Season 2 Episode 9

The End of the Line

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 2001 on BBC Three

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  • If you want to "introduce" someone to this series, this is the episode to do it.

    This episode showcases how bloody brilliant Steven Moffat and his crew are. With the execution of a twisted timeline only seen in full length features, these guys do it in a 30 minute sitcom. So many laugh-out-loud moments. Intricate plotting and subtexts. Just make sure you start all coupling episodes from the beginning... or else you might just miss the punchlines.
  • A cellphone mix up starts a chain of hilarious events for Susan and Steve.

    This episode was so funny that I am reminded of it all the time. I remember the episode, then I think about a certain part of the episode and start to laugh. My friends think I am crazy when I do this. I just all of a sudden have this overwhelming need to see the episode over and over again. When I am introducing a friend to the show I start with this episode. The writing, the acting, and the editing make this episode so special. I think that I have watched this episode close to 30 times and the first time I saw it was only a couple of months ago. This episode just hit the right cord with me and I think it will for eveyone else too.