Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 1 Episode 4

The Demon in the Mattress / Freaky Fred

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Demon in the Mattress: Muriel orders a new mattress, and when she lays on it, a demon inside the mattress enters her body and takes over. Courage gets rid of the demon by finding a chant on The Computer. It exits Muriel's body and the mattress is sent back.

Freaky Fred: Muriel invites her deranged relative, Fred, to their home. He has a problem, though. He can't stop giving haircuts. He shaves all of Courage's hair off, and he gets caught by the police, who send him back to an insane asylum.moreless

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  • A clever title goes here!

    LOL Eustace "Hullaballoo and Howdy Doo"
  • The greatest episode of any show my opinion...

    Oh, God I love this episode! It started out with a pretty good half-isode, although the Exorcist themes were a little over the top, especially for kids who had no idea what the Exorcist was (me in the 90's) I still don't know how the villains ALWAYS know to target Muriel, if they targeted Eustace, Courage wouldn't think twice, in fact they might devote an entire episode to Courage's fantasies of Eustace being tortured, and torn limb from limb by demons and the kiddies would still laugh along with the grotesque violence...but I'm getting off subject...the second half of the episode was Freaky Fred...I still get chills when I hear that la-la-la stuff...ugh...but, nonetheless it is still the scariest, and my favorite segment of Courage EVER!!! But the pancakes in the toilet was a little too weird...moreless
  • Muriel buys a matress that has a demon in it; this guy named Fred is a barber who is obsessed with cutting hair comes over to the farm.

    These two are freaky but also with every courage episode its very humorous. Its got so many funny parts like these quotes: Demon Muriel: "Courage." (Courage walks forward.) Demon Muriel: Closer. (Courage comes up close to the bed.)

    Demon Muriel: Courage, may I have a cup....of...TEA!!!!

    Courage: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also there are so many times that Freaky Fred says naughty.

    But they also have their share of freaky parts like Freaky Fred's freaky smile and his disturbing theme song that has the little children going,"Lalalalalalala!!!!" And in Demon in the Matress you can't beat the spookiness of the demon that possesses Muriel, i mean it has a purple tongue and green skin and it has a deep scary voice. Classic Courage!!!!!!moreless
  • Naughty...

    The demon in the mattress

    So, Mureal buys a mattress that has a demon in it. And, this great quote

    "Courage. Would you like. A cup. Of. TEA?"

    All ways love that quote. And, those rats. One looks like that DR.'s rat.

    Final Grade: B

    Freaky Fred

    "Hello my name is fred. And, I am. Naughty. . .

    The Freaky Fred is always a good episode. And a classic. Fred, Murel's nefuew just loves to cut hair. He's a crazy barber and, trys to shave off Courage's hair. Of course Courage is scared. He's always scared of everything so basic! Which is crazy.

    Final Grade: A-

    Final Grade: B+, 9moreless
  • Naaauughty...

    This was a wonderful episode of a wonderful show.

    Freaky Fred is, in my humble opinion, the creepiest character ever to be featured on TV. Well, maybe not THE creepiest, but at least in the top 10.

    The way he moves around, says 'naaauuuughty...' just creeps me out, as well as his rhyming and theme. He seems to be a shaving fetishist, as he exhibits through the episode.

    The mattress episode was great, as well, and I absolutely adore two scenes from this episode: Demon-Muriel offering Courage some tea and Eustace in her clothes, reciting the banishment thing.

    These episodes scare me greatly, more than they used to when I was a child, but they also tend to give me a different outlook on life. This, my friends, is art.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • If Courage could do the chant so easily, why didn't he just do it in the first place?

    • In "Freaky Fred," Fred's wrist collar said the number for the Home For Freaky Barbers was 555-1234. If you look closely, Courage actually dials 555-013. It doesn't make sense.

    • The bedroom in "Demon in the Mattress" moves around. When Courage gets his ladder, he looks inside the back window of the farmhouse. Then, right before the clock strikes midnight, the second floor window on the side of the farmhouse is green, so that means the bedroom's there. There is only one window in the bedroom.

    • When Courage was dialing the cell phone in "Freaky Fred," his fur magically reappeared, but disappeared again.

    • When Courage draws his thumb to thumb-wrestle the demon in "Demon in the Mattress," he has four fingers.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Eustace: That freak's not setting one freaky foot in this house!

