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  • One of the funniest and charming British comedies.

    Ok so it misses out on a ten rating because I missed Jeff so much in S4 and Oliver just wasn't the same. But saying that I'll give it credit where credit is due, it survives losing Jeff just because Sally and Patrick, in my opinion, shine in S4. I am a huge fan of the Sally/Patrick dynamic anyway, I just love how different they are and yet how perfect for each other they are. The scene when she finds the ring and the elf song are just two of the reasons Season four can hold its own.
    Anyway enough of the Sally and Patrick loving, there are more than just the two of them that make this show hilarious. Steve's rants are just one of the many reasons I laugh my head off at this show, I love the one he does about women and throw pillows and teddies. I also, like everyone else, love Jeff and his odd ball little quirky beliefs and ideas. I guess I can't put my finger on exactly what this show does that makes me love it so - yes it makes me laugh, yes I love their friendships, yes I ADORE Patrick and Sally, but there is something more, something subtle I love about - I don't know maybe it is just something British that it has and that is why it never took off in America, and maybe it is how well casted the characters are, and how well each actor bounces off the other, but whatever it is 'Coupling' is one of my favourite things to watch when I really need a pick me up as it never loses its magic.
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