Courage the Cowardly Dog

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)





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  • Cute, Comedic an VERY Dark

    As a kid, all I saw - all any of us saw, I'm sure - was a cute dog with a nice lady and her annoying and unlucky husband she loves to death get through some wacky situations using cartoon-y solutions. Now that I'm older, I see an oddly-colored, but still cute, possibly mentally disturbed dog with a woman who is the living definition of the saying "ignorance is bliss" and her annoying and unlucky husband somehow manage to escape several situations that would lead (and in some cases have led) to death then go on living as if the world is all right. As much as I hate to say's no wonder Cartoon Network cancelled the show. Kids are becoming more and more aware of certain things that a lot of us as children had no idea existed as world problems, and just about every last single one of them has been portrayed in some way or another in at least one episode. Homicide, decapitation, lust, obsession, slavery, torture, domestic violence, animal cruelty, corruption of the human soul, peering into the mind of a psychopath...and still many more topics that it hid under parental radars using a cutesy cartoon style, an adorable protagonist and classical cartoonish themes, like over-sized masks being pulled form no where and talking bananas, as a shield. I still love Courage, believe me, but the dark tone of a majority of episodes just would not fly by today's censorship standards.

    On that note, I'd like to say that ANYTHING that can pull something like that off for so long and not have anyone care until recently truly deserves a high rating. Just about everything else that's tried has either been noticeably creepy with the use of attempting to be cute only making it more creepy and/or only scared us more as children than it does now.

    Also, I loved that weird guy with the tan and the annoying laugh that just kept popping up in random episodes. He was hilarious and even more unfortunate than Eustace most of the time. Did he ever have a name because I just called him that one dude in the shorts. Oh! And the online games on were so much fun to play.


    That is why you, Courage, get a 9.5 from me. I took off that extra .5 because that windmill episode went all classic horror movie slideshow on me when it was telling the story of the windmill on the farm and gave me nightmares for a month.
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