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Nickelodeon (ended 2001)


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  • A show that's definitely a guilty pleasure for me

    I will admit, look backing on it, this show was not very good quality wise, but eh, I couldn't help but still like it. It was one of those so bad, it's hilarious shows. I actually thought Cousin Skeeter was friggin hilarious at times.

    Sure, the show overall could have been better, but I think it's not that bad if it's seen as just as some mindless entertainment.
  • Cousin Skeeter Will Came on iTunes

    I Sure Wish All 3 Season;s of Cousin Skeeter Come Out on iTunes.

    Don't Have Forever to Wait
  • @mastab13 READ

    They canceled it because they got slime on the puppet and they could'nt get it out
  • man i hated this show

    the puppet was possibly the most annoying thing ever. the main character was later the boy firend on one on one. the puppet was voiced by a midget but i can't seem to remember his name. this was one of the many shows that came out back in 2000 when nick went through a phase where it was just a giant orange talking O. the only show that lasted long out of all of them was jimmy neutron but its already been cancelled for 3 years. Skeeter the antagonist was the annoying cousing who always bothered the protagonist bobby and always got every thing he wanted.
  • This is one of those shows that are the best!! It came out in the 00's and it never seemed to get old! However, it was more like after All That and The Amanda Show, so everybody would love it anyways!!

    This show was ahead of its time. Puppets? Come on, please!! However, it was a good show, and something to watch on a boring Saturday night. Why does this a little thing have to be 100 words long at least thats way too long i wonder if i can get anyway with 99 words i hope i can i don't feel like typing anymore i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i ii i i love Nickeloden yea oo!!
  • It's a puppet! Which automatically makes it cool. :)

    Alright, so this show is about your average everyday teenager who goes through the standard stuff like awkwardness and crush on one particular girl, who's life gets turned upside down when his cousin Skeeter comes to town. Like the previous sentence, Skeeter has a pretty fly rap. He hates to be called short, however, even though he is. In each episode his crazy puppet minded schemes always get Bobby into deep trouble and then Bobby has to figure out a way to get out of it. This is a great show for kids and always has a lesson in the end.
  • Man, I loved this show!

    Cousin Skeeter was a great show! I loved it soo much! This was about a kid named Bobby. Skeeter is Bobby's cousin. Bobby would always try to impress this girl he likes, Nina. However, everytime Bobby tried to impress her, Skeeter would always be up to mischeif. Skeeter was always up to no good. HE would always be causing trouble. Soo, when Bobby tries impressing Nina, he usually ends up embarrassed due to the mischeif of his Cousin Skeeter. THis show was great. I loved it when Skeeter would always be up to his little mischeif and trouble. I wish they would bring this show back!
  • Bobby would describe his Cousin Skeeter as a nightmare most of the time, but they do get along. But, Skeeter always gets them out of the mischief they put themselves into.

    Why,oh,why? Why did they have to cancel Cousin Skeeter? It was an Off The Wall show. It was a classic family show, why did have to cut it off the air? Come on now! They say it was because Nickelodeon wanted to make room for more new shows. Thats not right! All the new shows coming out on Nick is 10 times worse than Cousin Skeeter.I mean, not all the new shows are terrible,but I'm just say'n they didn't need to do that.
    Skeeter,moves in with his cousin Bobby. He is a loudmouthed, impulsive and reckless womanizer who spends each episode getting Bobby into trouble, only to miraculously get him out at the end.He is usually never quick to anger unless someone remarks on his extreme shortness, which causes him to fly into a rage.
    Bobby, Skeeter's cousin. He's the the one who is always getting into trouble because of Skeeter's clumsyness and schemes.
    And then there's Nina,played by the beautiful,sexy Meagan Good. Nina, Bobby's best friend. She and Bobby seem to have a crush on each other, though they only kissed in one episode.
    Nichole, A female (puppet character) similar to skeeter but with more class and manners, appeared as a new student in the second season and quickly became friends with Nina. She is voiced by Tisha Campbell. Although, Skeeter got it bad for Nichole, she always avoiding him.
    Cousin Skeeter has got me trapped in it's closet. It is a sure fine 100/100!!
  • Bobby lives NY and he is just your average boy next door, enter his cousin Skeeter, the outgoing, wild child, who tries to loosen Bobby up, and help him catch the eye of his friend Nina, which leads to a lot of adventures.

    This show was awesome, why was it cancelled?! Sure, it was random at times, but that's what made it unique. In my opinion it was one of the better shows that was on saturday night SNICK, it had drama, action, adventure and plenty of comedy. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end...

    Another question is, why hasn't this come to DVD? I mean we have reality shows that are pointless on DVD right after the season ends, but we can't get some funny shows, that were popular on DVD. I wish this show would come back, even just as reruns on Nick. With Ned's Declassified coming to an end, and cancelling Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom, playing reruns of awesome shows should be a must! Bring it back!!!
  • Hilarious doesn't begin to describe this.

    I really miss this show. It's one of those good classic Nick shows they got rid of for no reason. I actually had a crush on Skeeter for a year and then I fell in love with Bobby(now I'm obsessed with One on One). I just can't believe I'll never see it again.
  • Hilarious.

    This is one of my fav shows on nick. It is about a boy from NY who's cousin from Tennessee or whatever comes to see him. I think this show is very humorus and i think you will like it too. Skeeter is very funny and fun, so are Bobby and Nina. I give this a 9.10!
  • funny and cool and funny and cool

    i saw it like 5 espisode of it and it so funny and cute and good family shows it like the seasame street or muppet it so funny what happen to it it came back and then it went off tv i hate when they the whole tv line up why just keep it and change fri and sat and sunday only mon to thurs same old school when it 6pm new school
  • This show was about a boy whose cousin is brought in to stay with him. He goes through normal adolescent ups and sowns with his cousin, Skeeter.

    I absolutely used to looove this show and couldn't tear

    me away from the television set. But I still don't know why

    they cancelled it. I know they didn't have any poor ratings

    because the show had a bunch of viewers and fans. This show

    was my favorite all time show back then. But it's a shame

    that it didn't last long.
  • Bring Cousin Skeeter Back!

    This was a great show and it shouldn't have been cancelled. This show was funny and adveterous. They should have cancelled Rocket Power and kept this show on the air. There wasn't even a good reason to cancel this show. Why cancel a good show like Cousin Skeeter and keep on a show like the stuff on nick today.
  • Why did they cancel it?

    This show was a better show for teenagers than the shows Nickelodeon shows now. Zoey 101 for example, lacks comedy, drama, and acting skills. Cousi Skeeter on the other hand had alot of comedy and the acting skills of the actors weren't poor. I used to watch this show with my family every night it aired. This was one of those few good comedies of the late nineties. Nickelodeon should never had cancelled it!!! Bring it Back, at least syndication.