Courting Alex

Season 1 Episode 4

New Best Friend

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 2006 on CBS



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    • Bill Rose: Stephen I'm going home, so you're gonna have to handle that Bradshaw account by yourself. Stephen: Well, I'm running a temperature of a hundred and four....
      Bill Rose: Butch up son, butch up.

    • (Bill Rose sneeze)
      Molly: Oh no! (holds a paper up to her face)
      Bill Rose: You can't catch allergies.

    • Julian: (to Alex) I'm going to end this conversation before I say something delicate. (slams the door in her face, then he reopens it) On second thought, bugger off.

    • (Bill Rose sneeze next to Molly's coffee mug)
      Bill Rose: Which one is mine?
      Molly: That would be the one without a picture of my niece.
      Bill Rose: Aha! (puts down Molly's mug and walks away)
      Molly: Goodbye little Susie. (she throws the mug away)

    • (Bill Rose sneezes next to Stephen)
      Stephen: I'm just going to run out and get a quick flu shot.
      Bill Rose: Why don't you you pick out a cute little skirt while you're at it?

    • Julian: (to Alex) You found a great bloke and I'm thrilled for you. In fact, the whole second floor is thrilled for you.

    • Alex: Why didn't you call me?
      Julian: Unfortunately, I only have one of those phones that work when you pick up at this end. (he points to Alex's phone)

    • Alex: We should have just bought the cookies.
      Scott: Anyone can bake cookies.
      Alex: And the downside is we would be eating them by now?

    • Alex: (to Molly) We didn't leave my apartment all weekend. I felt like a kid with a new bicycle. You know, you just want to ride it all the time.
      (Alex realizing what she just said) That was an unfortunate choice of words.

    • Julian: Someone in the building was having loud and, from what I heard, rather athletic sex with their boyfriend.
      Alex: You heard us?
      Julian: Well, it was that or a religious ceremony of some kind. By the way, someone was informing a higher power that they'd be arriving shortly.

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