowing about about how the industry works I know they're almost always futile. And I know that Coupling likely won't be back for the simple reason that the cast is too busy doing other things. So, no, I don't expect that my begging here will get me another series of the best comedy in years. But maybe it's better than doing nothing at all.
  • Smarter then Friends, more realistic then Sex and the City, better characters then Arrested Developement, and a much better looking pub crowd then Cheers. If only there were more episodes!

    I agree bring it back, it was truely the most original sitcom i have seen, and i would hate for it to end on an off series. Series 1-3 were far superior then series 4 and not just because of the Jeff factor. In a way i wish it was an american studio behind it, because they would throw money untill the next series was made, afterall it is a certified hit.
  • I cannot fathom why they haven't come up with new episodes!!

    I cannot fathom why they haven't come up with new episodes!! I accidentally came across Coupling while flipping channels during a commercial break, and boy was I hooked! I actually think this show is funnier than a lot of other sitcoms here in the US. It definitely made me laugh more than Friends ever did. The characters are interesting, and you can see yourself in at least one of them. Plots are realistic and not as predictable. The cast is hilarious, especially Jeff who sadly left the show after season 3. His Jeff-isms are classic! Nonetheless, Coupling was still great in season 4.
    Crossing my fingers for season 5!
  • I can't believe there's no more Coupling to look forward too. Bring it back, and bring Jeff back too.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.
  • Misses out on a perfect 10 because of season 4.

    This show is just so wonderful. The comedy is written in such a great way, with Jeff being one of the funniest characters ever in a TV-show. In his absence, the show never really reached the high standards of the first three seasons, even though it still was great fun.

    The giggle loop, the one-leg, the "how can you say thigh to a person with an interview", and everything else Jeff did in this show is pure genious. I am even smiling while writing this, thinking about all the great times I had with this show.

    I can recommend Coupling (UK)to anyone.
  • The best comedy series ever made

    This show makes you laugh from the first scene to the last one, its a great experience ;)
  • I always knew that british sitcoms were far more risque and funny than the ones in the U.S., but this takes it to a whole new height. If we were being truthful with ourselves our sitcoms would mirror this.

    The only thing that disappointed me about this show was the fact that they didn't continue it on. I would love to see how Steve and Sally would handle being parents. And as for Patrick and Susan, wow. How could Patrick ever learn to stay monogamous? As far as getting rid of Jeff, well I never understood that, however it was hilarious when they brought him back as a woman. Still perverted as ever. Oliver was not exactly the greatest edition to the show, but atleast he helped with the ratio. And as much as Jane's stupidity annoyed me, I can't imagine the show being as funny without her. She truly turns narcissism into an art.
  • Absolutely, definitely fabulous mervelous...

    This comedy show is the best of the best comedy show ever made...
    None comedy show made me laugh like The Coupling did, i watched each episodes maybe 15 times and still sooo funny.
    I think most percentage of this has belong to Jeff...anyway after Jeff left the show i didn't watch it; no i gave a chance to first episode of the 4th season but it did not work :((( my eyes were looking for Jeff. Jeff's leaving ruined the show -I Want Jeff Back :(((- Of course i don't underestimate the acting of the others Susan, Steve, Patrick, Jane, Sally; they all are great. But without Jeff, the end...
  • The best comedy show ever!

    We have to admitt. British may have a dark sense of humour sometimes, but when they want, they make us laugh so hard that we feel like we are going to explode. Well, that is just my opinion, of course. "Coupling" is a show that makes us look at ourselves and realise what we really are: people! Not heroes, just people who care about other people and make mistakes in their relationships with them. Being a show a little bit spicy and very funny, "Coupling" tells the story about six friends, three women and three men, and their lives with each other and their lovers. A show to remember as long as I live!
  • Coupling is a show great in fact it is based off the life of the writer and producer steven and sue. Also it is a show about there past and there friends from that past. And it all comes together just like that.

    This show is built on greatness the first episode I have ever seen was the girl with two breasts. After that I was hooked I love the characters and hate the fact that Richared Coyle left the show I miss Jeff. Not a big fan of Olver Moriss It has nothing to do with the actor it just seems like they try to replace Jeff with a character that is the same but more toned down. Love the show want them to bring it back! Steven and Sue thank you for sharing some glimpses into your life. I love this series got me in to british televison when it was still new and fresh.
  • The smartest comedy series I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Those who enjoy innuendos and word plays will absolutely adore the script. Intelligent and very well-delivered by the fabulous cast. Jeff was a very important part of the

    This is one comedy series you would want to watch over and over again. The script is witty and the acting very much spot-on.

    The comedy is non-slapstick most of the times. The laughs comes from the innuendos, puns and various other word plays. It is a bit like Arrested Development, only far superior.

    The first three seasons are the best as the original cast of six thrill us with their insane and inane banter. The numerous hilarious situations that Jeff, in particular, finds himself in is off the wall.

    You should get hold of the DVDs to gain an insight into the minds of the husband and wife duo responsible for this delightful gem - Steven and Sue Moffat.

    Unfortunately, Richard Coyle did not return to reprise his role in Season 4. Needless to say, his absence was very much felt. The loyal viewers have been clamouring for his return.

