Season 3 Episode 6

The Girl With One Heart

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2002 on BBC Three

Episode Recap

Susan has invited everyone over for dinner, which as we know is just asking for trouble. Steve is particularly worried because Susan has recently redecorated the bathroom, and removed the lock, thus robbing him of his Fortress of Solitude. Sally's worry is that Patrick is bringing his new girlfriend: she's frightened that she will overcompensate her feelings of hostility towards her new rival by being embarrassingly nice. Patrick dimly perceives there might be a problem, so has told Jennifer that Sally is a lesbian...

Jennifer turns out to be Sally's worst nightmare: "slim and interesting." She pays Jennifer so many compliments that Jennifer assumes Sally is making a pass at her. Over dinner, Sally is horrified to discover that Jennifer thinks she is a lesbian. She furiously blurts out, in front of everyone, that it's Patrick she's mad about, not Jennifer. Ouch.