Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family

USA (ended 2001)


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Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family

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This USA Network original series is a one hour drama based on the real life adventures of an undercover FBI family. In order to protect his family, Danny Arno chooses to include his family in his work for the FBI, rather than hide it from them. Meet the Arnos: Danny Arno Undercover intelligence agent freelancing for the FBI, DEA, Department of Justice, Interpol ... and for places like Fullstar Buick of San Diego, where he was once salesman of the month. Can also be found across the nation on the piano bar circuit with "The Musical Stylings of Danny Banks." Born and bred in New Jersey, he grew up torn between career aspirations in acting and law enforcement. Ultimately, he chose both. Barbara Arno Danny's wife and personal muse, she is employed as a C.I. (Confidential Informant) for the same government agencies Danny works for. Loves danger, Danny, and her three kids - but not necessarily in that order. Does all she can to provide a normal, healthy environment for her family, which means plenty of home-cooked meals, helping the kids with their homework, and strict rules against playing in the munitions closets. Celeste Arno At 16 years old, the oldest child in the Arno family. Has only recently dropped her contention that she's in the family because of a mix-up at the hospital. An often reluctant but always effective weapon in her father's undercover personnel arsenal. An insufferable romantic, she sometimes lets her heart distract her from her mission objectives. Ruby Arno At only 14 years old, she's already Daddy's little over-achiever. The family optimist, she provides a consistent rallying cry even in the face of the bleakest of situations. The middle child in a family that moves often (seventeen times in the last four years, and counting), she still somehow manages to become class president, cheerleading captain, and/or homecoming queen at every new school she goes to. Chance Arno At only 11 years, old, he's the youngest Arno. Proud to be his father's "Number Two Man." A born con man, this chip off Danny's shoulder can lie with the best of them, ultimately granting the family access to underworld communities the Feds can only dream about cracking. Likes typical kids stuff such as pizza, riding his bike, and the feel of a NAGRA surveillance wire under his "New Jersey is for Lovers" T-shirt.moreless