Cousin Skeeter

Nickelodeon (ended 2001)


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Cousin Skeeter

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Bobby would describe his Cousin Skeeter as a nightmare most of the time, but they do get along. Bobby always tries to impress Nina and once Skeeter gets involved, he always makes up stories about Skeeter, what normally gets both of them in trouble. But, Skeeter always gets them out of the mischief they put themselves into.
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  • Cousin Skeeter Will Came on iTunes

    I Sure Wish All 3 Season;s of Cousin Skeeter Come Out on iTunes.

    Don't Have Forever to Wait
  • @mastab13 READ

    They canceled it because they got slime on the puppet and they could'nt get it out
  • man i hated this show

    the puppet was possibly the most annoying thing ever. the main character was later the boy firend on one on one. the puppet was voiced by a midget but i can't seem to remember his name. this was one of the many shows that came out back in 2000 when nick went through a phase where it was just a giant orange talking O. the only show that lasted long out of all of them was jimmy neutron but its already been cancelled for 3 years. Skeeter the antagonist was the annoying cousing who always bothered the protagonist bobby and always got every thing he wanted.moreless
  • This is one of those shows that are the best!! It came out in the 00's and it never seemed to get old! However, it was more like after All That and The Amanda Show, so everybody would love it anyways!!moreless

    This show was ahead of its time. Puppets? Come on, please!! However, it was a good show, and something to watch on a boring Saturday night. Why does this a little thing have to be 100 words long at least thats way too long i wonder if i can get anyway with 99 words i hope i can i don't feel like typing anymore i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i ii i i love Nickeloden yea oo!!moreless
  • It's a puppet! Which automatically makes it cool. :)

    Alright, so this show is about your average everyday teenager who goes through the standard stuff like awkwardness and crush on one particular girl, who's life gets turned upside down when his cousin Skeeter comes to town. Like the previous sentence, Skeeter has a pretty fly rap. He hates to be called short, however, even though he is. In each episode his crazy puppet minded schemes always get Bobby into deep trouble and then Bobby has to figure out a way to get out of it. This is a great show for kids and always has a lesson in the end.moreless

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