Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 1 Episode 8

The Hunchback of Nowhere / The Gods Must Be Goosey

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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The Hunchback of Nowhere / The Gods Must Be Goosey
The Hunchback of Nowhere: A hunchback who is rejected by everyone wants to find a house to sleep in. He goes to the Bagge house, but Eustace rejects him. It's raining and Courage gets Eustace's raincoat and finds the hunchback in the barn. He is very friendly and together have fun doing shadow puppets, acrobatic stunts and bell ringing. Muriel is happy to have the hunchback stay with them, but Eustace wants him to go.

The Gods Must Be Goosey: A Goose God wants to marry Muriel. He flirts with her, but Courage is angry because he thinks the Goose God will take Muriel away forever. He tries to act as though Eustace is being nice to Muriel. Muriel says she can't marry the goose god because she's "already spoken for". The Goose God tries to kidnap her, but when Courage makes Eustace's truck honk, the Goose God loves it and leaves Muriel. He ends up marrying Eustace's truck!moreless

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  • "Hunchback" was a work of art; "Goosey"...meh.

    "The Hunchback of Nowhere" was definitely my favorite out of these two episodes, so I will mostly be talking about that episode.

    This is a good example of how there is a character whom everyone THINKS is the monster (the Hunchback, of course), but it quickly becomes apparent that this is one of those "Eustace is the monster" episodes.

    Basically, this episode is about an ugly hunchbacked man who is trying to get shelter from the rain, but is refused by everyone he asks (including Eustace) because of his appearance. Courage, on the other hand, is kind enough to shelter and befriend the hunchback, and together they are able to stand strong against Eustace's verbal abuse.

    I also think this episode shows what kind of person Eustace truly is. This exchange between Muriel and Eustace pretty much sums it up:

    "Eustace, have you no sense of hospitality?""Nope."

    There you have it. Even though Eustace cares about Muriel (albeit VERY deep down), most of the time, he is just a mean-spirited, verbally abusive jerk. He doesn't even see anything wrong with scaring Courage as they're on the roof, and even LAUGHS when Courage nearly falls off. Thankfully, the hunchback is able to set him a way.

    At least the episode ends on an optimistic note, with Muriel and Courage (the only two people who showed the hunchback kindness) seeing him off; the hunchback is confident he will meet more people like Muriel and Courage as he walks away. Even the rainstorm that had been present through the whole episode stops.

    As for "The Gods must be Goosey" was actually a little creepy. A goose god decides he loves Muriel (a MARRIED woman), so he tries to woo her, and when that doesn't work, he tries to kidnap her? And then he falls in love with Eustace's truck, just because Courage began honking the horn?


    "Hunchback" was good, "Goosey" could definitely have been better. The end.moreless
  • My Favorite episode of the show.

    The hunchback of nowhere is what makes the episode so perfect. The Gods must be goosey was very good, but The Hunchback of nowhere is what truly makes this episode brilliant.

    The Hunchback of nowhere is just so great because of how happy the mood is when you watch it. At the start it's sad, but later on it's so happy it makes you want to get up and dance it's so good.

    Since Cartoon Network still airs Courage [THANK GOODNESS!] If it airs, watch it. it's an excellent episode, and a fine example of how great courage can be. Thanks for reading. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7moreless
  • Courage befriends an ugly hunchback. The Goose God descends, intending to marry Muriel.

    This is a fine installment of this series. Dialogue is funny, the situations are quirky, the characters (save for Courage) act as if everything is normal, and resulting action is always bizarre.

    In the first episode, nobody will give shelter to a hunchback from the rain. This character is ugly. His eyes don't even look similar: one pokes out and turns up at an odd angle. Eustace turns him away as well, but Courage finds him in the barn and befriends him. They play bells together (an allusion to the hunchback of Hugo's novel) and they swing on a trapeze. It's an odd situation but I love it! I was surprised that Courage was not afraid of the hunchback. Perhaps it's because the hunchback has no ill intent and Courage can sense that.

    The Goose God in the second episode is hilarious! I love it when he honks while serenading Muriel. And he winds up marrying a truck!

    I was entertained for half an hour.moreless
  • Great, Funny, Warming, and a little sad.

    This was funny and a little heart warmingand that's saying much if I say heart warming. I might crack a small smile for things that maybe turn out good but this was really got me for some reason :P But this was cool. A poor hunchback and disfigured man passes by courages house and hutis doesn't give him a room/. SO the man stays at thier barn and courage becomes friends with him. It was funny when they fought and how the Hunchback scared hustis with his own face :P that and the goose was introduced which was a reappearing charcter.moreless
  • read the review

    The Hunchback from Nowhere: A very touching episode of CtCD. It actually had me on the brink of tears. (Not really)This episode strays from the theme of most others. Courage befriends a misunderstood hunchback. Very cool.

    The Gods Must be Goosey: A goose becomes infatuated with Muriel, and tries to make her his queen. Enjoyable, but sometimes weak. I didn\\\'t like the fact that the Goose was only trying to prove his love to Muriel. Didn\\\'t give Courage much to be scared about, considering Muriel didn\\\'t want to leave Eustace anyways.

    Very, very silly cartoon.. what do you think?


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