Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 13

Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is an awsome show to watch. It's about Courage and his dog family. And courage gets his head stuck in a steel fence. And they had to go to the doctor and remove it. When the doctor said come with me. Courage's parents were sent to the moon.

    One of my favorite episodes of Courage The Cowardly Dog. I hope they have the seasons on dvd sometime. I like this show very much. I haven\'t seen this episode for a very long time. I wish they would come out with a movie. I cryed after the episode was done.
  • I loved this episode.

    This episode is very special, we got to see how muriel and courage met. and how his parents were shipped to the moon. I liked Perfect better, it has a very good moral about being yourself, and I liked the dreams courage had. but the Teacher was really scary. I think I learned alot about Perfection from this specail episode.
  • "Rememberence of Courage's past": The orgin of courage is explained. How he got his name, what happened to his parents, why he was abondoned, how muriel found him, etc. "Perfect": Courage is taught by a mean teacher how to be perfect.

    When I watched this episode something happened to me that has never happened to me before from watching a cartoon. I cried. It wasn\'t the fact that this was the final episode, it was how emotionally connected i was to watching courage lose his parents in his origin story. \"Perfect\" on the other hand, was an average episode, but \"Rememberence of Courage\'s past\" was the series best episode, and possibly one of the most moving episodes of a tv series ever. Although \"Perfect\" isn\'t very good, I\'m still giving this episode a 10 because of how touching the other one was. 10 out of 10! A very grand finale indeed!
  • *sob*

    This episode was so sad and I really feel sorry for Courage. I was holding out and not crying for most of the episode, but when baby Courage fell in the dumpster and watched his parents fly away in the rocket ship, I just couldn\'t take it anymore, and I cried all the way through the ending. Although the evil vet sent Courage\'s parents into space, I think that if it hadn\'t happened Muriel and Eustace would be doomed, so it was a bittersweet event. Also it\'s good to see all the poor dogs hat the vet sent into space got their vengence. Heh.
  • Courage the cowardly dog left and never came back.

    I have not seen courage the cowardly dog sence that day. it never came back. i wish it would come back. i hate it when a great show leaves and nobody ever see's it again. the film is just sitting in some office waiting to be found again and put back on the air. i hope it's found soon. i miss courage
  • Perfect is the only thing keeping me from giving this a 10....

    Remembrance Of Courage Past

    I wonderful yet sad episode, sad because of Courage's loss of his parents and sad because it's the last we'll ever see of this great series. I nearly cried when Courage watched his parents get blasted into space and I still almost cry whenever I see this episode. I'm so happy Courage found Muriel in the end.....

    Score: 10.0


    What a way to ruin the mood of the first part of this episode. This episode was horrible for the last episode seen. They could have done a much better job after having so many original episodes, it may have been better if it had come on before Remembrance Of Courage Past but for some reason it was last. A dull and boring episode is all I have to say about it, it felt rushed like they just wanted to hurry up and get Courage The Cowardly Dog over with. Either way I still get tears whenever this episode ends because I know Courage is....over....

    My final thought is....where the heck is The Computer? *Cries out in fangirl rage*

    Score: 1.9
  • no this cant be the last episode

    i was pissed when i found out this was the final episode of the courage the cowardly dog after watching this show all these years i was not happy when it ended i think they should make another 4 seasons at least that would so awesome but only in my dreams and imagination but if they did all i can say is that i would not miss one new episode cause i was addicted to courage man that was my fav cn show and always will be all the shows now a days arent really all that great they took off all my other fav show as well what is cn becoming i cant believe it
  • It made me almost cry

    I could not believe that this was the last episode!I was so sad and mad at cartoon network! I loved this show sooooo much and Cartoon Network just came and got rid of it! And I was up at 2:00 in the morning and guess what was on? Courage the cowardly dog! But anyway this episode was so sad I felt so bad for courage. I\'ve been watching this show for 4 years and to see it go was so sad!I\'ll always love this show! Goodbye courage the cowardly dog! *Runs of crying then comes back*.I hope that CN brings it back one day.
  • Remembrance of Courage Past- Courage's past comes back to haunt him as he is confronted by the same vet that sent his parents to space. Perfect- a teacher tries to teach Courage to be perfect, with disasterous results.

