Season 4 Episode 5

The Naked Living Room (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 07, 2004 on BBC Three



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    • Jane: Never mind about your brain, Oliver, brains are overrated. Many plants don't have brains. Have you thought about that?
      Oliver: Many plants?
      Jane: What?
      Oliver: Many plants don't have brains?
      Jane: Exactly.
      Oliver: Jane, no plants have brains.
      Jane: Yet they have their own wisdom.
      Oliver: What wisdom?
      Jane: The wisdom of plants.
      Oliver: What wisdom is that?
      Jane: It's very deep, Oliver, it's very spiritual. It's so typically planty.
      Oliver: You are making this up.
      Jane: No, I'm not. It's a philosophy. I follow a lot of philosophies. It's one of the things people really notice about me.
      Oliver: So, you follow the philosophy of plants?
      Jane: I'm a committed vegetarian. Yes.
      Oliver: Really?
      Jane: It's a life choice.
      Oliver: So let me get this straight, you believe in a wisdom and a philosophy of plants?
      Jane: Yes I do, Oliver, I absolutely do.
      Oliver: So you eat them.
      Jane: Let me get this straight, you are a heterosexual man?
      Oliver: Yeh!!
      Jane: And you can't talk to women!
      Oliver: Okay, we kind of got one in each there, didn't we.

    • Jane: Actually I prefer videos.
      Oliver: What?
      Jane: I prefer porn in video form, it's more realistic. Do you have any of those?

    • Susan: Things men are capable of interpreting as offers of sex: Hello. Oh look it's raining. My boyfriend's just been kidnapped by drug smugglers. Get out.

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  • Allusions

    • Jane: There seems to be a woman called Nicole, who I don't think is really Brazilian.

      This is a reference to "Brazilian Waxing", a process of waxing the bikini-zone in which almost all pubic hair from the front to the back is removed.

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