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  • Season 1 Episode 10: The Snowman Cometh / The ...

  • When Courage comes back to the igloo, he finds Muriel's apron. However, when Muriel is with Snowman, her apron is back on.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Queen of the Black Puddle...

  • In "Queen of the Black Puddle," Courage says the puddle's getting smaller. How does he know it's not evaporating?

  • In "Queen of the Black Puddle," Courage states that the puddle he's about to enter is getting smaller, but really it doesn't look like it's changing size at all.

  • In Courage's world, the planet Mars apparently comes directly between the Earth and the Moon on certain nights, as shown by the planetary alignment in "Everyone Wants to Direct." In real life, Mars never appears from Earth as anything larger than a red star.

  • In "Queen of the Black Puddle," The Black Puddle Queen came up to the bedroom to get Eustace. The doorknob was on her right. But in the next scene, the knob is on the right inside the door, which doesn't make sense! Then, when The Queen turned into water the knob was on her left, which makes sense.

  • In "Everyone Wants to Direct," The Computer said that Eril Von Volkheim was buried in a cemetary that the farmhouse was built over. But in "Windmill Vandals," The Computer said that the windmill was built 250 years ago by the first owner of the farmhouse. It's also obvious that the house is at least that old. It's also obvious that Eril was buried recently, since they were posing as movie directors when they were alive, and movies didn't exist 250 years ago.

  • In "Queen of the Black Puddle," Courage looks out the window of the bedroom when Eustace is taken by The Black Puddle Queen. But he is shown looking out of the attic window, not the bedroom one. And to prevent a response, when Courage turned around, he was in the bedroom, not the attic.

  • In "Everyone Wants to Direct," Courage is searching on The Computer for info on Benton Tarentella. But when he says, "Just keep checking!" his mouth doesn't move.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: The Hunchback of Nowhere ...

  • The Goose Duck is married to Eustace's truck at the end of "The Gods Must Be Goosey". However, the truck reappears magically in various episodes like "Head Beef".

  • Eustace calls Courage by his name in this episode, a thing which he had never done before or in later episodes. Usually he just calls him "stupid dog!"

  • In "The Hunchback of Nowhere," Courage and Muriel were saying goodbye to the Hunchback. When they were, the living room window on the side of the house is missing.

  • When The Hunchback reads "Are you bald? Yes!," he doesn't use his glasses. The Hunchback needs his glasses to read.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: King Ramses' Curse / The ...

  • The mask Eustace wears during the first plague (Flood) wouldn't work unless Eustace was near enough to the the surface of the water to have air come through the tube, Eustace was on the ground.

  • When the locusts start to eat the house, Muriel obviously runs outside screaming. But in another scene afterwards, she's back inside the house fixing up food! Why didn't she just do that first and then run outside?

  • In "The Clutching Foot," it is a Sunday, because the Foot said it was when they were robbing a bank.

  • In "King Ramses' Curse," there is a fireplace in the living room. But at the end, when Courage and Muriel are watching the TV, it isn't there.

  • In "The Clutching Foot," Eustace is possessed by The Foot. When he is, his hat falls off, and it falls on the floor of the living room. But two scenes later, and in the rest of the segment, his hat isn't there.

  • In both "King Ramses' Curse" and "The Clutching Foot," the closet in the living room isn't there.

  • All these goofs are from "King Ramses' Curse": 1) There is a bathtub-like plug in the basement floor that isn't always there. 2) When Eustace is talking about the lawnchairs, you see the picture of King Ramses disappear on the slab. But when Muriel is dusting it, the picture returns! Not only that, but when Eustace is grabbing the slab talking about new lights, bugzappers, etc., the picture is gone. 3) When the bugs eat the roof at the end, Muriel and Courage are watching the TV. However, the TV doesn't work without the antenna.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: The Duck Brothers / Shirl...

  • There is a window in "The Duck Brothers" that is there, and then disappears. When Muriel is being sucked up into space, there is a window on the first floor on the side of the house that usually isn't there. Then, when Muriel comes back down, the window isn't there.

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