Courage the Cowardly Dog

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)





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  • One of Cartoon Network's best. And one of the darkest cartoons ever.

    In the late 90s came a lot of great shows on Cartoon Network. But one of the best (And one of the darkest, creepiest, and scariest cartoons ever) was without a doubt Courage the Cowardly Dog. Courage was a dog who in each episode protects his family from a whole slew of creatures. Like an evil, psychotic cat, a crazy, french duck, an alien chicken and many other creatures and people. This show was so good. It was by far one of the creepiest shows ever created.

    When the show came out I remember it scared the crap out of me. I'm 24 now, and characters like King Rameses, the Spirit of the Harvest Moon, and the violin girl from Schwick's episode still scare the crap out of me. But it was so addicting that I kept watching. Courage was such a dark show I'm surprised that they showed it on a kids station. One of the best parts of the show were definately Courage's reactions to the scary parts, even though in later episodes they got pretty gruesome, the vast majority of them were very funny. Courage is just so cute (Yes, I'm a guy). The computer was pretty funny too. One of the things that always threw me off about this show though, was Eustice. In almost every episode something happens to him, something that always seems to be irreversable. I think he even died in a few. Just how does he come back? Hmmmm.

    Finally. I know the show is called Courage The Cowardly Dog, but there's a contradiction with that name, which is also the message that this show is trying to tell. Courage is by no means a coward. Yeah his name is Courage, and he's obviously a scaredy ca - umm, dog. But he's definately no coward. He risks his life to save his family (even Eustice sometimes). He faces dangerous monsters, he's scared to do it, but he fights them to protect the ones he loves. That is the true meaning of "courage". That's also why Courage The Cowardly Dog is one of the best Cartoon Cartoons.
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