Season 1 Episode 5

The Girl with Two Breasts

Aired Unknown Jun 09, 2000 on BBC Three

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  • Purer Steven Moffat brilliancy

    This is a must see episode if you're a Steven Moffat fan. The different individual pieces are zipped up like teeth in a zipper.

    Also great performance from Richard Coyle who here shows that he's fluid in talking gibberish.
  • Jeff tries to bond with a woman who doesn't speak english...

    Jeff attempts, as only he can, to chat up a beautiful stranger at the bar. His ineptitude gets results - of a sort - when he finds out that she's Israeli and doesn't speak a word of English. The girl's bilingual friend Alice helps things along to begin with. The next day, however, Alice isn't at the bar. With a lot of Dutch courage, Jeff engages her in conversation again - despite the language barrier - learns her name, Shadayim, and arranges to meet her the next day. Or so he believes. A replay of the conversation from the girl's point of view reveals that "Shadayim" actually means "breasts" and that the meeting will be with Alice, whom she believes Jeff fancies. When Jeff and Alice meet he says, 'I'm sorry, I was expecting Shadayim'. The flat-chested Alice punches him in the face. Meanwhile, Steve and Patrick are trying to come up with a title for a porn film about a pair of breasts with brains. The episode ends with it being revealed that Jeff was arrested for running around the El Al counter at Heathrow Airport calling her name out.
  • Jeff has a linguistic love affair with a beautiful woman who doesn't understand a word of english. Jeff equals hilarity!

    This is a really cool episode. Jeff and co. can't take their eyes of a beautiful stranger in their local bar. And the girl can't take her eyes off Jeff. Jeff goes over to talk to her, only to discover that she doesn't speak a word of English, which to Jeff of course is quite a relief. Her interpreter, Alice, tells Jeff she's Israeli, then whisks her away. The next day the girl is back and Jeff attempts to chat her up. With neither speaking a word of the other's language, it is a wild ride, that only Jeff and his ISMs could excel at! Great stuff. Don't miss it!
  • Jeff meets a beautiful girl in the bar...and she seems interested...there's only one problem - she's Israli and doesn't speak a word of English! Hilarity ensues...

    This has to be one of the best episodes of Coupling, and they're all good.

    The writing is exceptional - there are several brilliant quotes from this episode that will have your friends in fits even if they have never seen the show (if you have any friends that haven't, that is...)

    Richard Coyle's performance as Jeff was concistently funny. To watch him, as usual, fall over his words and say ridiculous things... and then see his reaction when he discovers that for once, his verbal madness hasn't harmed his chances with the girl... but her lack of English just might...

    And who can forget the moment when he yells 'Breasts' across the room in Israli...or when he accidentally implies that he collects ears in a bucket... the poor man just doesn't know when to stop talking.

    The girls were also great in this episode..revealing that very female urge to try and find the imperfection in a seemingly perfect rival. Yes - she still has the tag on her shoe..all is well in the world. Having spent time with him themselves, it's no wonder it takes them some time to realise that the man she is flirting with across the room is in fact their own bumbling pal Jeff!

    In the end, you can't help but feel sorry for Jeff and his Israli friend, despite their misunderstanding being hilarious.

    All in all, a brilliant episode that I can watch over and over again...
  • Nervous Jeff tries to pick up a pretty girl at the bar. She doesn't understand English. Then her interpreter arrives and the misunderstandings really start to pile up!

    This is an amazingly nimble script, but the singular performance by Richard Coyle is the reason to stay and watch the episode!

    Believe it or not, you will laugh at the line "No, I don't have a bucket of ears!"

    Mr. Coyle also amazes and amuses in the segment where he is 'heard' through the foreign gal's point of view! It is gibberish that he is speaking, but the way it is spoken, you'd think it was an actual language.

    The leads are so wonderful that they easily support the characters who end up being spotlighted in any particular script. Steve and Patrick's support for jeff is sweet yet very them. The gals' reaction to Jeff chatting up a lovely gal is amusing and their wondering about her is totally in character too. (I believe it is Susan who explains about the shoe hint.)

    A highly recommended, bittersweet episode that leaves your sides sore and wanting more.