Courage the Cowardly Dog - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Courage Under the Volcano
    While on an island vacation, Muriel is abducted by an ancient tribe to be offered as a human sacrifice to the volcano god. In order to save Muriel, Courage must go into the volcano and persuade the volcano god not to erupt.
  • King of Flan
    King of Flan
    Episode 13.1
    After seeing an infomercial, all of Nowhere, including Muriel and the Farmer, becomes obsessed with flan. Courage must track down the creator of this new "hypno-mercial," and de-hypnotize the town.
  • Quilt Club
    Episode 12.1
    Visiting a quaint, yet eerie quilt shop, Muriel and Courage meet a pair of bizarrely conjoined sisters. Upon hearing of an exclusive Quilt Club, Muriel longs to get in. After she knits herself nearly to death, the sisters agree to let her in. But, as Courage discovers, membership may require more sacrifice than time to quilt.moreless
  • Angry Nasty People
    Angry Nasty People
    Episode 10.2
    Tarantella returns and offers the Family roles in his new show "Angry Nasty People." All they have to do is act mean. They agree, and the Farmer shines as his nastiness is encouraged.
  • Fishy Business
    Fishy Business
    Episode 10.1
    A strange organization of sentient fish captures the Bagges, and sentence them to 'reeducation'; according to the fish, man originated from the sea, and the fact that they walked, talked, and watched TV was an abomination to their seaborne heritage. To cure them of these 'atrocious' habits, the Bagges are forced to breathe water and live in a fishbowl. Only Courage is free to liberate his family from their submarine nightmare.moreless
  • Watch the Birdies
    Watch the Birdies
    Episode 9.2
    Kidnapped by a colossal buzzard, Muriel and Courage find themselves the unwilling caretakers of a trio of newly-hatched chicks. While the mother is out trying to find herself a husband, the Bagge wife and dog must keep the babies out of harm's way, or else risk the mother bird's violent unhappiness.moreless
  • Mondo Magic
    Mondo Magic
    Episode 9.1
    A magician arrives at the Farmhouse and begins transforming Muriel into a monster, intending to take her as his bride. Courage must find a way to reverse the spell before it's too late.
  • So in Louvre Are We Two
    On a trip to Paris, the Bagges manage their way into the Louvre just before closing time to sneak a peek at the Mona Lisa, a work of art long adored by Muriel. Having taken a nap in a nearby exhibit, the family is inadvertently locked inside the Louvre. While things seem peaceful at first, an eerie alignment of planets brings a pair of artworks to life: the Mona Lisa and The Thinker, apparently lovers. The pair switch places with the Bagge couple, so they can find a new place to spend eternity before their spell breaks. Courage is left with the task of returning the rogue masterpieces to their proper homes, so he can free his masters from their crafted cages.moreless
  • Tulip's Worm
    Tulip's Worm
    Episode 7.2
    Courage befriends a giant worm that swallows Muriel and the Farmer, and then disappears into the earth. Courage must fly to a distant planet to find the worm's owner and save his family.
  • Feast of the Bullfrogs
    A warlike tribe of bullfrogs takes over the Farmhouse, forcing the Family to convert to Frogism, the belief that Frogs rule. Courage overhears their Emperor planning a feast of marinated human legs!
  • Curtain of Cruelty
    Curtain of Cruelty
    Episode 6.2
    A bizarre phenomenon occurs, and the people of Nowhere become nasty and cruel. The Farmer flourishes in this environment, and is endorsed as the next mayor.
  • Stormy Weather
    Episode 3.2
    While searching for her lost dog, a storm goddess sees Courage and wants him instead. Muriel must help Courage seek shelter and prevent the goddess from washing him away.
  • The Sandman Sleeps
    The Sandman Sleeps
    Episode 3.1
    Suffering from insomnia, the Sandman decides to steal Muriel's sleep so he can get some rest. Courage must solve this slumber stumper before poor Muriel collapses from exhaustion.
  • The Record Deal
    The Record Deal
    Episode 2.2
    Thrown away by Shirley the Medium as she sorted her things, a mysterious Velvet Vic record finds its way into Eustace's hands, who, incidentally, is a longtime fan. As the record plays, the mystical singer himself materializes out of the music. Though the record tries to take him back, he throws Muriel in instead. While Eustace takes Vic on a vast come-back tour, Courage begs Shirley for help.moreless
  • The Wind Whispers Courage / They Must Be Giants
    Two music video promos aired during Cartoon Cartoon Weekend Summerfest. One was called "The Wind Whispers Courage," which was about a lady named Kitten (a singer), who comes to Courage's house and sings about him. The second was sung by They Might Be Giants.
  • The King of Flan: Muriel and Eustace get hypnotized by a Flan infomercial. The whole town of Nowhere gets hypnotized. They eat Flan's food product and get fat. Courage must stop Flan so he wouldn't make any more people fat and hypnotized. Courage makes Flan eat his own product and he gets hypnotized and fat himself.

