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  • Superb

  • the song at 7:06

    Any know the song at 7:06 's name? By the way this is the best show on CN!!!!
  • This was a wacky, fun and mysterious show

    Courage is one of those shows that should be brought back like all the 90s glory. It is colorful, funny dialogue and perfect animation. That's why I recommend this show to everyone that likes the 90s CN glory.
  • This show was wacky, grim, freaky and awkward...

    and that's precisely what made it work. Courage was a lovable character and yes I do think he was better off not talking as much as he did in early episodes. The dialogue was almost pitch perfect. The voice acting was amazing and the feeling was just right. It really stood out as a show. Too bad it had to end so damn early, but I'm also glad it ended on a high note.
  • For

    This series was disturbing, horrifying, and sad at times. This is what set it apart from the popular idea that cartoons are supposed to be dandy and whimsical. This show could've been a very lasting show of it weren't for a little move: it was targeted at CHILDREN. This was the reason the show was cancelled, and rightfully so. Who shows this to children? If it had been targeted at adults, the show would've stayed. The series was great, it just shouldn't have been shown to kids.
  • This show may seem dark sometimes, but it's AWESOME.

    My dad and I watch this show everyday and we find the series cool. Courage and Eustace are so awesome together. Some of the episodes are scary, but good. I love this show, no matter what.
  • "Stupid Dog! You Make Me Look Bad!"

    What a creepy, mysterious, and sometimes straight up horrifying show for a kids network. And somehow it was one of the best shows i and many others have watched. You've got the extremely coward dog as the title says, but always tries to be brave and protect Muriel, his owner. Then there's Eustice, Muriel's abusive husband and always seems to be the unlucky one at the end of each episode. Muriel on the other hand is sweet to courage, but can also be very stupid sometimes. Yeah this show doesn't have many other characters, but to be perfectly honest, it doesn't even need more characters. That's what makes it so much more creepy; two people and their dog living in the middle of nowhere. Anyway on with this show. The plot sometimes gets repetetive, and some villains were pretty ridiculous. But courage must always have to take the difficult journey to defeat the villain and get back Muriel, which is usually always the plot, but I don't give a shit. My favorite villain was probably Kat :) so mysterious. The soundtrack adds even more to the spookiness, and that one scene where there are GODDAMN CHILDREN SINGING A NURSERY RHYME WHILE MURIELS NEPHEW IS GIVING COURAGE A HAIRCUT?!?!?!!??????!???!?? That is the all time SCARIEST thing I very saw on a cartoon. And it turns out that scene is actually based of children being abused in real life by adults. But still, it always seems to have that "kiddish" touch to it, such as courages over reacted screams. Overall, if ur looking for a kid cartoon, and looking for some scary mysterious stuff, this is the show for u. One of the best shows of CN ever
  • It may have been Dark, but it worked

    In short, I loved this show, because it pushed limits. Yes, there were hardcore themes, but they handled it professionally and creativity. I like to call this "Oh yeah, Nostalgia"
  • Now this was a show that deserved to be popular

    This was one of those shows that took great risks, to not only entertain us, but also scare us. Even though this show could've gone on, it ended when it needed to, before things got a little stale. (I'm looking at you Family Guy) Even though many moments still scare us to this this day, the series is unforgettable, had great episodes that dealt with dark themes, and is still enjoyable after all of these years.
  • Love this show

    Great show, I love it! They got a lot better after the first few episodes. I just wish they would air it more often.
  • I dont really connect with this show

    The characters and bad guys do look a it crude and the humans feel too dumbed down to be convincing but I did find most of the episodes watchable.
  • One of the greatest cartoons on Cartoon Network

    This show may have lasted for over 40 episodes, but it's memorable and funny at times. Not to mention quotable. Gotta love Courage.
  • i miss this show,

    it was so fun when it aired back then who agrees?
  • Miss this show!!!

    "Courage the Cowardly Dog" is probably the BEST show Cartoon Network has ever introduced. I used to love it as a kid. Now, I miss this show and HATE CN's new, stupid shows. I wish there were reruns of this show.
  • The final episode of this show was made me mad.

