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Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 1 Episode 7

King Ramses' Curse / The Clutching Foot

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

King Ramses' Curse / The Clutching Foot
King Ramses' Curse: Courage finds a slab that belonged to a dead guy named King Ramses. A guy named Professor Flith comes and says the slab belongs in the museum. However, Eustace (knowing it's worth a lot) won't give it to him. So, the ghost of King Ramses comes and causes plagues to happen that won't stop until Eustace returns the slab to the museum. The first is a flood, the second is loud music, and the third is locusts. The slab is finally returned, but Eustace is now possessed by King Ramses, as punishment for his greediness.

The Clutching Foot: Eustace gets a terrible foot fungus, and it grows until it takes over Eustace's body! The foot makes Courage steal money or else Muriel "gets it." Courage goes on the computer and finds out dog spit will get rid of the fungus. So, he licks the foot until it's gone and Eustace is back.moreless

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  • Return the slab... Or suffer my curse...

    Two criminals who have stolen an ancient slab from the tomb of King Ramses are on the run the police. Passing through Nowhere, they are suddenly overcome by a swarm of locusts and are never seen or heard from again.

    Meanwhile, the accursed slab is now left somewhere on the Bagges' farm and this spells trouble for Courage and his family. Trouble which is made deeper due to Eustace's stubborn arrogance, as usual.

    Courage the Cowardly Dog is one of the greatest animated television shows of the late nineties and early two thousands. Spooky and funny with crazy characters and crazy plots.moreless
  • Scary!

    king ramses' curse- the bagges are cursed by king ramses, an ancient ghost who wants his slab, which was stolen. he curses them but eustace refuses.

    clutching foot- eustace's feet are disgusting and turn evil. Puts a damper on things, huh.

    Wow, King Ramses' Curse is definitely the scariest episode. When i was younger it terrified me, and now when i watch it still does scare me a lot, though not as much of course, both episodes are really good but the foot episode is kind of weaker i think, but overall that does not matter, these get an A+. Perfectmoreless
  • courage, muriel and eustace bagge, 3 simple life people andf a dog living in nowhere, kansas. but, the bagge family deals constantly with things like talking cats, giant feet and ducks? courage has to save muriel and eustace every time. wait. a dog!?!?!?!moreless

    its a well thought, written and illustrated cartoon. unlike most cartoons this is family friendly and you and your parents would like it. i wouldnt say it was dark but some episodes are SCARY. for example, king ramses' curse, courage in the big stinkin city, and human habitrail. but overall its an awesome show and i think that everyone can and will enjoy it. and although some episodes are scary, some are funny such as duck brothers, the clutching foot, and perfect. so as you can see i liked it a lot and ive beeen watching it since i was 7 and i loked it all of those years.moreless
  • There's nothing more scary than King Ramses! I am DEAD serious!

    The King Ramses episode, oh my god. After you watched this episode at like 10 at night, you can not fall asleep. King Ramses is the definition of scary. He's more 3D like than most villans and the way he constantly says "Return the slab" makes this cold feeling run down your spine. Kudos to Eustace trying to make it less scary with his funny comments. But this episode is by far the scariest in the series.

    As for the foot fungus episode, it's not scary at all. As a matter of fact, it's just downright funny. Basically Eustace has this foot fungus that grows so huge that it covers him and takes control of him. All 5 of his toes sound like Ed Robinson from the mob movies. It gives you a nice warm feeling after that horrible experience watching King Ramses.moreless
  • Wow! Scarriest episode in the seiries!

    Two criminal cats steal a slab belonging to a dead guy named King Ramses and berry it in the water pump at the farm house. King ramses summons his locust and kills them both. The next day Courage finds the slab and Eustace finds out that its worth $1,000,000 and won't give it back. That

    night King Ramses plays 3 plages on the farm house and after the 3rd one the slab is returned and Eustace is on it. King Ramses is as scary as heck when you look at him!!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The mask Eustace wears during the first plague (Flood) wouldn't work unless Eustace was near enough to the the surface of the water to have air come through the tube, Eustace was on the ground.

    • When the locusts start to eat the house, Muriel obviously runs outside screaming. But in another scene afterwards, she's back inside the house fixing up food! Why didn't she just do that first and then run outside?

    • In "The Clutching Foot," it is a Sunday, because the Foot said it was when they were robbing a bank.

    • In "King Ramses' Curse," there is a fireplace in the living room. But at the end, when Courage and Muriel are watching the TV, it isn't there.

    • In "The Clutching Foot," Eustace is possessed by The Foot. When he is, his hat falls off, and it falls on the floor of the living room. But two scenes later, and in the rest of the segment, his hat isn't there.

    • In both "King Ramses' Curse" and "The Clutching Foot," the closet in the living room isn't there.

    • All these goofs are from "King Ramses' Curse": 1) There is a bathtub-like plug in the basement floor that isn't always there. 2) When Eustace is talking about the lawnchairs, you see the picture of King Ramses disappear on the slab. But when Muriel is dusting it, the picture returns! Not only that, but when Eustace is grabbing the slab talking about new lights, bugzappers, etc., the picture is gone. 3) When the bugs eat the roof at the end, Muriel and Courage are watching the TV. However, the TV doesn't work without the antenna.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • King Ramses: (after Courage foils the first curse) Aw, come on!

    • Ramses: Return the slab!
      Eustace: What's yer' offer?

    • (repeated and sung)
      The man in gauze, the man in gauze, King Ramses!!!!!

    • Muriel: (plugging her ears) Courage, make it stop!

    • Eustace: I know exactly what it is! Garbage! (throws the slab out the window)

    • (Repeated Line)
      Spirit: Return the slab.

    • (Courage is consulting his computer)
      Computer: A fungus? Did you think about regular bathing?
      Courage: Not me! The farmer! His foot!
      Computer: I'm not surprised. Well, if you want a cure, you're going to have to bring me a sample.
      (Courage uses a fishing rod and pulls off one of the green bulges at the heel of the foot, then comes back and puts it into the CD drive)
      Computer: (spits the sample out of the drive) YUCH! PTOOIE! Nasty! There's only one cure for that! Dog spit.
      (Courage squeaks in horror at the idea)
      Computer: Work up a good drool, baby!

    • Big Toe: We need to pull a heist, see? It's Sunday and the banks are closed, so we knock over a bank.
      Courage: Oh, I knew I should have learned how to drive a stick!

    • King Ramses: Return the slab, or suffer my curse!
      Eustace: What's your offer?!
      King Ramses: Tonight you'll be visited by three plagues, each one worse than the last...
      Eustace: Nice try, professor! (slams the door) Who's he kidding, I can see that zipper on the cheap costume!

    • King Ramses: (Singing) King Ramses, the man in gauze, he's no Santa Claus, the man in gauze.

    • Eustace: A million dollars! You know what that means? New lawnchairs!

    • Eustace: Stupid dog, always bringing garbage into the house!

  • NOTES (6)


    • Plot: A Christmas Carol (King Ramses' Curse)

      Eustace being greedy, doesn't return the slab. This causes a ghost to send three plagues to change his mind. This is similar to Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol, where greedy Scrooge is warned by a ghost of the coming of three more ghosts to make him less greedy.

    • King Ramses: Person
      King Ramses was actually one of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

    • Big Toe: Voice & Personality
      The big toe's voice and personality is based on the famous actor, Edward G. Robinson, who starred in gangster movies such as, Little Caeser.

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