Season 2 Episode 4

The Melty Man Cometh (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 2001 on BBC Three



  • Trivia

    • The Melty Man is possibly the only creation from Jeff's mind that Steve actually acknowledges as realistic.

    • In "Her Best Friend's Bottom" Steve rings Susan's house and Sally exits the bedroom after one ring. This time the phone rings several times before she comes out.

  • Quotes

    • (to Patrick)
      Sally: I don't need you to think of me as 'a person' - I have women for that.

    • Susan: I told you he wasn't your type...
      Sally: I'm surprised he was ever yours! What did you see in him? He's so dull. I need personality, verve, humour. At least now I know why you called him "Donkey Brain"!
      Susan: Actually, I called him "Donkey".
      Sally: Yeah, but I got the point.
      Susan: No, you didn't…
      Sally: What? You mean… you mean…
      Susan: Some men are born lucky. Some men were born very lucky.
      Sally: What was Patrick born?
      Susan: A tripod.

    • (having just seen Patrick's rather large natural endowment in the lavatory)
      Mark: Does size really make a difference? You know what women always say...
      Patrick: Ouch?

    • Patrick: What would I be without my 'partner'?
      Sally: Literate?

    • Steve: (to Patrick, about what 'calls' to the Melty Man) ... Now you're blushing and have an erection- no one's got that much blood!

    • Patrick: (in his apartment) You can come inside if you like.
      Sally: Yes, but can you?

    • Mirror Jeff: (to Patrick) Don't say his name, or he'll come!
      Mirror Steve: And you won't.

    • Patrick: (looking down at his...robe) Come on, Rocket Man; let's fly her (snaps his fingers) to the moon.

    • Jeff: All of us in our time are visited by the Melty Man... Don't say his name, Patrick. Don't even think his name, or he will rise from the shadow dimensions to do his evil work inside your terrified pants.

    • Patrick: If I don't like a woman, if there's no chemistry, if I'm not attracted to her, then I don't lead her on, I just get out of there . . . every time, before she even wakes up.

  • Notes

    • CODE RED: Sally asking Patrick to scare off unwanted dates by showing Junior Patrick out and intimating that Sally was unsatisfied with Patrick.

    • Martin Dennis, the shows director is the body of the 'Melty Man' while Richard Coyle (Jeff), is the voice.

    • This episode features a clip from the season one episode "Size Matters".

  • Allusions

    • Candy Man

      The scene with Patrick saying the name "Melty Man" only to be subsequently attacked by him is a reference to the horror movie Candy Man where a similar scene happens.

    • Patrick: Come on, Rocket Man. Let's fly her to the moon.
      Likely a quick reference to "Rocket Man" by Elton John and "Fly Me To The Moon" by Bart Howard.

    • Jeff mentions Professor Moriarty, who is the arch-enemy of famed British sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

    • Jeff: It's the engines, Cap'n, they cannae take it.
      Jeff is doing an impersonation of Chief Engineer Scotty from the original Star Trek television series. Scotty was always complaining about how his engines were being strained during all the difficult missions the crew went on.

    • Mirror Jeff: Oh, and don't think about The Crying Game.
      References the movie where Jaye Davidson, a man, played a man perceived as a woman for a great portion of the movie. The scene in which the character first disrobes was the "shocker" secret of the film.

    • Steve and Jeff refer to The Melty Man as if he is Darth Vader-ish. The fantasy sequence uses a costume, vocal style, and sound effects like Darth Vader of Star Wars.

      Jeff even "speaks" as The Melty Man in a paraphrasing of the line "Luke, I am your father" to Patrick.