Courting Alex

Season 1 Episode 2

Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 2006 on CBS

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  • Despite my meek expectations after the first episode, this one actually turned out to be better...

    Well... First of all, I should tell you that watching the second episode of this show was supposed to be the "final" verdict for the show. In what way? Well, I expected to give up the show, considering how lame the first epi was...

    Anyway, I was surprised to find a funnier, better written episode, that managed to be more interesting and, well, a reason to watch the show. I think I will give this show a little bit more credit (if only for Jenna Elfman's sake...) and watch it a bit more to get familiar with it, and hopefully it will continue to improve.

  • Jenna is a true, funny lady

    The second episode of this show was good. It's now trying to develop the characters a little more and Jenna makes watching the show so much easier. The only thing i'm not too sure of is Josh Randall as her boyfriend. I don't feel or see any chemistry between the two. Can we recast someone like...say.... Kyle Chandler in that role?
  • Boyfriend hatter!

    I know that I've become a broken record, but I still can't believe CBS shelved Out of Pratice for this shi*?

    This episode tried to go the comedic route by turing an embrassing situation into comedy.

    The only sign of relief in this show is Darby Coleman.........he makes it.

    Overall, if Darby leaves, what will become of the show?
  • Dabney Coleman might just make this show.

    Dabney Coleman (boss & father Bill Rose) was hilarious in this episode & Alex Rose (Jenna Elfman) is already beginning to come out of her shell. The blatant brash rudeness with which Bill spoke to her up & coming boyfriend bartender, it was a great development & good writing. He could be one of the great older type sitcom characters similar to the mother in Two & A Half Men. And why not, he's certainly as established an actor as any in primetime network television. Here's to hoping that his all business attitude continues to keep Alex in check & her office mates on egg shells.
  • Not bad

    Nowhere near as funny as Dharma & Greg. I missed the pilot, but I don't think I missed anything. It's a lawyer show, she works with her dad... he doesn't like the guy she's dating... blah blah blah. There aren't any funny jokes that I remember 10 minutes later. It's time for good old reliable CSI: Miami now.
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