Courage the Cowardly Dog

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Uncommon Cold/Farmer Hunter, Farmer Hunted
      Courage tries to find out the reason behind Muriel's mysterious, life-threatening cold./Eustace becomes the target of a dangerous deer.
    • Le Quack Balloon/Windmill Vandals
      Le Quack invents a new recipe so he can whisk Muriel away from the farm in search of the missing ingredient./A mysterious gang of ghost warriors terrorise the farm
    • Rumpledkiltskin/Housecalls
      Muriel is summoned by her uncle to weave the family tartan./A lonely scientist moves the farmhouse to be closer to his mansion so that he can have neighbours.
    • A Beaver's Tale/The Nutcracker
      Courage discovers the reason behind the farm's flood - a beaver's dam!/Muriel, Courage & Eustace get locked inside a junkyard and are held captive by a group of rats
    • King of Flan/Courage Under the Volcano
      Courage tries to break the hypnotic spell of a TV commercial./Muriel is abducted by an ancient tribe who want to make her a sacrifice.
    • The Quilt Club/Swindlin' Wind
      Courage tries to rescue Muriel from a gang who want her to become a part of their giant quilt./Eustace cons Shirley into giving away a trinket.
    • Dome of Doom/Snowman's Revenge
      Eustace volunteers to test a range of experimental farm products./Courage and Muriel are forced to spread a freezing winter when the evil Snowman takes over Nowhere.
    • Fishy Business/Angry Nasty People
      Courage tries to find a way back to the farmhouse when Eustace & Muriel are kidnapped./Courage, Eustace & Muriel agree to act mean for a producer's new TV show.
    • Mondo Magic/Watch the Birdies
      A magician arrives at the farmhouse and impresses Muriel with his magic skills./A giant bird kidnaps Muriel to baby sit her young children while she is on holiday.
    • So in Louvres are We Two/Night of the Scarecrow
      Courage, Muriel and Eustace find themselves locked in a French art museum late at night./A grateful scarecrow becomes Muriel's personal bodyguard
    • Feast of the Bullfrogs/Tulip's Worm
      Bullfrogs take over the farmhouse and force Muriel & Eustace to live like frogs./Courage seeks out a worm's human owner when he swallows Muriel & Eustace
    • Katz Under the Sea/Curtain of Cruelty
      Courage discovers the truth about a new crew member./A curtain travels through the town turning everyone nasty and cruel.
    • Scuba-Scuba Doo/Conway the Contaminationist
      Muriel & Courage try to save the Coralites, a village of tiny people inside the coral reef./A sickly man moves into the farm to recover from a plane crash.
    • Hard-Drive Courage/The Ride of the Valkyries
      Muriel is accidentally sucked into the computer./Courage is forced to rescue Muriel when she is kidnapped by Norwegian Vikings for a battle.
    • Stormy Weather/The Sandman Sleeps
      Muriel tries to stop a storm goddess from adopting Courage when she loses her own dog./The Sandman decides to steal Muriel's sleep so that he can cure his insomnia.
    • Campsite of Terror/Record Deal
      Courage is forced to rescue Muriel from the clutches of two raccoons./An evil singer is magically released from his prison when Eustace plays an old record.
    • Muriel Meets Her Match/Courage vs. Mecha-Courage
      A thief dresses herself up as Muriel so that she can steal a precious diamond./Courage tries to prove himself against Eustace's new robot dog.
    • Tower of Dr. Zalost, The /Tower of Dr. Zalost, The
      Courage and the Farmer are forced to battle evil scientist Dr. Zalost when he turns Muriel and the entire city into miserable zombies.
    • The House of Discontent/The Sand Whale Strikes
      Courage, Muriel and Eustace are ordered to leave their home by a malevolent poltergeist./A monstrous whale terrorises the farm
    • Evil Weevil/McPhearson Phantom
      An evil insect tries to kill Eustace and Muriel by sucking all the goodness from their fleshy bodies./Eustace becomes the victim of an evil ghost
    • Car Broke, Phone Yes/Cowboy Courage
      Courage attempts to stop an alien invader who has sucked all of the goodness from Muriel./Courage learns about the first cowardly sheriff dog.
    • Serpent of Evil River/The Transplant
      A sinister sea captain forces Muriel, Eustace and Courage to be his crew./Eustace uses a suspicious dinosaur bone to cure his back ache.
    • Bad Hair Day/Forbidden Hat Of Gold
      A ruthless wig-making company kidnaps Muriel./Eustace asks Muriel and Courage to track down a valuable golden hat that belonged to his brother.
    • Nowhere TV/Mega Muriel The Magnificent
      Le Quack tries to hypnotise Muriel and Eustace into getting rid of Courage./An evil computer takes over Muriel's body.
    • Courage the Fly/Katz Kandy
      Courage overhears how a falling satellite will hit the farmhouse./An evil cat kidnaps Muriel to discover the secret ingredient in her apple recipe.
    • Human Habitrail/Mission to the Sun
      Courage is forced to rescue Muriel from a sinister salesman./Muriel, Eustace and Courage are asked to fix the sun before it burns itself out.
    • Courage Meets the Mummy/Invisible Muriel
      Courage tries to protect Muriel from a revenge-seeking Mummy./Courage accidentally gives Muriel a magical stone that causes invisibility.
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