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I Must Be Crazy...

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    [1]May 14, 2011
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    I don't know. Ever since I could remember, I'vebeen toldthat cartoon characters aren't real. Now, I'm reconsidering that fact. Here's why:

    A few weeks ago, I was overloaded with homework. I was trying to finish my English project, but I was dead tired from finishing my other homework assignments and staying after school to work on my Art project. I had a feeling of hopelessness, and I was about to break. Then, I saw my baby brother bring me a random slip of paper from the dinner table, and do you want to know what it said?


    I bolted out of my seat. Well, I was in awe. I started thinking of everything that Courage had gone through and how he never gave up until he met his goals. Putting that to mind, I managed to finish my work.

    I can't tell if it was purely coincidence or if he was somehow there. Courage is my third favorite Cartoon Network character, so I was taken by surprise. Now, I believe that cartoon characters might not existphysically but that they doexist spiritually.

    I thank each of you for reading what I have to say, but I would like to hear your opinion about the subject. Was Courage there in my time of need? It would be nice if he was.

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    [2]Sep 3, 2011
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    Obvislly cartoons aren't real but because you grew up watching them they taught you and made you who you are? maybe through watching CTCD for years it taught you never to give up and always meet your goals? cartoons do teach you as a child and they will always be in the back of our mind to help us throughout life whilst you stop watching them or not.

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    [3]Sep 24, 2011
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    Courage wasn't there for me in the way that you have mentioned... but I do not doubt your experience! This is a stranger world than we are comfortable believing it is.

    I was very young when Courage was on, 8 years old when it started up in 1999 and only 4 when the "first" episode was shown. It was easily my favorite cartoon, and had a role in helping me become who I am today.

    Everything we take in as youngin's influences us in some way, a little or a lot. Family and friends, school, trips... trauma, death... negative and positive. The thing about Courage was that it made me think. I liked that. It didn't always portray the darker sides of life as comical like other shows- death in a hula skirt. Enemies were scary and family prized... even the grouchy ones.

    I am a very serious individual, very reflective. One episode that has always stuck out to me was the one with the magical tree that Eustice tries to cuts down, that Courage tries to save. I remember crying when the tree was telling this pink dog that it was going to be cut down.

    I was not only entertained by this series, I was scared, and then in awe. Moved, and entertained. And pensive.

    I can't say for sure how much influence this show had on Little Me, but I feel as if, if there were more shows like this on Cartoon Network, on Disney, the generation that is in part raised by these shows would turn out more ready for a brighter future, better people maybe overall.

    Not quite the same as your experience, which I found very touching. We could all learn a little something from Courage, a dog who went above and beyond, despite fear and hardship.


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    [4]Nov 11, 2011
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    Cartoon characters aren't real, sadly. But after reading your experience, I'm starting to doubt that fact too. Although I never had this happen to me before, Courage's episodes on my psyche did wonders, especially 'Perfect'. I felt sorry for the poor dog when Eustice and the teacher screamed at him. I cried when the fish said that Courage was perfect the way he is.

    After watching that scene, my low self-esteem went up. The fish was right about perfection. We don't have to change themselves to perfect; we are perfect the ways we are.

    Sometimes, I feel that there's a cartoon universe with every character known to man. I think theycommunicate to us by life lessons.

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    [5]Jul 30, 2012
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    I like shows that have hidden meanings with in the event's that happen in the show. No cartoon's are not real they are rather a relation to acharacter that some person made up in their head. But shows like courage, American dad, Family guy, and king of the hill all have meanings wrote into the show. Notice something about all these shows? They are, or were in this case allsuccessful. Anyway courage taught to love your enemy's in way, No i'm notreferringto the bible, well I guess you could look at it that way but that's not what I'm getting at. Eustace hates courage yet he always wants the best for him, courage saves him over and over again only to remain hated by him. The tree that Eustace kept trying to cut downsymbolized fight for what you believe in. courage is and always will be my number oneFavoritecharacter. I liked how the show wascompletely serious, If courage saw a monster he freaked out and always would try to do what was right. Other messages were strong as well, you are who you are, you can't change that so you are perfect the way you are. Never give up such as in the episode courage vs mechanical courage, no matter how beat up he was he kept going, and he never gave up, I play football, and Iremembered this episode during a hard practice we had. We had to pull 220 lb sleds 30 yards down and back 6 times. Me being 145 lbs this was hard, I thought of this episode, and it helped me. cartooncharacter's are real inspiritbecause someone made thatcharacterwith thought's in their mind. This topic is amazing, you truly made a topic that needed to be made thanks!

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