Courting Alex

Season 1 Episode 4

New Best Friend

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 2006 on CBS
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New Best Friend
Julian becomes irked with Alex's new habit of absentmindedly skipping out on plans with him since she started dating Scott. Alex tries to make things right between them, but Julian keeps on avoiding her. Meanwhile, Scott has to watch a reality show by Alex's order.

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  • Courting Alex finally shines

    This episode has been the best one so far. I've been watching hoping for it to get really funny, and it's finally payed off. This episode had me laughing more than any of the others. Celebrity Throwdown, the allergies, even the sex jokes were funny. I think I'll be tuning in again next week!
  • I finally have something to watch on Mondays!

    Very funny episode in which Alex and Scott decide to "bake cookies" together for the first time. As I said last week, there's finally some chemistry between the two that was missing from the first couple of episodes. I understand it takes time to get used to someone you just met, but i'm glad Jenna Elfman and Josh Randall got accustomed to each other early on. I guess you pair anyone with funny lady Jenna and you've got a sure hit! The assistant Molly is very funny too. I'd love to see her more involved in an episode.moreless
  • So they haver sex.....horray!

    So Alex and Scott finally have sex....who cares....(maybe I would have if they had shown it). LOL

    Alex's relationship with Scott collides with her friendship with Julian and the best friend like all this scenarios always get left in the cold.

    Bill was sick during the episode and I swear he was even funnier....I love his comments to Stephen "Butch up son butch up"

    Overall, this type of comedic/drama scenario has been done before.moreless
Brian Dunkleman

Brian Dunkleman

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Michele Orlando

Michele Orlando

Tara -voice over

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    • Bill Rose: Stephen I'm going home, so you're gonna have to handle that Bradshaw account by yourself. Stephen: Well, I'm running a temperature of a hundred and four....
      Bill Rose: Butch up son, butch up.

    • (Bill Rose sneeze)
      Molly: Oh no! (holds a paper up to her face)
      Bill Rose: You can't catch allergies.

    • Julian: (to Alex) I'm going to end this conversation before I say something delicate. (slams the door in her face, then he reopens it) On second thought, bugger off.

    • (Bill Rose sneeze next to Molly's coffee mug)
      Bill Rose: Which one is mine?
      Molly: That would be the one without a picture of my niece.
      Bill Rose: Aha! (puts down Molly's mug and walks away)
      Molly: Goodbye little Susie. (she throws the mug away)

    • (Bill Rose sneezes next to Stephen)
      Stephen: I'm just going to run out and get a quick flu shot.
      Bill Rose: Why don't you you pick out a cute little skirt while you're at it?

    • Julian: (to Alex) You found a great bloke and I'm thrilled for you. In fact, the whole second floor is thrilled for you.

    • Alex: Why didn't you call me?
      Julian: Unfortunately, I only have one of those phones that work when you pick up at this end. (he points to Alex's phone)

    • Alex: We should have just bought the cookies.
      Scott: Anyone can bake cookies.
      Alex: And the downside is we would be eating them by now?

    • Alex: (to Molly) We didn't leave my apartment all weekend. I felt like a kid with a new bicycle. You know, you just want to ride it all the time.
      (Alex realizing what she just said) That was an unfortunate choice of words.

    • Julian: Someone in the building was having loud and, from what I heard, rather athletic sex with their boyfriend.
      Alex: You heard us?
      Julian: Well, it was that or a religious ceremony of some kind. By the way, someone was informing a higher power that they'd be arriving shortly.

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