Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 11

Courageous Cure / Ball of Revenge

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • "Ball of Revenge" is the only episode in which Katz attacks Muriel and Courage in the farm. Previously, he tried to kill Muriel (and sometimes Eustace) in various places like a motel ("A Night to Katz "otel), a club ("Klub Katz"), a submarine ("Katz Under the Sea"), or a shop ("Candy Katz").

    • The Black Puddle Queen wanted to kill Eustace in her first appearance, yet here she is more interested in destroying Courage instead of finishing what she had started.

    • In "Ball of Revenge," Le Quack disappears after the half-time show, and is not seen anymore.

    • Why would the Duck Brothers want revenge on Courage? He had helped them rescue their brother who was going to be killed and served as duck soup.

      Response : Actually, The Duck Brothers just sing and Eustace did not hire them in order to destroy Courage

    • How would Eustace know about the Weremole? He never saw the actual weremole in "Night of the Weremole." He just saw Muriel as a weremole, and besides, how would he know it was a weremole if he thought it was a mouse?

    • You also got to wonder why Eustace got the Clutching Foot (which possessed him), the Weremole (which nearly made his wife kill him), Katz (who tried to kill him twice), and Le Quack (who has tried to rob him on many occasions).

    • At the end when everyone was falling down the floor, the clam that the weremole hid in is gone.

    • In "Serpent of Evil River," Eustace doesn't like the idea of Muriel being used as bait. Here, he has no problem with it.

    • From "Ball of Revenge": 1) During the "halftime," two Duck Brothers were singing. What happened to the third brother? 2) How does Eustace know about the Clutching Foot? He was possessed by the Foot. 3) Towards the end of the segment, Le Quack is not there, he is gone. 4) How would Eustace know of the Cajun Fox? He didn't even appear in the fox's segment, "Cajun Granny Stew" -- only Muriel and Courage did. Moreover, LeQauck is not really a villain in this episode, he is rather neutral.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Near the end of 'Ball of Revenge', before Courage wins via screaming, Katz has a large flamethrower, Big Toe has a spiked club, the fox has a cleaver, the Lady of the Black Puddle has a conch shell/missile launcher, and the weremole is wielding a flyswatter with the word 'Dil' on it.

    • Courage finally makes use of his greatest talent that developed from his constant fears and all his horrifying misfortunes. Instead of employing the items he usually keeps in his fur, he screams at his enemies with all his might to defeat them.

    • In his previous appearances, Le Quack's voice was done by Paul Schoeffler. In "Ball of Revenge," Mary Testa had the roll of Le Quack. However, Paul did have a roll in this episode, he did the voice of Katz, which he's always done.

    • In "The Duck Brothers," Ringo Starr was the voice of the Duck Brothers. In "Ball of Revenge," the Duck Brothers were done by Samuel Vincent (one of them) and Jess Harnell (one of them). However, Ringo did have a roll in this episode, he did the voice of the alien in "Courageous Cure," who was a scientist.

    • In "Cajun Granny Stew," Jim Cummings did the voice of the Cajun Fox. In "Ball of Revenge," his voice is done by John R. Dilworth.

    • In "Freaky Fred," Paul Schoeffler did the voice of Fred. In "Ball of Revenge," his voice is done by Ian James Corlett.

    • The last appearances of Katz, Le Quack, the Cajun Fox, Fred, the Weremole, the Duck Brothers, the Gangster Foot, and the Queen of the Black Puddle.

    • The Cajun Fox mentions how Courage cooked him in "Cajun Granny Stew."

    • The Big Toe on the Gangster Foot mentions how Courage licked them and got rid of them in "The Clutching Foot."

    • Out of all the villians in "Ball of Revenge," Katz is surprisingly the only one that has never been to the Bagge farmhouse. This could also go for the Weremole, because he wasn't actually in the house in "Night of the Weremole," but he was right outside of it.

    • Villains in "Ball of Revenge": Queen of the Black Puddle / Eustace / Katz / Kajun Fox / Le Quack / Weremole.

    • Eustace said, "Courage" for only the second time in "Ball of Revenge." He said it the first time in "The Hunchback of Nowhere."

    • The second time appearances of the Weremole, Queen of the Black Puddle, Cajun Fox, the Clutching Foot, the Duck Brothers, and Fred.

    • The sixth appearance of Le Quack (including minor cameos).

  • Allusions

    • Muriel: Oh, Courage. What big lungs you have!
      The quote is a parody of Little Red Riding Hood's line of "Oh, Grandma. What big teeth you have."

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