Courting Alex

Season 1 Episode 12

A Moving Story

Aired Unknown Unknown on CBS

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  • Alex accidentally gets Scott kicked out of his flat whilst he is away, and she starts to fear he will want to move in with her.

    Whilst Scott is away in Montana for an interview he asks Alex to sort out the lease on his apartment. She upsets the landlord by insisting on a signature on the contract. He throws a wobler and kicks Scott out. Alex doesn't know how to tell Scott so arranges a limo to collect him from the airport and bring him to the law firm. They go out to a movie where she tells him the bad news.

    Meanwhile Molly and Steven try to entice the landlord into offering Scott's apartment to them. Offering to do various "things" for him in return. This goes on for some time and they face the landlord with an ultimatum that he must choose between them. Alex's dad comes out of a side door and on his way out mentions the front row Nicks tickets to him. Suffice it to say Alex's dad has secured the apartment to escape from the dreaded dog.

    Alex suggests Scott stays with her a while so he moves all his stuff in. Alex is a little distressed at losing her independence which Scott picks up on. He leaves Alex a note saying he didn't want to rush her into something she wasn't ready for and has moved his stuff out. Anyway Alex thinks some more about it as she looks round her apartment devoid of Scott's things. She meets Scott at the bar and asks him to move in with her. He tells her he's been offered a chief fireman post in Montana. The end.