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  • Coupling is an amusing comedy series about the daily interactions between six people.

    You can look at it as the British version of Friends since there its also about six friends and some scenes are similar.

    The series begin by introducing three girls and three guys.
    First you have Susan who first is the girlfriend of Patrick in the beginning of the series but then becomes Steve's girlfriend. She is a bit bossy and usually says the word 'apparantly' when she's is angry.
    Secon there is Sally who is obsessed about her looks especially her neck and her bottom. At the end of the series she becomes Patrick's girlfriend.
    Then there is Jane a woman who has the wierdest ideas and claims to be bisexual and a vegatarian who eats meat. She used to be Steve's girlfriend.
    My personal favourite charachter is Jeff Murdoch a funny Welshman who says the craziest things and has a strange thoughts. He didn't play in the fourth and last season which was a shame.
    Steve (Susan's boyfriend) always gets caught up in the strangest embarrasing situation which he has to talk him self out of.
    Finally we have Patrick a guy from who Susan call donkeyhead because of his manhood.
    In the fourth and last season Oliver replaces Jeff and becomes the boyfriend of Jane.

    The first two seasons I liked the most. The fourth season wasn't as good as the other seasons also because Jeff got replaced by Oliver who wasn't as funny as Jeff.

    In conclusion, this show is by far one of the funniest I have ever seen and definetly one to watch.