Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 3

Le Quack Balloon / Windmill Vandals

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Le Quack Balloon: Le Quack is back, once again, this time in a hot air balloon. Muriel is getting ready to bake cookies when he arrives and is using a cookbook. Le Quack switches the cookbook to a Swedish cookbook when she is not looking, the cookie recipe now requires vinegar that is only in Sweden. Le Quack says he'll take Muriel to Sweden in his hot air balloon. It's all really a trick. He attaches Muriel to a bungee cord and makes her steal things when she comes down and up. Courage goes, leashed with Eustace and finds Le Quack's big plan is to have Muriel rob the Swedish piggy bank. Unfortunately, for Le Quack, it is guarded by a General and cannons, which shoot the balloon down. Eustace gets stuck in a cannon and it launches, he lands in the bathroom of his house and his head gets stuck in the toilet when he lands! He finds his glasses in there. Muriel and Courage escape from Le Quack and find the Swedish vinegar.

Windmill Vandals: The windmill is broken. Courage finds that whenever the windmill stops... four armored skeletons on horseback come towards him! He finds signs on the windmill vanes and his computer says they are mystic signs made by the first owner of the farm house. Vandals who had a broken paddle wheel needed energy, so they tried to steal the windmill, but the owner put mystic signs on them to keep them away. Whenever, it stops, the ghosts of the vandals come back... and they want to cut everyone's head off! The windmill eventually gets fixed and the skeletons go away.moreless

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  • I like this episode. Le quake balloon 7.8 windmill-vandals 10.

    this is my FAV. courage episodes of all time. This episode should of gotten a 10 instead of 7.3. Its a very good episode and it has a good story line on it to. This episode is like the best one there is. Courage is like so cute in this episode^^. LOL
  • Could have been so much better.....

    Le Quack Balloon

    An okay episode but not great. Not much to say about this episode, it wasn\'t bad but it wasn\'t good nether. I love that Le Quack is finally back but the episode idea just didn\'t seem well thought up. Like alot of the season four episodes it felt rushed.


    Windmill Vandals

    This episode could have been so much had a very nice frighting atmosphere and vandals were freaky as heck but they wasted a good idea by making them run around the WHOLE episode while getting there heads chopped off. Even worse this is the last episode with The Computer actually being important unlike his last two apperances in Muriel Blows Up and Bride Of The Swamp Monster which were small and he didn\'t even talk in Muriel Blows Up!


Paul Schoeffler

Paul Schoeffler

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