    Such a great show, gosh this network nuked too many shows.
  • Review for Courage The Cowardly Dog

    I dont understand why this show ended. It was doing really well.
  • Only have 10 words to say!

    I only have 10 words to say: STUPID DOG, YOU MAKE ME LOOK BAD, OOGA OOGA BOOGA!
  • This Show had such Courage to take the Risks it did and still manages to stay on Cartoon Network! I always like coming back to see the Reruns!

    Every once in awhile there will be a show that takes Risks such as Invader Zim and Ren and Stimpy, but my all time Childhood Favorite Risk Taker would have to be Courage the Cowardly Dog. A Show that took many Risks such as Harsh Deaths, Decapitation, Disturbing Imagery, and even Female Cruelty! This Show had such Courage to take the Great Risks it did and Surprisingly still manages to stay on Cartoon Network! Not only is this Show Amazing with it's Characters, Disturbing Imagery and Episodes, but it is also amazing on how Original I think this piece of work is, It's just never been done before; A Frightened Dog having to save it's owners from Creatures that come out of nowhere, actually Courage and his Owners live in the Middle of Nowhere, so it kinda strangely makes sense! I always think to myself if there has been an original version of "Courage the Cowardly Dog" in Black & White made in the 20's or 30's; I don't know but the idea seems so fresh that it might have had an original made in the early 90's; But there isn't an Original and that is surprising cause almost everything in the show seems like it's from the 20's or 30's with the fact that they have a Truck that keeps Braking down, a Black & White . and a Wooden Cabin Home, but they do have a computer in the attic so that must mean they are not living in the 20's or 30's, but the 90's! Yeah, real shocking in my terms! 0_0 Anyway, The Show itself overall is Great and Enjoyable for everyone, All the Characters are likeable; Courage is cute, Muriel is a typical Old House Wife that has no fucking idea what is going on half of the time; and that is ridiculously funny! And Eustace OMG... He is Hysterical, Always calling for Dinner or wanting his paper, his Chair his Hat and his Breakfast. Eustace has got to be the funniest Elderly fictional Character of all time. So make sure if you haven't watched this show yet, then what are you waiting for go see it, It's a Fantastic piece of work; Guaranteed. :)

  • courage fan

    I love you courage
  • It may be dark for kids shows but I love it.

    I asked all of my friends about this show and everyone rememebers it for scaring them. It was dark and disturbing but also funny and intresting. It was without a doubt one of CNs best offerings.

    It relies on Courage who must protect his owners Eustice and Muriel. Muriel is a old, loving Scottish woman while Eustice is a mean grumpy old man (imagine Squidward even meaner but as a farmer). So anyway most people remember this shows for it's dark tones. Now not all episodes were scary, some were actually rather lighthearted and funny. But 75% were just distubing. I kid you not watching King Ramse's Curse at the age of only 7 left scars on me. In the end Courage the Cowardly Dog is a very underrated cartoon. And compared to the crap on today I would highly reccomend watching this show.
  • Aww! I Love This Show :)!

    Omigosh, yes! It's all coming back to me.

    This used to be my favorite show on CN, along with Squirrel Boy.

    I always loved the unique plots and creepy charaters. I admit, though, I WAS little and some parts were... a little TOO creepy, but I still enjoyed it.

    My especial favorite thing is the charaters. I loved Courage, and remember I liked Kitty from the episode... ooh, I forget what it was called.

    Nobody could ever forget a cute (but creepy <3) show like this.
  • best horror themed cartoon ever

    best cartoon on cn well my second favorite my favorite is ed edd n eddy but who cares this was an awesome cartoon.and my favorite character in this show is courage because im sorta like him
  • Cute, Comedic an VERY Dark

