Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 7

The Mask

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • Quite possibly one of my favorite episode of Courage, and for good reason.

    When I first saw this episode, I thought it was a masterpiece, and this opinion did not falter no matter how many times I saw it again.

    I like this episode because it deals with a very serious issue: Courage is immediately terrorized by a mysterious woman in a cloak and a mask, Kitty (who's an actual cat), who claims that "dogs are evil." But there's a reason for her hatred: Kitty's best friend, Bunny (who's an actual rabbit), is in an abusive relationship with a gang leader, who happens to be a dog. Kitty is so miserable without Bunny, she wears her mask so she doesn't have to "face reality," and even uses some flaws of Muriel and Eustace to pit them against each other.

    Courage immediately wants Kitty, the supposed monster, out of his house (most likely due to Kitty's uncanny resemblance to Katz), so he takes a toy mouse of Kitty's (which happens to be a gift from Bunny), and locks everyone else in their rooms while he goes off and investigates.

    That's where this episode really gets interesting. Courage learns about Bunny's location from a mutual friend of Kitty and Bunny (Charlie the Rat), which turns out to be a run-down building near some train tracks. He witnesses Mad Dog, the real monster and Bunny's abusive boyfriend, threaten to kill both her and Kitty, then sics his thugs on her when she tries to escape. Thankfully, Courage is able to gain Bunny's trust with the help of Kitty's mouse, and they escape Mad Dog and all his thugs (who are no match for Courage with a shovel and an oncoming train).

    The subplot with Muriel and Eusatce attempting to get out of their locked bedroom is a source of comic relief in between the drama Courage witnesses. They argue about Muriel sneaking sweets and Eustace's incompetence as a handyman, hear Kitty escape the house when she realizes her mouse is gone, eventually unlock the doors with a bobby pin, and make up.

    In the end, Mad Dog is defeated, Kitty and Bunny are reunited, Courage is in their good graces, Muriel is seen eating an apple, and Eustace is now the one who can't face reality and is wearing Kitty's mask. Everyone wins (more or less).

    In closing, "The Mask" is definitely one of the better episodes of Courage, because it's talking about a real-life monster. But even so, even stories about real-life monsters can have a happy ending, as evidenced here.
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