Cousin Skeeter

Nickelodeon (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Skeeter Says
      Skeeter Says
      Episode 9
    • Bellboyz In The Hood
      Skeeter and Bobby go through silly mis-adventures while working as Bellboys.
    • Letter Loose
      Letter Loose
      Episode 7
      Skeeter and Bobby try to retrieve a nasty e-mail they accidentally sent to Vanessa's boss.
    • Trading Places
      Trading Places
      Episode 6
      Bobby and Skeeter try to beat a different team, but there's a problem. They can't really beat him! Nina and Skeeter are getting into fights all the time, then Bobby puts this little doll on the table and it's make a spell that makes Skeeter's voice turn into Nina's, and Nina's into Skeeter's. Uh-oh! We'll see what happens.moreless
    • Night Of The Iguana
      When Bobby accidentally ignores Nina because he is concentrating on a big test, Nina's feelings are hurt. Nicole steps in with words of wisdom and tells her to get Bobby's attention back by paying attention to other boys. The plan backfires, and because Bobby is hurt by Nina's actions, he follows the advice of Skeeter to pay attention to other girls! This only causes further heartache for Nina. When Skeeter and Nicole realize what they have done, they make amends by getting the two back together. In the end, Bobby and Nina make-up and share their first kiss.moreless
    • Radio Daze
      Radio Daze
      Episode 4
      Skeeter was discovered, and became a pop singing star, with Nicole as his manger. But soon, Skeeter, gave it up to be regular again, and Nicole was seen behind the mic, wanting to become the newest singing star.
    • Coop Dreams
      Coop Dreams
      Episode 3
      After Skeeter and Bobby's science project goes terribly wrong due to Skeeter's antics, Bobby decides he is fed up with Skeeter's mischief and wants to do the make-up project alone. With Nicole's advice, Skeeter tries to trick Bobby into letting him help with the new science project by giving Bobby a guilt trip about all the problems he has caused and offers to move out. The plan backfires, however, since Bobby is thrilled with the idea and encourages Skeeter to leave. After one night apart, and a scary dream, Bobby realizes that although his cousin is annoying, he is a good friend.moreless
    • The Prince and the Putter
    • Little Mr. Big Man On Campus
      The first day of high school works out well for Skeeter, despite his encounters with the school bully.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1