    Nonetheless, we await with bated breath the screening of the fifth season - with or without Jeff.
  • This show is quite simply fantastic, i have a major crush on sarah alexander, , but even if i didn't it would be my favorite show of the moment, can't get enough of it :)

    This show is quite simply fantastic, i have a major crush on sarah alexander, , but even if i didn't it would be my favorite show of the moment, can't get enough of it :)

    british humour is the one thing the world needs more off, for those who like the show, i recommend watching green wing
  • A naughty comedy about sex.

    This show is often called a British "Friends". While it does revolve around the personal lives of 6 people (3 guys & 3 girls), that is pretty much the only major similiarity.

    I had never heard of this show until I heard the news for the US version. I didn't have high expectations since I'm not a huge fan of British comedy, and other similarly inspired shows didn't last long. I then stumbled upon the first season at my video store and decided to risk it, so I could compare the two when the US version finally aired.

    By the end of the first episode I was laughing hysterically, and by the time all 6 episodes were over I was in love. I rushed out and bought it, and anxiously waited for the eventual releases of 2 & 3. The show is always hilarious and every person I have introduced to it have ended up loving it too. This show is always guaranteed laughs and immensley entertaing.

    I was uneasy about the loss of Jeff in Season 4, but I quickly liked Oliver. Because like the other 5, he had more normal problems than the overly neurotic Jeff.

    This show needs to return in some form because like any good show it left us wanting to see more: Steve & Susan adjusting to parenthood, Patrick & Sally's wedding, Jane finally finding her soulmate in Oliver, and the eventual return of Jeff from Lesbos.
  • that's was the best show that was about the relationship between man and woman.

    that's was the best show that was about the realationships between man and woman it was well balanced cuz it tells the story both man's and woman's side. The episodes like "the end of the line" could be classic for tv shows. I think it must be back with the character Jeff . The fourth season had a gap without him.
  • Think a cross between Friends, Seinfeld and Sex in the City...but funnier

    Personally I am partial to british comedy, there something always a bit funnier out of the mouth of a Brit. Even with that, this is a show that is well timed, well written and well acted. Richard Coyle's portrayal of Jeff Murdoch is, well, brilliant! This is an ensemble that seem to read each other's minds and the timing makes my head spin with laughter.
  • Excellent show!!!!

    Ok so recently I have just gotten into coupling. I can't get over how many times I can watch each episode. I never get tired of them and I always laugh my head off. Kudos to the writers for there wonderful scripts and to the actors for delivering the lines with unmatchable hilarity.
    In my opinion this show is one of the funniest I have ever seen. The show has a lasting quality that people will be able to enjoy for years to come. I also think one of the reasons that the show works so well is that the writing is so open and not afraid to talk about things that actually happen in real life.
  • Is is a show about six friends that come together.It's about sex,friendship,relationships,and much more.

    This show is just funny there is always something new and there is all ways something to laugh about.Some of the guys in this show come-up with the funniest things that is stupid.But, i love it shows how real friends are and i like that. The only thing that kills it is that it end after the fist season.this show other than funny it shows how they all take care of each other and how they really care for one and others.It is so cool to be able to see how they trust on each other for them all to each others secrets.
  • A show 6 people and their friendship, hardships, and SEX that came between them

    In short this show is awesome. I have to say I loved every minute of it and wish for new episodes. It was very funny and I was very disappointed in the Americanized version but that is beside the point. Like I said a very funny show thta makes you wonder if maybe the world is a very small place.
  • Susan and Steven just started their relationship, so what happens when Steve's ex, Jane Susan's ex, Patrick and their best friends Jeff and Sally crash the party, watch to find out.

    A hilarious show from Steven Moffat, of Doctor Who fame, this British comedy is everything that you could ask for. Often compared to Friends, this show blows friends out of the water. Since this show is from BBC, there is a bit more adult language and themes than American shows, but this makes the situations seem more real. You'll fall in love with the characters and keep coming back for more. The only problem with this show is its whacky season and episode numbers, but hey that's the BBC for you. Just track this show down and watch it you won't be disappointed.
  • First 3 seasons a must-see, the 4th a not-so-must...

    I really loved the first 3 seasons, they were incredibly funny. So I gotta say it was a bit of a disappointment when I put my hands on the 4th season... Jeff's no longer there (undoubtedly the funniest character) and the storyline just seems a little boring and revolving around the same stuff all the time. Having this said, the first 3 seasons are totally and utterly worth it. It's just a shame the 4th one doesn't quite keep up...
  • Yeah, who thought of this? It's hilarious!

    Every time I watch this show, I find my self laughing all the time, and feeling bad for one or several of the characters half of the time. There's so many embarasing sex related humourous scenes. The cast and the characters are amazing.