    What is there to say?
    "Remembrance of Courage Past" was a nice episode, becasue we finally got to see Courage's backstory. I liked how the evil vet got what he deserved in the end.
    "Perfect" was unusual, but it stressed the point that *no one* is perfect. The series of dream sequences, although weird, was still very interesting.
    Shame this is the last episode.
  • Even though these are the final episodes, Courage went out with a bang.

    I'll never forgot the day this show ended. It was so sad. I really loved this show so much.

    Courage Past
    When Courage sees a picture of a dog missing on a milk carton, he starts to remember his dark and depressing past. He remembers that fateful day when he got stuck in the fence and how the vet told him to wait outside to talk to his parents. When Courage walks in he found out the evil man is trying to send his parents into space. Courage tries to save them but failed. He quickly escaped the vets office only to unfortunately see the rocket launch into space with his beloved parents inside. He gets adopted by Muriel, who gave him the name Courage. Those were the events that he had flashes of when he is trying to save Muriel and Eustace from the evil vet he escaped from once before. But this time he foils the evil veteranarian and sends him into space instead of Muriel and Eustace! As they live happily ever after, Courage shall always remember his parents.

    An uptight teacher comes to teach Courage to be perfect. As Courage tries to be perfect but fails, she gets real mad. But Courage soon finds out from a wise fish that everyone is perfect in their own way. That is how you're perfect! As the show ends, as Courage takes his final bow you hear that old loud mouth ***** teacher scream: Perfect...!
  • rememberance of courage is a very nerve shattering episode,cuz the doctor carrying courage`s parents in the net and the music that went along with it made you feel really uncomfortable and made you feel really sad for courage.

    This episode was eerie and I just couldn`t stand watching the doctor take courage`s parents away. I mean it`s sad enough they`re kidnapped and blasted too the moon,but when you hear that sad music along with the doctor carrying courage`s parents in the net,it makes you feel so uncomfortable and I just couldn`t stand watching it,and I really love my family and couldn`t imagine if they were kidnapped.

    That episode was just too uncomfortable and sad to watch,though at least courage finally got rid of him for good,and the dogs the doctor sent to the moon along with courage`s parents probably beat him up or killed him.
  • A wonderful finale is spoiled by misplaced 'Perfect' episode.

    This episode is definitetly one to watch, solely because of the 'Rememberence Of Courage Past' episode. This episode is a bit of a tear-jerker it has to be said, but it does answer some big questions (why was courage 'abandoned' etc)
    so is therefore worth a watch.

    The reason I'm posting this episode review is because of the
    'Perfect' episode. It just seemed so out of place. Why spoil an amazing final episode with a medocre-at-best courage outing? This question remains unanswered.

    In conclusion, great courage episodes but slightly clumsily paired. I would've even prefered a corny courage slideshow to 'perfect' (At least it would've been appropriate as a final episode)
  • Very nice! It is lovely!

    I liked the episode, called PERFECT! Actually, it is my favourite! The start, when Courage is commanded by Eustace to repair the car makes you think that the day will probably be normal. But in this show we coild not see any average days at all! Then we see Courage, helping Muriel making baklava. And a teacher enters the room. We can't understand if she was called by Eustace or she is a ghost trying to help! I think she is a ghost, cause noone except Couage and that Chinese boy can see her. And at the end she MELTS! Crazy! And...the first nightmare of Courage is very creapy!
  • I would have put something else but this had revealed somehting big and helepd charcter devlopment.

    This was the series finale of courage the cowardly dog and it was nerver-wraking, Revaling, and great. It was sad about the evil doctor and courages parnets but great when courage got revenge on the evil doctor :twisted: It told us the history of courage the main charcter and what happened to his parents. It was a great ending and perfect. The part of the episdoe prefect I forgot all about since I didn't care much for it. I cared about the other part. Basically if you were a courge fan you might have crided and liked this ending episode. It was great and Im glad courgae went with a bang.
  • Poor Courage.

    It was a very sad episode to watch and a great way to end the sieries. If they just removed perfect from it it really would be perfect. I'm glad that stupid vet got what he deserved. He was killed on the moon with Courage's parents and all the other dogs.
  • Courage recalls a horrible memory from his past--Courage learns what is means to be "perfect".