    As a kid, all I saw - all any of us saw, I'm sure - was a cute dog with a nice lady and her annoying and unlucky husband she loves to death get through some wacky situations using cartoon-y solutions. Now that I'm older, I see an oddly-colored, but still cute, possibly mentally disturbed dog with a woman who is the living definition of the saying "ignorance is bliss" and her annoying and unlucky husband somehow manage to escape several situations that would lead (and in some cases have led) to death then go on living as if the world is all right. As much as I hate to say's no wonder Cartoon Network cancelled the show. Kids are becoming more and more aware of certain things that a lot of us as children had no idea existed as world problems, and just about every last single one of them has been portrayed in some way or another in at least one episode. Homicide, decapitation, lust, obsession, slavery, torture, domestic violence, animal cruelty, corruption of the human soul, peering into the mind of a psychopath...and still many more topics that it hid under parental radars using a cutesy cartoon style, an adorable protagonist and classical cartoonish themes, like over-sized masks being pulled form no where and talking bananas, as a shield. I still love Courage, believe me, but the dark tone of a majority of episodes just would not fly by today's censorship standards.

    On that note, I'd like to say that ANYTHING that can pull something like that off for so long and not have anyone care until recently truly deserves a high rating. Just about everything else that's tried has either been noticeably creepy with the use of attempting to be cute only making it more creepy and/or only scared us more as children than it does now.

    Also, I loved that weird guy with the tan and the annoying laugh that just kept popping up in random episodes. He was hilarious and even more unfortunate than Eustace most of the time. Did he ever have a name because I just called him that one dude in the shorts. Oh! And the online games on were so much fun to play.


    That is why you, Courage, get a 9.5 from me. I took off that extra .5 because that windmill episode went all classic horror movie slideshow on me when it was telling the story of the windmill on the farm and gave me nightmares for a month.
  • Dude, this show is so freaking creepy.

    My god I now notice now that i'm older, I just noticed how creepy this show is. It really is. The scariest episode is probably the one with the guy's head and it's in black and whte and he goes in the basement or something. I don't know but the guy's head isn't drawn like as in cartoony, it's a REAL GUY'S HEAD. Jesus Christ, scared me to death the last time I saw that episode.
  • One of CN's best shows.

    I used to love this show as a kid. I occasionally see reruns on CN and unlike cartoons like "Johnny Bravo" or "Dexter's Laboratory" the humour in this show has remained funny and appealing to me. The show is about a dog named Courage, who is a terrible coward that usually lives up to his name by the end of each episode. He lives in the middle of Nowhere with Eustace and Muriel. This show is classic. I recommend that you watch it. I don't have much more to say so I will now conclude my review. Thank you for reading!
  • Wonderful classic, that is SCARY today!

    Seriously, this show was so wonderful back in the day (it still is, actually), but watching it again now, oh wow, I cannot believe how it never terrified me back then, & it does now! Seriously, as wonderful as this old cartoon is, it is scary as hell! The scariest episode, to me, still remains the one of the Zombie director! When that dead brother of his rises from under the house, it gave me nightmares!
  • SQUEEE!!

    The show is beautiful, funny, and kinda twisted at they same time! And they main character is ADORABLE! <333
  • big mistake

    you made a big mistake canceling this show
  • A funny show with a dark, horror twist!

    This is a funny show that gives me laughs.

    Plot: This show follows about a dog named Courage a cowardly dog, found in the dump when he was just a puppy by Muriel. They live in Nowhere, Kansas. His parents was sent into a space by a mad doctor. He encounters alot of monstrocity, he protects Muriel from them, and even Eustace. Eustace dislikes him. He even met the mad doctor who sent his parents from space and even tried to send Muriel and Eustace away! But even if he is a coward dog, he does things right.

    Characters: The other characters are funny in their way! Mostly Eustace who always getting injured around! Voice acting is excellent.

    Humor: Haha! The art of this toon makes it humorous too! And sometimes, a little gore. Censored those parts on other countries. Eustace, Courage, and the other villains are the cause of hilarity on this show.

    Art: Some had crappy appearance, but funny! Great animation.

    Overall: 10. They should have ended this show in the 5th season. That's the right time for the shows to rest on.
  • Loved it!

    I remember this, although my brother hated it for SOME reason. I dunno, he just went out of the room and said it was stupid. That really bugged me, but this show is awesome! It bought a darker side and had a good plot. Too bad it ended. Only flaw is that the husband kind of annoyed me, but that's okay. It's still great.
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