Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 13

Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In "Remembrance of Courage past", Eustace is the only character who does not appear in Courage's flashbacks.

    • When Courage was "sick" why did his parents not let him go to Dr Vindaloo? In others episodes like "Night of The Weremole", Courage sees the doctor when he is sick.

      Response : Maybe Dr Vindaloo replaced the evil vet after he was sent in space. But it is curious that Muriel and Eustace do not call Dr Vindaloo and know about the vet.

    • In "Perfect", neither Muriel nor Eustace was in any real danger like most of the previous episodes.

    • Hasn't anyone noticed the random disappearances of dogs for such a long time?

    • Where were Muriel and Eustace when the teacher was in the kitchen making Courage act "perfect"?

    • In "Remembrance of Courage Past," Muriel has brown hair during Courage's flashback. But in "Le Quack Amnesia Specialist," Muriel's wedding photo showed her with orange hair. The intro says Courage was "abandoned as a pup," yet in this episode, he wasn't technically "abandoned" since he just ended up on the streets, because his parents were sent into space.

    • In "Perfect," the bathroom and bedroom switched places.

    • In Courage's flashback of the evil vet, his hair was gray. But when he was chasing baby Courage, his hair turned white for a brief moment.

  • Quotes

    • Nightmare Creature: You're not perfect.

    • Teacher: For your next lesson, draw a perfect six!
      (Courage scribbles something down)
      Teacher: That isn't a six!
      (Courage scrambles it around to make it look like a six)
      Teacher: (melting to a puddle) Argh! You are so imperfect!

    • Fish: There's no such thing as perfect. You're beautiful as you are, Courage. With all your imperfections, you can do anything.
      (Courage gasps)

    • Eustace: (To get Courage to move) Booga, booga, booga!
      (Courage doesn't notice)

    • Teacher: The turkey in Albuquerque is perky.

    • (Flashback)
      Muriel: (To baby Courage) You poor dog. Staying out here all alone must have taken courage, Courage. I think that's what I'll call you!

    • Eustace: (To Courage) You painted the chicken coop wrong!

  • Notes

    • This is the first, last and only episode to use different animations in one episode. The first is traditional animation (the whole episode), computer-generated imagery (the nightmare creature saying "You're not perfect"), flash animation (during the Wizard of Oz scene), stop motion animation/claymation (juggling pies scene) and cut-out animation with 25Ds graphics (the broken vase scene).

    • In "Perfect", neither Muriel nor Eustace can see the nanny. Moreover, the nanny's blackboard replaces the computer in the attic. The fact that only Courage sees her, and the way she dissolved creates the impression that she isn't an actual human, but more like a specter. However, there is no official proof for that, neither is there such for the nanny being a human, called by Eustace.

    • In "Remembrance of Courage Past", we learn that Courage actually didn't have a name before Muriel adopted him. She called him Courage because she found him courageous to stay in a trash during hours.

    • The show was canceled after this episode.

    • At the end of the episode, when the doctor is sent to the moon, you can see Courage's parents and the end of the line of angry dogs.

    • Part of this episode is a flashback.

    • Last episode to first air in 2002.

    • "Remembrance of Courage Past" gives a good explanation of why Courage was "abandoned."

    • The talking fish looks like Muddy Mudskipper from Ren and Stimpy.

    • "Remembrance of Courage Past" reveals Courage's father's name as Henry.

    • Courage's parents are seen for the first time in "Remembrance of Courage Past."

    • Season 4 Finale/Series Finale.

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