Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 7

The Mask

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • This is the last two-part episode of the series. First was "The Tower of Doctor Zalost".

    • Although the train in this episode is powered by a steam locomotive, it has a diesel train horn!

    • When Kitty gets to the barn, Muriel asks her if she would join them for dinner, but when they are eating, they are eating breakfast.

    • When Kitty wore the mask, her back of the head was covered (we couldn't see her ears). At the end, Eustace was wearing the mask, but we could see the back of his head (his hat and his bald head).

    • There is a door on the second floor that usually isn't there. It is shown when Courage is running from the attic (on the third floor) to the bedroom (on the second floor).

    • The doorknob on the attic door moves around 2 times. First, when Muriel is showing Kitty the bed she made in the attic the door is on the right side (left side if you're outside the door). Then, when Courage is spying on Kitty, the knob moves to the left side (right side if you're outside the door).

  • Quotes

    • Muriel: Courage! Where have you been dog? Kitty is gone, but she left something behind. Eustace has taken a fancy to it. (Courage looking surprised)
      Eustace: (tries to fix furnace while wearing mask) Ow! Muriel! You got a bobby pin?

    • Charlie: (Courage screams after thinking about Muriel and Eustace are eaten by monster) Hey, there'd be none of that around here. Ain't that Kitty's mouse? You are friend of Kitty and Bunny?
      (Courage babbles while taking his body apart)
      Charlie: Right, Bunny is in a bad way without Kitty. These two were the sweetest gals who ever lived. But Bunny's guy Mad Dog; he didn't like them being so, friendly like. He's one nasty piece of jealousy. He and his gang live down the road. You know where. After you get Bunny outta there, tell her Charlie says, ay.

    • Mad Dog: Come on, Bunny, don't I make you happy no more? Or maybe you're still thinking about Kitty! (Bunny sighs) I told you to forget her! I pulled you out of a two-bit joint and made you a class act, and you want to make me second-rate? If I even smell Kitty, I'll bury the two of ya. (Bunny cries) There there, Bunny, you know you're my girl. Let's go back to the way we was, you know, all happy like.

    • Kitty: My name's Kitty, and I've come from the wrong side of the tracks. My closest friend, Bunny.
      Muriel: Yes?
      Kitty: Fell in love with a gangster.
      Muriel: Oh my!
      Kitty: He treats her like she's a slave.
      Eustace: (eats some bacon) My kind of guy.
      Kitty: He's a low down, dirty dog. (Courage gets offended)
      Muriel: Goodness me.
      Kitty: When he found out that I was trying to get Bunny to run away (drinks tea) He threatened my life.
      Muriel: Oh my, poor dear. (Courage points to his head) Courage! Let our guest finish her story.
      Eustace: Yeah, shut up. Stupid dog.
      Kitty: I left behind everything I loved, and my best friend, Bunny. I'm lost without her, I cannot bear to see what might have happened to her.
      Muriel: Oh my.
      Eustace: Take that mask off and you might see better. (Kitty slams her hands on the table.)
      Kitty: (walking away from the table) Dogs are evil.
      Muriel: Eustace, let's not mention her mask again.
      Eustace: Don't tell me what not to say, I can mention her mask if I wanna.

    • Kitty: Let me out!
      Eustace: Quit your banging I'll get you out. (tries to pick lock with screwdriver and then screwdriver breaks) Cheap tools.

    • Muriel: Eustace, wake up!
      Eustace: What!
      Muriel: I need to go to the bathroom man, and I can't open the door.
      Eustace: Can't open the door, can't open the door, yeah, can't get no sleep neither. (Eustace unable to open door) What? (Eustace bang door with shoulder, then foot and hurts his foot.) Ow, ow, ow, ow.
      Muriel: Eustace, Kitty was right about you. You can't fix a thing.
      Eustace: Oh yeah, you want some chocolate?

    • Dog: Move your tail, Bunny.
      Courage: Bunny.

    • Courage: (reading the mouse) To Kitty, Love bunny.

    • Eustace: (to Courage) Shut up! Stupid interrupting dog.

    • Eustace: What's ya hiding from anyway? Can't eat the food. (Courage howls)
      Kitty: I simply don't want to face reality.
      Muriel: (to Kitty) But my dear, we must all face reality.
      Kitty: Really? Like when you sneak extra sweets when no-one is watching? (Muriel eating cake out of the refrigerator)
      Muriel: Oh!
      Eustace: Muriel!

    • Bunny: You are the bravest dog I've known. (gives Courage a kiss on the cheek) Thank you.

    • Bunny: (when she sees Courage outside) Oh, no, not another dog.

    • Muriel: Eustace, do you think I eat too much?
      Eustace: Nah! Stupid masked lady. I can fix anything. (grunts)
      Muriel: Well, goodnight Eustace.
      Eustace: Yeah, yeah. Goodnight.

    • Eustace: (While fixing the furnace, it blows up in his face and he tosses it out of his way) Muriel, I fixed it!

    • Kitty: Dogs are evil. (Hits Courage on the head several times)

    • Eustace: (Smiling) It's okay, Muriel. Nobody's perfect.
      Muriel: I wonder where Courage has run off to.
      Eustace: Who cares?

    • Bunny: Kitty! That dog saved my life! That dog saved my life!
      Kitty: I was wrong, Bunny. Not all dogs are bad.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kitty's masked appearance is a direct (albeit oversized) homage to an Osamu Tezuka anime titled Bagi: Monster of Mighty Nature, in which a genetically modified panther given human properties (humanoid body, speech and intelligence) spends time wearing a loose coat and a mask of a woman's face as a disguise of sorts while searching for the boy who took care of her while she was a kitten.

    • Episode Title: The Mask
      The Mask is a 1994 movie starring Jim Carrey.