Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 13

Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • What a good way to end a good show. I'll miss Courage.

    Remembrance of Courage Past This Episode was cute and sad at the same time. Courage, enjoying chicken dumplings, sees a "have you seen me?" on a milk carton, featuring lost dogs. Courage then is reminded of memories of being stuck in a fence and having to go to a vet. The animation hit the right note to the tone. Childhood memories look good and crayon, and Courage was such a cute little puppy! But then, everything starts to change. The (creepy) vet asks Courages parents to come with him for a moment, and Courage grows worry after hearing screams of "help us!". Courage goes to the rescue, trying to save his folks from being put inside a rocket, as test subjects for a sinister plan to make dogs in space super strong. It was too late, and poor courage is now faced to the vet again after zoning out on memories. The vet takes courage away, the Muriel and Eustace, but Courage screams into the vets ears rather funily and the vet is sent into space. He got what he deserved and it was ended with how Muriel found Courage. Perfect This Ep was simple, Courage was messing things up and constantly called imperfect by Eustace, causing a horrible teacher to show up and try to make him perfect. He then gets nightmares ( the first one was absolutly horrifying though! Aaaah!) and learns to be perfect the was he is, by a fish. Cute ep!