Cover Up

Season 1 Episode 3

Death in Vogue

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

Eric Dukane is a foreign diplomat has managed to evade the law by either creating iron clad alibis or using his diplomatic immunity to escape prosecution. John Cody's, a lawman from Fort Worth, Texas daughter was one of Dukane's victims. He has been following Dukane wherever he goes trying to prevent him from killing again and bring him to justice. When Dukane uses his diplomatic immunity again and leaves the country, Cody throws away his badge and goes after him.

Dani and Mac are sent to make sure that Cody doesn't kill Dukane and to bring Cody back to the US safely. Once Dani & Mac captured Cody, they decide to team up with Cody to bring down Dukane, especially when Dukane targets one of Dani's models. They set an elaborate trap for him to catch him in the act of attempted murder. John Cody escapes from his security detail.

While they are waiting for Dukane to show up, Henry and Mac beginning to realize that it is not Rachael that is the target, but Dani. As Mac races to the surveillance room to find Dani, Dukane has already arrived and is taunting her with a knife. As Mac breaks down the door, Dukane grabs Dani with the knife at her throat. He goes out in to the hallway and Mac follows after grabbing a gun. Cody confronts Dukane with a gun but is hesitant to shoot for fear of hitting Dani. Mac pulls out his gun and explains that he is a trained marksman and demonstrates his abilities by putting a bullet through a zero on the wall next to Dukane's ear. This convinces Dukane to drop the knife and he lets Dani go unharmed. Dukane is taken into custody.