    • (Eustace stands before Demon Muriel, trembling; Courage is in the doorway with blue pompoms)
      Courage: Get that demon! Get that demon!
      Eustace: Uh...Hullabaloo and howdy...uh, doo, musty prawns and Tim...Tim, Timmybuktu.
      Demon Muriel: (laughs) You call that an incantation?
      Eustace: Hullabaloo and howdy-doo...
      Demon Muriel: Speak up. Won't hear in the balcony. (laughs)
      Eustace: Uh...Musty prawns and Timbuktu! (demon Muriel licks him; his words are slurred a bit) Yeltsyby and hippity-poo.
      Demon Muriel: Face it, sonny. You're a failure. (laughs)
      Courage: (disappointed; waving a small white flag) Yea, farmer.
      Eustace Come on, give me a break. I can do it.
      Demon Muriel: Want a tip?
      Eustace: Yeah, sure. (Demon Muriel pukes on him)

    • Eustace: Damn mattress, it gave her nightmares. (hears growling) Well, we can't just sit here all night.
      Courage: What do you mean we?
      Eustace: She likes you. Go check how she's doing.
      Courage: I hate to be man's best friend, but really...
      Eustace: Get up there!

    • Fred:
      Hello, new friend.
      My name is Fred.
      The words you hear are in my head.
      I say, I said, my name is Fred.

      And I've been...very naughty.

      The story I'm about to tell,
      I tell you, I will tell you well,
      is about my dear Aunt Murielle.

      And just how I've been...naughty.

      The farm. My Aunt lives here.
      With precious pup, and husband dear.
      My heart beat fast as I drew near.

      I felt so nice...and naughty.

      I thought just how excited they
      must be, that I would come today.
      They'd shout, "Come Fred! Huzzah! Hurray!".

      Dear boy, you look so...naughty.

      That's when my tired eyes beheld, a doggy dog, like dog he smelled.
      D-O-G is what he spelled.

      And that's how I spell...naughty.

      Alone, was I.
      With tender Courage.
      With all his fur, his furry furrage.

      Which I say, did encourage me, to be, quite...naughty.

      It was a day I'd not forget,
      the day that I first met my pet.
      Oh! What a lovely gift to get.

      I'd never felt so...naughty.

      My fuzzy friend is what he was, this darling little ball of fuzz.
      And, oh, such fuzz, such fuzz! It does

      demand that I be...naughty.

      He looked at me, his fetching eyes, and fetching fur did hypnotize.
      I filled with joy, I filled with sighs.

      And that's when I got...naughty.

      This dripping hair, this droopy curl.
      Unfurls sweet memories, of a girl.
      With tresses, oh, they'd twist and twirl.

      And tempt me to be...naughty.

      Barbara, my love was named.
      And her fair hair, a mane untamed.
      Until one evening, I'm ashamed.

      I got a little...naughty.

      The look upon my young love's face, was sweet as lace. But in this case, I realized she...needed space.
      I never more was naughty.

      Well...maybe not never.

      Dear cur.
      Your fur and fleece remind
      of nothing found in humankind.
      But for one fellow,

      who did find me to a certain mood.

      Into my shop he walked one day,
      with bush above and beard bouquet.
      That's no toupee, I pray, no way,

      I couldn't help but know.

      I'd never seen such hair before.
      His bangs, they sang.
      His neck, it beckoned.
      Eyebrows, armpits, all were reckoned.
      Soon I figured what the heck, and,

      Guess how I was...naughty.

      But then my landlords did presume,
      to free me from that porcelain tomb.
      And ferry to a private room.

      Your hero...ever naughty.

      Goodbye, dear aunt.
      I'll miss your farm.
      And Eustace's ebullient charm.
      And farewell, Courage, what's the harm?

      If I was slightly...naughty.

      With love...Fred.

    • Fred: And that was when my tired eyes beheld, a doggy dog of dog he smelled, D-O-G was how he spelled, and that's how I spell... naughty.

    • Eustace: "Incantation to exorcise demon. (reading the exorcism chant) Hullabaloo and howdy doo, musty prawns and Timbuktu." (pauses, looks at Courage, who ushers him on) "Yeltsiby and hibbetypoo, (Courage's expression changes from smile to "What the...?") kick 'em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo!" (to Courage) Kick 'em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo? (Courage shrugs)

    • Eustace: (Reads the exorcism chant) Kick 'em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo?

    • Fred: Now, now, we mustn't play in the toilet!

    • Policeman: Cut the power! We don't want anybody getting shaved in there!

  • NOTES (14)


    • In "Freaky Fred," the gerbil has blue eyes before Fred cut all his hair off. After he cuts it, his eyes are like normal character eyes.

    • Freaky Fred: Character
      The character Fred is based off of Sweeny Todd, a play about a barber named Sweeny Todd who would kill his clients who would then be turned into meat pies in the pie shop below his barber shop.

    • The Demon: The Exorcist
      Everything that the demon did (the green vomiting, the head spinning) is all directly from the horror movie, The Exorcist.

    • Courage: Rowdy roo! Rowdy roo!
      When Courage is trying to say the chant to the demon, he's talking just like Scooby-Doo. (I.E. adding "r" to the beginning of every word.)

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