BBC Three (ended 2004)


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  • I always knew that british sitcoms were far more risque and funny than the ones in the U.S., but this takes it to a whole new height. If we were being truthful with ourselves our sitcoms would mirror this.

    The only thing that disappointed me about this show was the fact that they didn't continue it on. I would love to see how Steve and Sally would handle being parents. And as for Patrick and Susan, wow. How could Patrick ever learn to stay monogamous? As far as getting rid of Jeff, well I never understood that, however it was hilarious when they brought him back as a woman. Still perverted as ever. Oliver was not exactly the greatest edition to the show, but atleast he helped with the ratio. And as much as Jane's stupidity annoyed me, I can't imagine the show being as funny without her. She truly turns narcissism into an art.