    Courage Under the Volcano: While on vacation a tribe brings Muriel to a volcano to sacrifice her to the volcano god. To save Muriel, Courage must go under the volcano to save her.moreless

  • King of Flan; Courage Under the Volcano
    An infomercial mesmerizes the folks of Nowhere into craving flan, and Courage must track down the pitchman to undo the spell; Muriel is abducted and offered to a volcano god as a sacrifice, so Courage goes into the volcano to save her.
  • The Quilt Club; Swindlin' Wind
    Muriel joins a quilt club, unaware that the other members plan to sew her into a quilt; Shirley curses Eustace and Muriel with bad luck, and Courage must lift the evil spell.
  • The Quilt Club / Swindlin' Wind
    The Quilt Club: While shopping for quilting supplies, Muriel meets the mysterious Siamese-twin Stitch sisters, who invite her to join their "quilt club"... if she can prove she's good enough! Muriel becomes obsessed with proving she's "quilt club" material, but when the Stitch sisters come over to initiate her, they use their wicked magic to literally make Muriel into quilt material!

    Swindlin' Wind: After Eustace cheats Shirley the Medium at the County Fair, she puts a curse on Eustace and Muriel that drives them to try and swindle each other every chance they get! Courage will have to convince Shirley to break the curse, by getting one of the two victims to do something nice for the other (in a roundabout way).moreless

  • 7/26/02
    Dome of Doom: Eustace is mad they he can't grow plants, so they buy a dome that covers the house. A salesman comes to Courage, Muriel, and Eustace's home to set up dome on top of their house so produce will grow there. When they go outside to pick produce, it attacks them and takes over the house. Storms build up inside the dome. Eventually, Courage thinks up a plan to destroy the man-eating produce, and they end up eating each other. Eustace gets to keep some of it... and the dome is removed.

    Snowman's Revenge: Muriel, Eustace, and Courage come home to find out everything is covered in snow. They find the Snowman has returned! He has a blue thumb he uses to freeze things. He puts a huge pole in their house, and it will blot out the sun, making it snow everywhere. He succeeds, but is still sad he doesn't have any of his snow people friends. He says the hole in the Ozone Layer melted them and the North Pole. So Courage goes on a plane and literally sews up the hole in the Ozone Layer! The snow people come back, and the Snowman goes with them, and the snow at Courage's house melts. The Snowman returns home and his friends come back to life.moreless

  • Dome of Doom; Snowman's Revenge
    Dome of Doom/Snowman's Revenge: The weather outside may be frightful, but Boomerang is always delightful with fun snow-themed classics
  • 7/19/02
    Fishy Business: A lady fish, or "fishonnary," comes to take Muriel, Courage, and Eustace back to "where they came from." It turns out they really go to an underwater bio-dome because all life originally came from the sea. These three fish judges announce them guilty of uncivilized behavior (sipping tea, wearing shoes, etc.). So they put them in a goldfish bowl with gills that let them breathe underwater. They have to act like fish and even eat fishfood! Courage must save everyone.

