Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 13

Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • im here just to review the firt part. (spolier alerts) (sorry if my review is to long it is 456 words but its a great review.)

    the first part of this episode really should have been the whole episode. the second part was ok it was just courage trying to be perfect and relizing he was perfect the way he was. it wasn't a bad part but i still like the first part much better. im sorry if my memmory is a little shakey it's been a while since i've seen this episode. ok let me begin my review

    in this part of this episode is a flash back. sounds corny right? but it was great. and so sad. i and going to admit this. i cried a little.

    the flash back begins with courage and his paretns(his actual parents his birth parents) courage gets stuck in a gate and has to go to the vet. while there we meet a creepy vet. and takes courage parents to another room. when courage find them he see's they are in a rocket that is going to be sent to the moon for a experiment by the vet. courage trys to save his parents but fails and they are sent into space. courage escapes the vet and goes out side. he see's the rocket shooting up in the air. (sorry if i spell her name wrong) meriel comes along and says (i hope im right) "u must be a brave dog to be sitting out here all alone. why don't u come home with me. courage" (that should be about right) now in the present courage is acting strange(he is having flash backs from the vet) so merriel and eustice take courage to the vet. and we see the very same vet. the vet gets meriel and eustice in another room. when courage finds them he find that the vet has trapped them in the rocket as well. time is runing out and courage has to save them. in a way this is really courage last adventure(the perfect part was not a adventure)and the last time courage has to save eustice and merriel.

    courgae fortuanly saves them both and (this part i just love) traps the vet into the rocket. they return home and merriel says "i wonder what ever happened to that nasty old vet" courage growls at this.

    we see the rocked landing on the moon. and we see all these dogs that are really strong(the vets idea was to make dogs strong by sending them to the moon) we see courage parents and other dogs gathering around the vet. even though we do not see what happens to him i think we all can guess.

    in my honest opinion this is a perfect ending and my favorite courage episode

    r.i.p courage the cowardly dog along with all the rest of the classic cartoon net work shows.