Season 2 Episode 1

The Man with Two Legs

Aired Unknown Sep 03, 2001 on BBC Three

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  • "It's a great leg. And brunette." - Jeff Murdoch

    Jeff's in love...with a leg! He eventually meets the woman attached, and they end up going out. One very very small problem; Jeff told her he had one of his leg's amputated! She's absolutely hot.."but I can't take my trousers off!"
    Sally's dating a guy called Liam. He's a surgeon. And she doesn't want the boys to start discussing sex with him. That's a shame. He's 'knitting-pattern' gorgeous, and there's nothing 'much' wrong with him. How does Sally know it's love, and not just great sex? "You're here."
    Susan and Steve are still going strong, which is good to see. Jane needs someone. An absolute cracker of an episode!