    Angry Nasty People: Benton Tarentella returns to make a show about "angry nasty" people with Muriel, Eustace, and Courage. Eustace is the star because he's very mean. Benton literally takes Eustace's meanness and gives it a form! It's known as Mr. Nasty. Eustace and Mr. Nasty make lots of money, and Muriel and Courage are mad because they always get made fun of on the show. So Courage makes Mr. Nasty angry and throws Benton into quicksand. Now Eustace is on a talk show and loses his money to Mr. Nasty.moreless

  • Fishy Business; Angry Nasty People
    A fishionary tribunal declares Muriel and Eustace uncivilized and makes them live under the sea; the family is offered roles on a TV show, where Eustace's meaness makes him a star.
  • Mondo Magic; Watch the Birdies
    Mondo Magic: A magic kit comes to Courage's house and Courage preforms all kinds of magic tricks. After awhile, this magician named Mondo comes out to help Courage preform tricks. He makes Eustace go in the TV and for his last act he gives Muriel these wi
  • 7/12/02
    Mondo Magic: A magic kit comes to Courage's house and Courage performs all kinds of magic tricks. After a while, this magician named Mondo comes out to help Courage perform tricks. He makes Eustace go in the TV, and for his last act he gives Muriel these weird alien-ish eyes. Courage pulls off his skin to reveal Mondo is really a green monster. He says Muriel will transform into a monster like he is and marry her. Muriel is transforming, and Courage tries to get Dr. Vindaloo's help, but Mondo turns Vindaloo into a cabbage! Courage's magic save the day by turning Mondo into a rabbit.

    Watch the Birdies: Muriel and Courage are feeding birds outside. Suddenly, Muriel is taken away by a gigantic vulture! The vulture makes Muriel watch her baby birds (while she goes to look for a new husband), and if the birds feathers are harmed in any way, she will eat Muriel with a cereal spoon! Courage has to feed the birds and protect it from bees. Then a snake comes and starts to go after the baby birds, but then goes after Eustace instead (who has fallen into honey and has gotten covered in vulture feathers). The snake goes away by the time the mother vulture gets back. She finds a new husband, too. A feathered-Eustace!moreless

  • On their European vacation, Muriel, the Farmer and Courage get accidentally locked into a French art museum at closing time. Mona Lisa and The Thinker come to life, and force Muriel and the Farmer to take their places.
  • So in Louvre Are We Two: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace win a trip to an art museum in Europe. Muriel talks about how her mother aways said that Muriel aways looked liked the Mona Lisa. They go into the museum right before closing time, and then get locked in. They fall asleep in there and when they wake up, Muriel walks up to the painting of the Mona Lisa and gets pulled in. Then the Mona Lisa steps out of the painting (the planets align and the portrait people switch places with real people). Eustace switches places with The Thinker and Courage has to chase down the Mona Lisa so he can get Muriel back. The Thinker and the Mona Lisa go on a date into some portraits. Courage and Muriel enter a painting of what they say looks like their house (and it is), and they sit there at home wondering where Eustace is.

    Night of the Scarecrow: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are leaving the county fair. They get chased off the road by a swarm of crows into a corn field. The car crashes into a scarecrow. Muriel and Courage decide to take it home and fix it to use in their garden. They sew a mouth on it and it then starts to talk. The scarecrow then tries to scare away birds and aliens, but no luck. He then goes crazy and kicks Eustace and Courage out of the house in order to keep Muriel safe. He locks her in the basement, which is covered in pillows and mattresses, so she won't hurt herself. They eventually all escape in Eustace's truck and go a chasing rampage on the road and into the corn field again. They then calm the scarecrow down and find him another profession... working at the county fair.moreless

