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  • Brilliant, showed once again the British can be extremely funny and produce a quality show. We just don't do it enough, up there with the likes of Men Behaving badly and The Office, but never received enough attention.

    Classic comedy / sitcom. Apologies for this analegy but it's apt, Coupling is sort of like the English version of friends. Six main characters, three male and three female. Get into some brilliantly scripted hijinks, sexual trysts, and unbelievably funny situations. Sarah Alexander (Susan Walker) plays the lead female role to perfection, her comic timing and believability in the role left her permanently endered to myself, well that and those strangly piercing eyes. Steve Taylor (Jack Davenport) the lead male role also played his character of the slightly dull, wet boyfriend to perfection. But the person who stole the show (Until he left and was replaced for season four was Richard Coyle (Jeff Murdock). He single handedly was responsibile for me waking up the whole house on numerous occasions laughing at his antics, the episode where he turns up at the pub forgetting he's wearing a gimps mask particularly sticks out in my mind. In fact the only bad thing I have to say about coupling is that in the last episode they have a very poor storyline invlving a Character "Jeffina" which I have to admit left a bad taste in my mouth for a while as I thought it was a particularly bad way to end the show. The rest of the cast are spot on, whoever assembled the cast knew what they were doing as they all gel perfectly. I just wish more episodes had been made.
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