Courage the Cowardly Dog

Season 4 Episode 4

The Uncommon Cold / Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • During the game show, it seems that Eustace is not very bright.

    • One slug said that only Big Bayou's magic could free them from the chains. But later, Muriel frees them with just the her file.

    • In "Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted," how could the Chicken from Outer Space be in the audience of the game show if Courage fried him in "The Chicken from Outer Space" (the pilot episode)?

    • The one slug said,"You just have to get Big Bayou's Book of Big Bayou Magic." But the front cover of the book only said, "Big Bayou's Book of Magic."

    • In "The Uncommon Cold," Big Bayou's hat was always blue. In the scene where he bites the book, the top of his hat turned red for a moment.

    • When Eustace has a flashblack, he has hair in that flashback. But in "Hothead," he said he never grew any hair in his life.

  • Quotes

    • Muriel: Courage, I need a new file, but I got them all free!
      Little Slug: She's one big bayou Mama!

    • Big Bayou: Oh, you get it now, child, you get it now!

    • Big Bayou: What is going on in here? (sees Courage with book) You messin' with my Bayou magic?

    • Slug: Big Bayou's magic put us here, and only Big Bayou's magic can break our shackles!

    • Big Bayou: I'll think I'll go see how all the other mes are doing. But first... (sheds skin and puts it on a pile of them)

    • Slug: And that cold, ain't going away, until you get your sneezin' self down here for the cure!

    • Bear: Who done shot my lollipop?
      Everyone: The HUNTER!
      Eustace: (takes deer's antlers and puts them on his head) I'm a deer! Useless the Deer! (runs into bushes)
      (hunters pop out, holding guns)
      Eustace: Oh boy.

    • Deer: A deer's gotta do what a deer's gotta do. (laser powers up; thing goes on for 3 more times)

    • Voice: And now, the final question.
      (Courage holds up a globe, the deer and Eustace are supposed to guess what it is)
      Eustace: (Rings the buzzer) I know this one for sure! It's a bowling ball covered with throw up! (Beep noise)
      Deer: (Rings the buzzer) That would be the planet Earth.
      (Audience cheers)
      Eustace: Big deal!

    • Eustace: I'm not useless!

    • Little Slug: Yeah, and the dental coverage stinks!

    • Courage: (To stuffed Bayou Snakes) Slave snakes obey! (They stand up straight, Courage growls and points to Big Bayou) Go get him!
      Big Bayou: Aww! (To the stuffed Bayou Snakes) Hey, you all are me! I can't do this! (Stuffed Bayou Snakes jump on him and attack him)

    • Courage: (Reading the magic book) To make a stuffed Bayou Snake your obedient slave, use deadly venom from a real Bayou Snake. EEW!

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