  • "Muriel Meets Her Match" Maria and her husband Mano, on the lam from the law, park their trailer next door to the Farmhouse. Maria disguises herself as Muriel in order to steal a diamond, and Muriel is arrested. Courage must get the mix-up straightened out so Muriel can be exonerated. "Courage vs. Mecha-Courage" The Farmer decides to replace Courage with a technologically superior dog. Courage must prove his merit.moreless
  • Feast of the Bullfrogs: A group of bullfrogs with no pond invade the Bagge house. Their leader is named Buffo. They build a pond on the floor and Eustace and Muriel have to act like frogs and will even be eaten. Courage sticks bees to flypaper and sticks it on the ceiling near the fan. The bullfrogs, thinking it's appetizers, stick their tongues to it, but Courage turns the fan on which whirls the tongues around and Courage holds their tongues and tosses them away. All except for Buffo, who goes away and becomes a baseball player.

    Tulip's Worm: Two teddy bears in a spaceship land on Earth to look for a worm. One is quite handy with a laser gun. Courage plays the horn and it attracts a worm, which just happens to be the worm that the teddy bears are after. When Muriel won't tell them where it is, and the teddy bears blow up part of their house, the worm comes and it turns out he is a giant blue worm from outer space that eats the teddy bears, as well as Muriel. The worm belongs to a giant alien named Tulip. Courage lures the worm in the teddy bear's spaceship by playing the horn. Courage peddles the spaceship like a bike and eventually reaches Tulip's home planet. Tulip calls the worm Wormy, and says Wormy and the teddy bears are her pets. Courage puts in a vinegar and peanut butter-jelly sandwich in Wormy's stomach and he vomits Muriel and the teddy bears back up. Tulip wants Muriel and Courage as her new pets, but they escape and take the teddy bear's spaceship back to Earth.moreless

  • Feast of the Bullfrogs; Tulip's Worm
    Feast Of The Bullfrogs: A group of bullfrogs with no pond invade the Bagge house. Their leader is named Buffo. They build a pond on the floor and Eustace and Muriel have to act like frogs and will even be eaten. Courage sticks bees to flypaper and sticks
  • Katz Under the Sea; Curtain of Cruelty
    Muriel signs on as a cook aboard a nuclear submarine, but Katz is also on board, spying for another submarine company and sabotaging the mission; a strange glowing curtain crosses Nowhere and causes cruel behavior among the town folk.
  • Katz Under the Sea: Courage and Muriel go on a much needed trip to get away from Eustace. They go aboard the Katz submarine and Muriel is put to work making tea. Courage is really not allowed on the ship, but he sneaks into someone's suitcase and pretends to be a ventriloquist dummy. He finds out that Katz plans to sink the ship with everybody on it. Courage burps up bubbles and everybody floats to the surface to safety, except Katz who gets eaten by a shark.

    Curtain of Cruelty: Floyd, the bald guy (from the segment "Hothead"), decides to send a cruelty wave or "curtain" out into town and turn everyone mean. While Eustace, Muriel, and Courage are buying meats at the market, the wave hits. It's ineffectant on Eustace 'cause he already is mean. Muriel and Courage use fabric softener on their shirts, so that's why they don't got mean 'cause they're "soft." Muriel and Courage are taken to a prisoner training camp for being nice, and Eustace is elected candidate for Mayor. Courage finds the machine that sends out the waves, dumps some fabric softener in it, and sends the kind wave out, and everything goes back to normal. Muriel and Courage go home. Eustace loses the election and is sent to the prison camp. Floyd becomes the mayor, after he becomes nice when he is hit with the kind wave.moreless

  • Scuba Scuba Doo: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are scuba diving while on vacation, and Muriel discovers little people. Eustace tells his mom about that and her company, Growth Industries, wants to take the coral they live in to make wigs. Courage saves the little people of the coral and he goes down into their history.

