Season 3 Episode 6

The Girl With One Heart

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2002 on BBC Three
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Susan has invited everyone over for dinner, which as we know is just asking for trouble. Steve is particularly worried because Susan has recently redecorated the bathroom, and removed the lock, thus robbing him of his Fortress of Solitude. Sally's worry is that Patrick is bringing his new girlfriend: she's frightened that she will overcompensate her feelings of hostility towards her new rival by being embarrassingly nice. Patrick dimly perceives there might be a problem, so has told Jennifer that Sally is a lesbian...moreless

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  • It does not get much better than this!

    Take "friends", mix in a good doze of "Seinfeld"ism, add British humor, serve while ROTFLing your a$$ off.

    Each character is already well established now, and the storied interlock effortlessly.

    Just when I think Jeff is "sitting back" this episode, he comes in with the lesbian porn fantasy, proving again he has no sex life whatsoever.. "maybe women are different when we're not with them, maybe they're not cross all the time".

    how to mix that with toilet door problems? how to bring all that into another brilliant Steve-speech, and that is not even the climax of the episode! perfect 10. Must be watched.moreless
Emma Pierson

Emma Pierson

Jennifer (Patrick's Girlfriend)

Guest Star

Nigel Harman

Nigel Harman

Pizza Boy

Guest Star

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    • Jane: He works in pizza delivery, which just answers all your prayers, doesn't it? Man, motorbike, has own food!

    • Steve: We are men. We are different. We have only one word for soap. We do not own candles. We have never seen anything of any value in a craft shop. We do not own magazines full of photographs of celebrities with their clothes on.

    • Sally: I could just eat your hair!

    • Jeff: Maybe they're different when we're not with them. Maybe they're not cross all the time!

    • Steve: What in the name of God's arse is pot pourri? Looks like breakfast. Smells like your auntie.

    • Jeff: Sally could be a lesbian! ...It could happen! She could be having a shower maybe. And probably Jane would be there. And she might happen to say, 'Jane, could you help me soap my breasts?'. 'Your breasts, Sally?' 'Yes, Jane, it's those tricky undersides.' 'Oh, I know what you mean, Sally, breasts can be a real dirt-trap.'

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jeff: This is like captain problem, it's like "Houston, forget that other thing".

      Jeff is referring to the Apollo-13-incident where the crew of the Apollo 13 reported an explosion aboard their space-craft back to Earth with the famous words: "Houston, we've had a problem."

    • Jeff (In front of a mirror): Are you talking to me?

      The scene is taken directly from the movie "Taxi Driver (1976)" where it was performed by Robert De Niro holding a gun instead of a wooden wedge.

    • Jeff: Area secure, 007.

      007 is the numerical designation for British super spy James Bond.

    • Steve: ...this Fortress of Solitude...

      The Fortress of Solitude is the hidden sanctuary of the DC Comics hero Superman.