    I think they chose two good episodes for the series finale. Both episodes have their sad moments, and happy times.

    Rememberance of Courage:
    This episode is very revealing and a tearjerker. It shows what happened to Courage's parents and we find out that he wasn't really abandoned. This is one of the very few episodes that almost made me shed a tear. It's very sad to see what happened to Courage's parents. But, I'm glad that Muriel found him. Even though he lost his biological parents, Courage found someone else.

    Perfect: Courage believes he can't do anything right. And things don't get better for him when a strange lady comes and criticizes everything he does. In the end, Courage realizes that no one is perfect. People do things their own way and it is still right. I thought this episode was also important, but not as much as the previous one. It tells a pretty good lesson that there is no such thing as "perfection"; it's just about how you do things yourself.
  • In "remembrance of courage past" courage gets a flashback and meets the evil vet again. In "perfect" a teacher try to get courage to be perfect and can't do it.

    This episode was good and I can't believe that this is the last episode. I think that remembrance of courage past is nerve-wracking and a tearjerker. I can't believe that the evil vet sent courage's parents to space and I almost cried. I liked when Courage sent the vet to space and courage got his revenge. I don't get how Muriel found courage so fast. I think that "Perfect" was O.K. I really hate that teacher and I like when she was melting. Some of the nightmares of courage are creepy and funny. I liked when the fish said "you are perfect" to courage. I wish that they bring this show back, because this show is awesome.
  • This episode was so sad...

    When I watched this episode, I nearly started crying. It was sad to see what happened to courages parents, and I didn't like that courage started crying several times in his flashbacks..... The episode where that teacher was trying to teach courage how to be perfect, because she came out of nowhere, she gave courage creepy nightmares, and, at the end of the episode, she melted....I only kind of like this episode, but I have always thought that this episode was kind of creepy....I remember seeing this episode when I was younger, and I think that I got nightmares from this episode... well, anyway, I think that this episode is sad and creepy, but I would still watch it when it is on.
  • First one was great, didn't like the second one.

    The reason I didn't give the whole episode a better rating is because of the second segment, Perfect. i didn't like that one. Remembrance of Courage Past: This episode had Courage having a broken-up flashback about how he had lost his parents. He lost them because of an evil vet that took them and put them in a rocket that went to the moon. While having that flashback, Muriel starts to worry about courage, so she decides to take him to the same evil vet. While Muriel and Eustace wait outside, the vet gets Courage and trys to put him in the rocket to fire HIM to the moon. And then also muriel and eustace. But courage saves the day by knocking the vet out and putting him in the rocket. While Courage is with muriel and eusatce again relaxing happily, the evil vet is on the moon and then gets beat up by all the dogs that he sent there, including courage's parnets. This one was sad, but amazing!! Perfect: Well, I HATED THIS EPISODE!! I don't understand why they had to stick this awful episode with this other great episode!! I won't tell you the plot, because it's boring and dumb. And so many things happen to poor courage. both eustace and the dumb teacher were annoying and mean in this episode. So, to sum up, I really liked the first segment, but hated the last segment!!
  • im here just to review the firt part. (spolier alerts) (sorry if my review is to long it is 456 words but its a great review.)

    the first part of this episode really should have been the whole episode. the second part was ok it was just courage trying to be perfect and relizing he was perfect the way he was. it wasn't a bad part but i still like the first part much better. im sorry if my memmory is a little shakey it's been a while since i've seen this episode. ok let me begin my review

    in this part of this episode is a flash back. sounds corny right? but it was great. and so sad. i and going to admit this. i cried a little.

    the flash back begins with courage and his paretns(his actual parents his birth parents) courage gets stuck in a gate and has to go to the vet. while there we meet a creepy vet. and takes courage parents to another room. when courage find them he see's they are in a rocket that is going to be sent to the moon for a experiment by the vet. courage trys to save his parents but fails and they are sent into space. courage escapes the vet and goes out side. he see's the rocket shooting up in the air. (sorry if i spell her name wrong) meriel comes along and says (i hope im right) "u must be a brave dog to be sitting out here all alone. why don't u come home with me. courage" (that should be about right) now in the present courage is acting strange(he is having flash backs from the vet) so merriel and eustice take courage to the vet. and we see the very same vet. the vet gets meriel and eustice in another room. when courage finds them he find that the vet has trapped them in the rocket as well. time is runing out and courage has to save them. in a way this is really courage last adventure(the perfect part was not a adventure)and the last time courage has to save eustice and merriel.

