Cover Up

CBS (ended 1985)





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  • Show would had last long if Jon Erik Hexum didn't do what he did!

    I think the show would had last a lot longer
    Had not Jon Erik Hexum put a bullet to his
    Brain and killed himself. It is just that this was
    His show to shine! As he was perfect for the part of
    CIA agent Mac Harper! Notice that he had the top
    Billing in front of veteral Jennifer O Neill.
  • Informative because of the way the series met its demise.

    I remembered this one after I saw in a list of failed show. This was a standard 80s action series with an attractive beef-cake type guy running around helping people with an attractive woman as a sidekick. Nothing really special about it... except for the way it ended: The star Jon-Erik Hexum like to fool around with guns. His co-star Jennifer O'Neill often became angry with his on set antics involving guns. Then one day on the set he was fooling around with a prop gun loaded with blanks, not realizing if you point it at your head at point blank range, it can kill you!

    From Wikipedia:
    Jon-Erik (pointing gun at his temple): "Let's see if I get myself with this one."

    According to a crew member on the set:

    "Jon smiled and pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang and a bright flash, then black smoke. Jon screamed in agony, then looked kind of amazed as he slumped back onto the bed with blood streaming from a severe head wound. It was horrible." .......................... ......... ..........

    Moral of the story - treat ALL guns with respect. Screw around with a gun and this could happen to you.
  • Great 80s serie

    Want to tv to bring it back again. Where the hell can we get an episode? Y yo que mas quieres que te cuente, i´ve been searchin for the intro for years, and cen´t get it. asi que ponla ya!
    Chacho plimo!, que mas te cuento? a tomar por culo