    I think there were made a similar sitcom in USA, but in my opinion it was not even half as good as the British one. I'm no fan of "The Office", but I think that show also was a whole lot better Brittish style. In other words: This series might not get the highest ratings in the US, but to me (European) it's one of the best comedy shows out there.
  • .

    this show is absoloutely brilliant i love it and wish it would come back but with jeff obviously instead of oliver. it revolves around the stroies of 6 friends who meet up when someone is playing the field, and all ddeceide to be friends. jeff is by far the funniest charcter on the show, hippo, giggle loop arse/face nat, wooden leg, there are so many jeffisms, shame he left anyway he is well mad to put it best. patrick is the thick one fo the group who is the one with the most women, sally is in love with patricks thing, susan and steve are a couple and jane is by far the stupidiesdst a must wach the characeters were based on the writers steve and susan.
  • 6 people, 3 men 3 women, all looking, in there own way, for love

    The 6 main charters in coupling all are very stero typical, but don't let that put you off. Each is very unquice in there own way as well and the inter personal reltions beteewn them makes for 1 cracking show. The main story is loosely based around Jeff and Susan getting together and the other 4 ( Jane, Sally,Jeff (my fav)and Patrick)all intersecting there own chotic lives into each other. This show plays on the age old differance beteewn men and women and if sexually refences offend you the give this one a miss but if you love giving it to the opposite sex then you'll love this show. Taget age group 16 to 35
  • Why this show is fabolous for me

    I think that I watch Coupling for the first time because I watch the U.S.A. version. And the original version of Coupling I like it even more. I start to watch it four years ago in cable. And I love how creative can be. From lovely Jeff moments (giggle, bucket of ears, secret weapon, etc) to Steve long monologues (about the cushion, epidural, the real reason for the create the Internet, etc). By really amazing episodes like The Girl with Two Breasts, The End of the Line, Split, Nine and a Half Minutes, Night Lines and others and because they make me laugh every time than I see it, this is why REALLY, REALLY, REALLY I loved this show.
  • brilliant

    this show is one of the best british comedys of this time it is filled with sex mad characters and funny jokes. it revolves around the lives of 6 friends. steve a guy in a relationship that finds more difficulties. susane his girlfriend. patrick a sex mad man with a hughe *ahem*. sally his girl friend. jeff the best character who is als sex mad and comes up with his own jeffisms and finally jane the most stupid of them all who was steves ex girlfiend. all in all this is a very good show and i would recomend it to anyone
  • Once again BBC at its best

    I cannot believe how is it that the US cannot come up with shows as good as Coupling. Come on, they tried to copy this one, and it SUCKED

    Even though I wanted a fifth season, I have to respect the decision of the actors. They had other projects in mind and that is good for them.

    "Coupling" is so great, I cannot believe I didnt know about before. I started watching it thanks to Time Warner's ON DEMAND. They have lots of BBC shows and they are all great, especially tihs one. I hate Time Warner (have Comcast before they converted) but this SHOW is AWESOME

    And like people have said, Oliver is not as great as Jeff, but come on, give him a break. JEFF is unique. No one can do that part of good as Richard Coyle. He is the best and will always will.
  • Easily one of the funniest shows ever.

    No matter how often you see it, you can't help but laugh. Jeff and Jane are supremely hilarious, but the others have plenty of moments of their own.

    I cannot emphasize enough how cleverly the episodes are formed, especially the ones which don't proceed in the usual 'normal' manner, such as "The End of the Line", "Remember This" and "Nine and a Half Minutes".

    The hardest thing to deal with at times is watching Oliver feebly try to make up for Jeff's absence. On retrospect, he was as good as any of the others, but to lose Jeff in the 4th season was such a disappointment. Never again would we hear comments such as "I've forgotten how to understand English" and "I've got too many legs."
  • I Love Jeff! He's So Funny!

    I Love Jeff! He's So Funny!

    I Love all the random stuff he says, and the things he comes up with:

    The giggle Loop

    8000 words for breasts (and counting)

    "I got the keys to Heaven, and I've got one too many legs!"

    "I can't turn off the naked people!"

    "I Love the word Naked!"

    Steve (twoards Jeff): Everyday I wake up glad I'm not you.

    (wearing Spiderman outfits)
    Steve: I just wanted to make it perfectly clear that I was against the costume part.
    Jeff: I wasn't!
    Steve: I was also against the dancing.
    Jeff: I invented this dance!
    Steve: He wrote it down.
    Jeff: I did.
    Steve: He's planning to present you with the early sketches.
    Jeff: Come on Steve, you know you want to.
    Steve: This is a romantic moment Jeff, your sudden death might kill the mood.

    See how funny he is!!!!!!
  • Funniest show ever!

    Well written, funny, smart and very british. The characters are hillarious, even better than friends, and I love Friends.
    I couldn't stop laughing at the gigaloop theory, the reservoir dogs impersonation... oh and the fake leg story... Jeff comes up with the craziest stuff sometimes. Anyway, I could go on and on... but simply it's a must see for everyone!
  • You\'re dumb if you don\'t LOVE this show!

    My friends introduced me to this british comedy as an \"If you like \'Sex and the City\' you\'ll love...\" And they were absolutely correct. Although this show lends a distinctly male, and hilariously British, edge to the old plotline of friends sitting around discussing their bedroom mishaps. Even though it was sorely lacking Jeff in Season 4, I wish they would bring it back with Oliver. I own all four seasons, and would dearly love to see a fifth!
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