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Courage returning rumors.

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    Well more rumors of courage returning have surfaced. One of them I found was someone on youtube talking about the "Lost Episode" he had found while working on the come back of courage. I knew at one time a new cast was set and they did plan on bringing it back. The only problem is I have no idea if they ditched the Idea or not. I'm not trying to stir up controversy but I have seen more and more reports of people saying a new cast is re-doing courage the cowardly dog. I'm kind of scared honestly I think they ditched the WHOLE cast. I'm talking CTN bought the complete rights to make the show with a new cast. That honestly scares me, the show would certainly change if the whole cast changed. The idea was apparently to make a seamless transition and not to change much of what the show originally was. The only problem I have with these rumors is wouldn't they had released it in October? I'm wondering if anyone has any information weather or not CTN ditched the new crew or what. It was confirmed that a new cast ect. was brought in to remake it, I'm just wondering if they decided not to do it. If anyone has any information that would be great.

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