Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 2 Episode 6

Courage the Fly / Katz Kandy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • Very good episode.

    Courage the Fly:
    Courage gets turned into a fly by Di Lung outside his house. Eustace tries to smack him because he hates flies. He tries three times to get the fly, but keeps hitting Muriel instead. Courage then must stop a satellite from hitting the house. It crashes in their yard. Muriel and Eustace then find out Courage turned into a fly. Eustace walks into the house and wants to get rid of the dog-fly. Muriel says how can you think of getting Courage at a time like this, the satellite almost hit the house. Eustace replies, "It didn't even come close." Suddenly, the satellite raises out of the ground and picks Eustace up with it, as it shoots up toward space. Muriel and Courage then just sit in their rocking chair.

    Katz Kandy:
    Katz wants one of Muriel's recipes and wants to know the secret ingredient so he can win an annual contest that Muriel always wins. He sends out a jelly monster (made out of real jelly) to capture Muriel, and Courage follows to save Muriel. Katz holds Muriel captive in his candy store's basement over a gigantic pot of taffy, and he'll lower her in with her sitting on a candy cane. Eustace gets there out of dumb luck (he was looking for supper and saw a trail of jelly going out of the house, so he followed it to the candy store). Courage and Katz fight downstairs, while Eustace fights the jelly blob upstairs. Courage fixes the problem by saving Muriel and Eustace, and throwing Katz into the big pot of taffy. Muriel tells Katz the secret, but she still wins the contest. good episode.