BBC Three (ended 2004)


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  • Once again BBC at its best

    I cannot believe how is it that the US cannot come up with shows as good as Coupling. Come on, they tried to copy this one, and it SUCKED

    Even though I wanted a fifth season, I have to respect the decision of the actors. They had other projects in mind and that is good for them.

    "Coupling" is so great, I cannot believe I didnt know about before. I started watching it thanks to Time Warner's ON DEMAND. They have lots of BBC shows and they are all great, especially tihs one. I hate Time Warner (have Comcast before they converted) but this SHOW is AWESOME

    And like people have said, Oliver is not as great as Jeff, but come on, give him a break. JEFF is unique. No one can do that part of good as Richard Coyle. He is the best and will always will.