    courgae fortuanly saves them both and (this part i just love) traps the vet into the rocket. they return home and merriel says "i wonder what ever happened to that nasty old vet" courage growls at this.

    we see the rocked landing on the moon. and we see all these dogs that are really strong(the vets idea was to make dogs strong by sending them to the moon) we see courage parents and other dogs gathering around the vet. even though we do not see what happens to him i think we all can guess.

    in my honest opinion this is a perfect ending and my favorite courage episode

    r.i.p courage the cowardly dog along with all the rest of the classic cartoon net work shows.
  • Among my favorite episodes. Both of them get 10/10s.

    Rememberence of Courage Past is an all around classic. Story of Courage's parents and how he and Muriel found eachother. So sad and so beautiful. Besides the obvious sad parts involving the flashbacks and Courage's parents, a personal favorite part of mine about this episode was how much Muriel desperately wanted to save Courage. It's very rare where Muriel is the one to try to save Courage and it was just so touching for me. I love this episode 10/10. Perfect was beautiful too! I don't know why a few other people have said they don't like it! It was just so beautiful. Seeing Courage strive for perfection was so sad and the cruel teacher was such a great villain. And the episode even had a great lesson to it! I loved when Courage stopped striving for perfection. Two classic episodes in one. So much to love. 10/10 for both of them.
  • What a good way to end a good show. I'll miss Courage.

    Remembrance of Courage Past This Episode was cute and sad at the same time. Courage, enjoying chicken dumplings, sees a "have you seen me?" on a milk carton, featuring lost dogs. Courage then is reminded of memories of being stuck in a fence and having to go to a vet. The animation hit the right note to the tone. Childhood memories look good and crayon, and Courage was such a cute little puppy! But then, everything starts to change. The (creepy) vet asks Courages parents to come with him for a moment, and Courage grows worry after hearing screams of "help us!". Courage goes to the rescue, trying to save his folks from being put inside a rocket, as test subjects for a sinister plan to make dogs in space super strong. It was too late, and poor courage is now faced to the vet again after zoning out on memories. The vet takes courage away, the Muriel and Eustace, but Courage screams into the vets ears rather funily and the vet is sent into space. He got what he deserved and it was ended with how Muriel found Courage. Perfect This Ep was simple, Courage was messing things up and constantly called imperfect by Eustace, causing a horrible teacher to show up and try to make him perfect. He then gets nightmares ( the first one was absolutly horrifying though! Aaaah!) and learns to be perfect the was he is, by a fish. Cute ep!
  • Great!

    Even though I would like this show to be on still, I like the finale. I wish Perfect aired first and then Remembrance of Courage Past, because I like Remembrance a lot. It has a series finale type feel to it because it is about Courage's life and why he was "abandoned" as a pup. But I am still very happy and content with these two episodes and I consider them both fantastic series finales to a great show on Cartoon Network. They both get an A+ to them, but Perfect is a little bit weaker. Still overall great episodes
  • series classic...

    "Rememberence of Courage Past" is my most favorite of the two. In this ep we learn what happened to Courage's parents. It was a very well written ep. I loved the flashback parts(Courage was so cute when he was a pup^^). This was the perfect ending to an awsome show=D final grade:A+++

    "Perfect" is also a great ep, but not as great as "Rememberence of Courage Past." It's about how Courage isn't perfect & some lady tries to make him perfect(like making Courage brush his teeth perfectly), but he always messes up. The dreams that Courage had in this ep were cool(although, the part with that creepy looking blue dude was kinda freakyo.O)

    final grade:A
  • An outstanding way to end Courage

    Both episodes were very great endings: "Rembrance from Courage Past" is very heartbreaking and "Perfect" is okay. Anyways, both of these episodes were very good series finales, along with "Ball of Revenge".