Cover Up

Season 1 Episode 18

The Ugliest American

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 1985 on CBS



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    • Rando: Now, friends, I want to explain to you the difference between heaven and hell. Now when you're in heaven, the French do the cooking, the Italians are the lovers, the Swiss do the banking, the Germans make the cars and the British are the police. But when you're in hell, the British do the cooking, the Swiss are the lovers, the French do the banking, the Italians are making the cars and the Germans are the police!

    • Jack: (about Rando) Do Americans really watch him?
      Henry: Yes, he does three or four specials a year, all top rated.
      Jack: Well in Australia we'd go after him with the sheep shears!

    • Dani: (about Rando) Don't worry, he'll grow on you.
      Jack: Yeah, like a fungus!

    • Jack: I think we need a closer look.
      Dani: (Producing a camera from her bag) Coming up.
      Jack: You're always prepared.
      Dani: I was a Girl Scout.

    • Rando: Let me tell you something. I got two ex-wives that I met the minute I opened up my wallet. I got a thousand friends that'll line up at the bar any time I'm buying the drinks; Christmas dinner every year at my agent's house, lawyers love me.

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