    Conway the Contaminationist: A plane crashes down at the Bagge house. A guy inside the plane named Conway claims by living in a dirty house you can live better, and pay less. The Bagge house gets full of garbage, and Muriel and Eustace get really skinny. The dirty atmosphere ruins their health. Courage turns Conway's plane into a big vacuum and sucks up the dirtyness in their house. Conway leaves, and Muriel and Eustace return to normal health.moreless

  • Hard Drive Courage; The Ride of the Valkyries
    Hard Drive Courage: While the computer downloads the recipie for a cold reminie soup for Eustace's sickness, it is infected with a virus who caputures Muriel into the computer.Courage must go in after her to save her and the computer.He saves her and Eust
  • Hard Drive Courage: While the computer downloads the recipe for a cold reminie soup for Eustace's sickness, it is infected with a virus, who captures Muriel into the computer. Courage must go in after her to save her and the computer. He saves her and Eustace becomes healthy again.

    The Ride of the Valkyries: During a vacation to a viking location, Muriel is mistaken as the leader of a group of vikings! Courage now has to retrieve her before the battle against the trolls. One of the trolls and the valkyries get married and peace is settled between the 2 groups. Courage and Muriel attend the wedding.moreless

  • 3/15/02
    Stormy Weather: A storm goddess, who always has a raincloud around her, comes to the Bagge house. She's looking for her dog, Duncan, who looks just like Courage. She wants a new dog so desperate, she tries to steal Courage. Muriel argues with her, while the stormcloud destroys the house. Mr. (Charlie) Mouse tells Courage where Duncan is. Courage looks for Duncan and finally finds him in a sewer licking the God Bone. He gets him back and the goddess goes away and all's well with the exception that the house is still destroyed and Eustace was sucked up by the cloud.

    The Sandman Sleeps: The Sandman can't sleep, so he steals Muriel's sleep ability and Muriel can't sleep for days. Courage takes her for a drive and hears the sandman's snoring, and The Sandman decides to give back Muriel's sleep because Courage found him his teddy bear, which helps him sleep.moreless

  • Stormy Weather; The Sandman Sleeps
    A storm goddess searching for her lost dog sees Courage and wants him instead; the Sandman suffers from insomnia, so he steals Muriel's sleep.
  • Campsite of Terror: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are camping and two raccoons kidnap Muriel because they want a mother. Eustace is trying to capture the raccoons for a reward. The raccoons end up capturing him, to have for company and watch television with him. Courage and Muriel return home.

    The Record Deal: While Eustace is driving home, Shirley the Medium throws out a Velvet Vic record when doing some spring cleaning, and Eustace plays the record. Velvet Vic comes out, and then Muriel becomes trapped in the record and Courage has to get her out.moreless

  • Muriel Meets Her Match; Courage vs. Mecha-Courage
    Criminals camp next to the farmhouse and one of them assumes Muriel's identity; Eustace wants to replace Courage with a technologically superior dog.
  • Muriel Meets Her Match / Courage vs. Mecha Courage
    Muriel Meets Her Match: A young lady named Maria Ladrones and her husband, who is just a hand (named Milo Ladrones), comes to Muriel's house when the TV needs fixing Muriel and Eustace are unaware the couple are criminals. Eustace goes in the van to watch their TV. Maria tells Muriel she loves her look and asks Muriel to give her a makeover so she can look just like her, Muriel cuts off Maria's long black hair, dyes it gray and perms it, as a result Maria now looks like an old woman, she then asks Muriel if she can borrow one of her dresses, afterwards Maria looks exactly like Muriel. She then steals Muriel's birth certificate. When Maria and Milo steal a diamond, the police think Muriel did it because Maria looked like Muriel. Courage must clear Muriel's name.

    Courage vs. Mecha Courage: Di Lung dislikes Courage's abilities and decides to build a robot dog. It turns out to look like a mini-dome colored pink on wheels with a red blinking nose. But Muriel and Eustace can't tell the difference, and they like the robot dog better. So, Courage challenges the robot dog to a match in a stadium. The robot dog completely demolishes Courage, but Courage doesn't give up. The robot dog ends up overloading and explodes.moreless